Mar. 2nd, 2017

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I've mentioned here before the phenomenon whereby queer women seem to go into heat in the spring. It's apparently starting to happen.

Maybe it's my artificially induced hormone levels, but I don't get it. It seems to me that the perfect time for cuddling somebody is when it's cold & dark and there's less going on around town. Timing, people. Timing!

Hey queerbos: Do you ever feel compelled to respond to messages on dating sites from women because it seems to be so difficult for them to muster the ovaries to send one? I do. It's behavior that we need to encourage in general.
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In the vein of the Siberian Siren's recent advice, I remember that one item I've kind of, sort of had on my bucket list is the Dinah Shore weekend. Yes, the weekend when lesbians (And other queer women? I get the impression that the crowd is heavily lesbian.) take over Palm Springs, CA, as featured on The L Word. There are pool parties and, I'm afraid, the genre of music that I think of as electrolysis music, i.e. very mainstream.

It's March 29th through April 2nd, so if I'm going to pull the trigger I'd better do it soon. Plusses and minuses:

+ Wall-to-wall queer women. Duh.
- Could be as mainstream as dykes get, which can be pretty mainstream.
+ Officially trans-friendly.
- Unofficially, i.e. in reality? I've no idea.
+ One source, Dr. Shrink from way back in the day, said the median age tends toward the high side.

I shall, of course, pick the SS's brain about this. You'd think it's her sort of thing, seeing as she loves a) southern California and b) big, lesbian parties independently of each other.


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