Apr. 22nd, 2017

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I went to a smallish, low-key, semi-official techno thing down in the south end. Theme? Outer space. The DJs were all from the Vancouver area, and two of them were women. I have to say that I loved Lola Vutru, a.k.a. LVT. And one of the DJs (who I didn't quite last long enough to hear, alas) told me that unlike Seattle, Vancouver does not shut down in the winter. I'll have to keep my antennae up, and remember not to drive there ever again, unless I have some guarantee of a parking space under any circumstances.

But the real news last night was Brown Eyes. She came and hung out during the early, ambient, and super spacey part of the night and chatted with me, but she didn't stay too long because she was anemic from bleeding so much. You see, she's got things growing within the muscle of her uterus (endomyelosis) and it needs to come out, so last night, as low key as it was, was her last hurrah before a hysterectomy. Estimated recovery time: six weeks. She lives near a light rail station, and I forsee trips to her place to bring her good cheer and whatever else she needs that I can carry. Remember, BE just recently got declared cured of breast cancer. No one knows if what's going on with her womb is related, but it's a horrible prospect.

Oh: As a legal stimulants that don't make me want to kill people go, yerba mate is pretty effective. I brought a can of mate lemonade for each of us, but Brown Eyes didn't want hers. That's probably the only reason I lasted until 0130 last night.


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