Apr. 16th, 2017

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But first: work has eaten my whole weekend. It's actually a good thing I didn't go to Norwescon, because I would have missed most of it and been severely bummed out. I haven't even gone out to dinner this weekend, much less clubbing. That's how bad it's been. With any luck, though, I can make it to Flammable at Re-bar tonight; it's been a long time.

Back to the title of this entry! Some of you may recall my struggles in finding a vibrator that works for me. Chloe the Wevibe Nova showed promise, but broke a few weeks ago. I had to switch back to Inga the Swedish model, a Lelo Smartwand, which which I'd been unimpressed in the past.

I've revised my opinion of Inga. Usually orgasms are hard to come by when shot night is coming up; it's this coming Monday. Inga didn't get me off, but she seems to have sped proceedings up dramatically. That's a godsend because I'm feeling a little RSI in my right wrist, which usually happens when I work weekends.

What's the secret? Finding the right pattern (constant low rumbly) and position (holding Inga more or less vertically and not moving - that must look amusing).
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OK, an explanation: I had coffee with [personal profile] ivy today, during which we established that relationships (or the lack thereof) can make one meshugah. But she brought me a cruciform tin of "Christian" jellybeans that she picked up on a business trip. The various colors have terms like "Jesus's blood" (red) and "Heaven" (yellow) assigned to them on the lid. "Sin" is, inevitably, black. But the black ones have a respectably strong licorice flavor. I ♥ licorice, so if the makers of the tin were trying to discourage me from sinning, they failed.


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