Jan. 6th, 2017

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Because I was sick on Tuesday, I didn't get to do the Lambert House annual statistical report until last night, starting at 2100 because the director had a support group to facilitate earlier that evening. No, we couldn't do it another night because it's due today.

How late were we working? 0245 this morning. Uff da. I've managed to get six hours of sleep in, but even so.

There was the usual hassle with bad data entered by volunteers, and the city's & county's Byzantine reporting requirements and their unhelpfulness to us in fulfilling them. To his was added, though, new concern from the director that certain columns add up just so because the city of Seattle in particular has finally started auditing social service non-profits. The directory is confident and proud that our compliance is much better than agencies with budgets many times the size of ours, but that still means a lot of work and hardcopies.

And (Surprise!) reporting requirements have changed, mainly around race and first language, which means I need to change the schema and the GUI, and soon. The irony about the language data is that we only serve people under 24. Children of immigrants make up a disproportionate number of them, but they're children, often (usually?) born in the US: their English is usually if not always better than their parents'. I'm unaware of any demand for services or info in other languages at Lambert House.
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I had my hormone levels checked on Wednesday, as do I and other trans women with the need & means. This happened, per Dr. Leather Bear's standing instructions, roughly in the middle of my two-week shot cycle. The level, 288 pg/ml, was about the same as the last several readings, so yay.

So far so dull, you say, but for the first time that I can recall I read in the lab report what levels are typical for cisgender women in various states. My reading is smack in the middle of the range for cisgender women who are ovulating.

That explains a few things about my personality and sex drive, doesn't it? And remember, my levels as a function of time follow a sawtooth pattern, so right after a shot my levels are probably at the high end for ovulation, and shortly before a shot they're at the low end of that range. Staying within at least some naturally occurring range for cisgender women (but not pregnant ones, apparently) is a stated goal of Dr. Leather Bear's because it's known to be relatively safe.
When I went to ride my bike, I didn't quite lift my leg high enough. It struck my rear fender, thereby snapping it in two. Let that be a lesson to you: don't buy bottom-of-the-line bike accessories like I did, kids. This fender has been replaced with one that I hope is more durable.


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