Feb. 25th, 2017

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I went to the Merc for drinks with Temptress last night followed by pizza upstairs. Two drinks and fatigue just about did me in at about 2330. I thought I'd gotten enough sleep the night before, albeit with a two-hour insomnia gap*, but maybe not. Poor Temptress. I don't think either of us were feeling it as much as I'd hoped we would, but I might have if I'd been physically with it. And I'd gone to the trouble of doing the post-boy tidying of my apartment.

How is it that three drinks with [personal profile] cupcake_goth on Thursday night on less sleep didn't leave me feeling so wiped out? A) They weren't Mercury drinks, B) it was earlier in the evening, C) I love hanging out with her not least because she knows & gets me like few (maybe no) other people, and D) I don't get to do that very often.

In resistance news, there's a rally against Initiative 1552, the anti-trans "bathroom bill" in Washington state, at noon at the UW Tacoma campus. I've got my Camelbak packed with food & water.

Then I have two clothing swaps this afternoon. Then I have dinner & dancing with the Tickler. Then coffee with K & more resistance activity.

*Fuck 45. Even the sweet old clerk at my local post office volunteered that she hates him.
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Instead of working out this morning as usual, I did my taxes. Yup, Uncle Sam owes me big time. Time to grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.

I went to the rally at UW Tacoma against I-1552, the so-called "bathroom bill" that puts a bounty on trans kids and tries to get yours truly beaten up or arrested. Lots of signs - I have one in my front window now - local dignitaries, trans people, and their families got up to the mike, polished or not. My favorite was a man of about forty with his nine-year-old trans daughter. He recounted how two years ago, she'd told him she was a girl. His reply was, "Let's do this." Yeah, that's a quote.

A few minutes later I worked my way over to him. I had to fight back the tears as I told him, "Thank you. There was no one like you back in the eighties."
He hugged me and said, "I can't imagine any other way."

I missed a turn going home so I took a little extra time driving up state road 509. In my 27 years of living around here I'd never driven that way. The northern end of this road is a straight shot between Seattle and its main airport, but the southern stretch where I was (eventually, after the industrial area) yields spectacular views from the bluffs overlooking Puget Sound. And of course, there are some seriously big and expensive houses on that road, but that wasn't what I was stealing glances at most of the time. It was one of those moments when I think to myself, 'Why do people live elsewhere?'

The antler mouse user pic is in honor of those whose party I missed because sleep overtook me. That's one Goth clothing sale and a queer women's clothing swap that I slept through, so you know the situation was serious. The vodka is strong but the meat is rotten.


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