Feb. 17th, 2017

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So I've committed: I've put down a deposit on a custom corset from Dark Garden in San Francisco as my 50th birthday present to myself. It's going to end up being the single most expensive item of clothing I own, at least in nominal dollars. *Gulp!* But I'm reasonably certain it's going to be awesome. I have the money saved up for it, sort of. I have a Folsom-corset-and-50th-birthday-party fund, but so far it can only pay for one of those. I have some time to save, though. Dark Garden hasn't contacted me yet about details, but luckily for them I've given them an absurdly long lead time.

Also bought: a half dozen bottles of cheapish wine, mostly for the purposes of making my chicken in white wine reduction, which m'boy loves. (He likes it when I let the sauce brown a little, he says.) Gotta love that PCC discount on four or more bottles, but six is about my limit for carrying the three blocks home on foot.

So how is my son, you ask? He'd finally psyched himself up to go talk to his an advisor at his community college, but he found out they're on break until next week. Le sigh. It's a good thing he has plenty of time. He's really gotten himself worked up about it, but as I told him, I'm pretty sure the advisor is going to do most of the talking; that's what happens when your grades aren't good.

Oh yeah: at the recommendation of some queer girlfriends, I've started reading Sunstone, a series of comics about a bunch of kinksters and centered on a couple of queer women. It's as if I'm a target demographic or something. I asked the Siberian Siren if she wanted vol. 1 for her soon-to-be-celebrated birthday, and she said, in essence, shyeah!


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