Mar. 9th, 2017

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Background: I remembered yesterday that I hadn't bought tickets for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. I found out that the Tickler, who was my date last year, will be out of town that weekend. Puzzlement and consternation, no tickets bought yesterday. Much Younger Woman, characteristically, has not responded to my inquiry of a day ago.

Text thread #1: Brown Eyes texted me about... something she'd bought (ahem) that reminded her of me, and something we'd talked about over coffee. I asked she'd ever been to SEAF, and she hadn't. I felt kind of weird asking a woman with whom I've only been on one date if she'd like to go to SEAF with me, so I didn't in so many words, but I really wanted to. She did it for me. She said she was "down for shenanigans", so needless to say, we're going together, and I just bought us tickets. I haven't had dating activity this oddly enjoyable in a while.

Text thread #2: Around the time Brown Eyes & I said good night, Funny Lady messaged me to talk about the rest of the outfit for my birthday, suggesting mutual friend A, whom I've dated, who dumped me for a dude, who's a crack costumer, and who hosted a... memorable party that FL & I attended. Would I give her the commission? Well, I've got nothing against it, but I'd like to see what Dark Garden has to offer first. You see, I told Funny Lady ages ago that I wanted to get married in the Blue Morpho dress by Luly Yang, but I don't know if the skirt for that would quite go with a black leather corset to the dance party that will be my birthday. The skirt from the Monarch dress, in blue morpho colors, might work. That'll take serious discussions, in which case A might be just the woman for the jobs.


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