Jan. 8th, 2017

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But first, I promised to drive the Tickler to our date last night, which was a wonderful way of motivating myself to clean out the car that I've more or less bought from Ex. She apologized for how dirty it was when I first drove it away, and with good reason: it was full of six years' worth of gum wrappers, straw wrappers, suburban conifer needles, etc. No, she can't bend at the waist to pick that stuff up off the floor, but really? She could have done better than that, or she could have gotten our son to. It goes part way to explaining why my son still leaves a toddler's trail of mess wherever he goes.

Speaking of m'boy and the car, thanks to his running a red light and the accident on Halloween day, his insurance is more than double mine, and I'm paying for it. He's challenging the ticket he got for the accident, and I sure hope that he succeeds. Ouch.

OK, now I can write about the date. I took the Tickler to my company holiday party (yes, after the holidays) because she's a classy dame. I have to say, StartupCo did a good job of making the best of straightened circumstances: we ran out of the good Bourbon, but only toward the end of the night. Everyone looked lovely in their black & white, and by way of entertainment there was an audience-participation murder mystery thingy. (Personally, I'd rather have had good DJs like the first NYE party I went to. Those of us who'd been there all commented on how fab they were.)

The Tickler & I didn't close the joint; having the tail end of ick left me in not the partyingest of spirits. I'd even told the Tickler she could send me home with my germs last night without any hard feelings, but neau, there was much-needed cuddling and a surprisingly good night's sleep at her place, even if she did find my occasional deathly-sounding coughing fits alarming. And oatmeal with fruit & nuts for brekkies. ♥!

You know you're sick when your hunger wakes you up from a nap. That's pretty much all I've been capable of today. Goddamn this cold!


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