Apr. 10th, 2017

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Years ago, my mom & I started the tradition whereby she'd email me most mornings to let me know that she's, you know, alive and OK. She's an early-rising old lady in Florida, and I'm a night owl in Seattle, so her emails nearly always arrive before I get up. You know where this is going: I didn't get the email this morning.

Call Mom. Ten rings, no answer, no voice mail. (Why, Mom, why?) Email Mom.

Half an hour goes by. Call her neighbor. Leave a message.

Half an hour goes by. Call my Good Sister and leave a message appraising her of the situation. Ponder calling the police to do a welfare check. Consider calling Evil Sister, then reconsider. Wonder what to do with the inheritance since my son isn't in a four-year college yet.

Mom emails me and apologizes for the delay. She was on the phone for a long time with her sister because one of their cousins had passed away.

Call Good Sister, give the all clear. Have a nice, relaxing heart attack.


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