Feb. 28th, 2017

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I went two train stops up the line on Capitol Hill to pick up kinky queer comics, like you do, when I met up with the Siberian Siren for lunch. We got to talking about me and my dating life. Said she, essentially, look for women whose life goals & situation are better aligned with mine, to wit:
  • Stop dating younger women so much. They're probably less ready to settle down than I am, and one of them straight up told me she's afraid of having to play nursemaid to an aging partner.
  • This will be controversial: more lesbians. The SS is more sanguine than I am about transphobia in the lesbian community. (Now that I think about it, that may be because she's much younger than I am.) She says I shouldn't give up on the roughly half of queer women that are more or less exclusively into other women just because I haven't gotten any nibbles (ha) from them to date.
  • In that vein, show up to their events like Hot Flash (made for women my age, but even the SS agrees that the music is abominable) or Kiss Off (on hiatus until Pride - le sigh). The Siren told me, quite without needing to, that the Wildrose isn't a good place to meet women.
By the way, lunch was from a taqueria that I'd somehow missed in my many years of walking up & down Broadway: Tacos Chukis. Good, cheap, fast food in small portions. A+ will nom again! Most of their seats were full and the SS was well aware of them, so clearly I was the only one who missed them. In my defense, their exterior sign is at the top of a jumble of several, and even inside their little old arcade, you're not going to find them if you're not looking for them.


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