Mar. 29th, 2017

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It occurs to me that I had another first over the weekend: I used plastic wrap as barrier protection for oral sex, as first recommended to me by the Siberian Siren. It's cheaper and, in my opinion, less cumbersome than dental dams. By less cumbersome I mean less likely to block your nose or wander too far afield - you can control the size of your barrier if you're tearing it off a roll. Also, many dams are made of latex, so there are allergy issues to consider. What I really want, though, is a barrier that I can adhere to my upper lip and maybe cheeks so I don't have to keep using my hands to keep it in place.

You know you're doing well as a woman dating women if, like a certain girlfriend, you keep a roll of plastic wrap in your night stand. I'm not on her level, at least not yet.
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Ex & m'boy will be in the Bay Area visiting their family April 7th through 10th, and Ex wants somebody to stay in the house in the south end and dogsit during that time. She asked me after her usuals fell through. I noped out because I don't want to move out of my apartment and across town for a weekend. No, I don't have any plans for that weekend yet but I can see how I might like to make some. Besides, we're supposed to be divorced, dammit.

Why doesn't she kennel Bigpuppy? In a word, anxiety. The dog's anxiety, that is, not my Ex's. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

So yeah, if you want a nice place to crash in the south end on the edge of Seward Park (the neighborhood, not the park itself) and like big, bouncy, loud dogs, drop me a line. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, I can certainly relate.


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