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My son has had facial hair - patchy, teenage facial hair - for at least a year now. That means his mother & I have been reminding him to shave frequently, but not always effectively. Last night, as I dropped him off at home and kissed him good night, I didn't feel any stubble on his face. I couldn't contain my surprise. "You shaved!"
"Yeah, I had to look good for work."
"You're growing up."
He rolled his eyes as he walked in the house.
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One more postscript to Saturday's lovely day at the beach with Much Younger Woman: I had my facial hair grown out for electrolysis on Sunday. Time was when I barely dared to leave the house with fuzz on my face, but now there's so little of it left - and what's there is nearly all grey and on my neck - that I felt OK going on a date. That's a big deal to me.

I'll be going to my son's graduation slightly less fuzzy than I was on Saturday: one day fewer of growth, three hours more of zappy in the meantime. I'll probably still be less visibly fuzzy than Aspiring Ex's mother.

Yes, getting electrolysis on the chest and (ow) nipples still sucks, but I'm hoping I have maybe one or two more three-hour sessions left in me. Then two hours, then one, then monthly, then...?
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Happiness is:
  1. When Mom calls at 2030 my time (2330 her time!) and I successfully walk her through getting Skype working so m'boy & I can have a video call this weekend with Mom, Good Sister, and Good Sister's younger daughter, whom I haven't seen in over five years. The secret, it turned out, was to get Mom to delete her contact info for me in the Skype client to keep it from trying to dial my phone every time. We hadn't used Skype since before the Microsoft acquisition, I don't think, so I shouldn't be surprised that something like this happened.
  2. This week I've twice gone two days without shaving my face and felt completely comfortable doing so. That hasn't happened since I was what, 17? And even then it was because I wasn't yet aware of the fuzz growing out of my face. Electrolysis works. Eventually.
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Remember the tall, athletic lady from Friday night? We can has date.

I have pwned this Thanksgiving weekend. I have kicked its turkey ass. You wish you were me.
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Tonight's establishment that Temptress & I gayed up: Sazerac, where I've been to two company holiday parties. She drove me home from downtown, which in a way is a bigger deal to me than buying me drinks, which she also did.

I'm not used to having a girlfriend yet, but I could definitely get used to it.
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But first: Saturday was a lovely barbecue at chez [ profile] ack_yeahright. My Burning Man buddies were happy to see me all blushing & wibbling about Temptress.

But second: Caught up on badly-needed sleep yesterday.

Today: Temptress let me take her and a picnic lunch to Sunset Hill Park, which is a little pocket park on a bluff overlooking Puget Sound. It's a lovely spot, but why go to a lovely spot halfway across town?

Because when I first moved in with Aspiring Ex, we lived ten blocks from there. That was our favorite destination to walk the young Puppigrrl, and later, her and the baby Wendling. It was our place. Shortly after I moved out, I had a sunny weekend afternoon to myself and went back there. I was surprised to find myself crying. It wasn't completely better the next time I went there. Hence the need for exorcism.

So on this sunny weekend afternoon, the pagan Temptress helped me banish the Jewish ghosts from Sunset Hill Park with gay ahem. Then a picnic lunch from Uncle Puckey's*, and a few hours at my place later**, dinner cooked by yours truly. Yeah, it was my chicken in white wine reduction again (nice wine courtesy of Temptress) but it turned out just right and she liked it. I warned her that the next time I cooked for her I would probably be experimenting on her.

Oh: She brought flowers***, which are in a vase on the dining table. That's right: A woman gave me flowers. On a date. Your argument is invalid.

*PCC, natch.
**See what I did there?
***Cannas? Calla lilies. They're purple and asymmetrically trumpet-shaped.
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That is all.
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If you'll recall, Temptress proposed that we walk around Green Lake for our second date. That's something I've always wanted to do on a date. In other words, she's a regular mind reader, a fact that I didn't fail to tell her.

And so walk we did, with a few breaks for her joints. The weather was, as you locals know, perfect. There was talking. There was hand-holding. There was ahem. Yeah, baby, we queered up a large urban park on a busy evening. There was sitting on a bench and watching bats flutter in front of a few brilliantly colored clouds as twilight deepened over the still lake.

It's a pity she has to get up so early for work. She dropped me off here at the Lake Place, but declined my offer of a glass of wine.

Best cheap date ever, and in some ways the best date ever. Romance isn't dead; it's 5'11" tall and has tattoos of snakes on three limbs.
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The Coming of Mom has arrived, finally. After picking Mom up at the airport yesterday & a necessarily quick tour of my lake place, we headed over to the east side to pick m'boy up from Dr. Kidshrink and then head over to What the Pho in Bellevue, one of the nicer Vietnamese places around. It didn't occur to me that Mom doesn't know how to use chopsticks. Ah well, she managed to ingest the pho solids and appeared to enjoy them. She says I "preach" too much to m'boy. Hmph. I can't help but wonder how she'd handle sixteen years with an Aspie ADDer. (I forgot to remind him to take his meds, so he freaked out and called & texted his mother several times. She was Not Pleased. Oops.)

After getting her installed on the folded-out futon Davenport with an air mattress, she conked out at about 8:00 last night - she'd arisen around 2:00 AM Eastern, which is 11:00 PM Pacific the previous day. I'm surprised she made it as late as she did. So, I bopped on over to the Agora for something from [ profile] gfish's cocktail engine, homemade egg nog, and way too much good food. Out of deference to Mom I was home by midnight.

Today? Handel's Messiah by the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall - her idea. I got us decent seats in the middle of the orchestra section, so we were more or less at eye level with the soloists. The soprano, Amanda Forsythe, had an amazing voice and hypnotic eyebrows that seemed to say, "How you doin'?" I could hear the director's feet as he lunged during the Hallelujah Chorus. I want the mezzo's dress. Badly. I took Mom back to the green room to meet [ profile] kathrynt, who's in the chorus.

Then on to Dahlia Lounge, where Mom remarked on the prices but we had a fantastic meal. I had the tuna & falafel, which I liked better than her bread pudding, but still, the food & service were definitely up to scratch. I hadn't been there since about '04.

There's something very satisfying about spoiling one's mother, especially after not seeing her for over a year and a half. I'm tempted to rank today up there among the best dates I've ever had.

I'm three!

Dec. 10th, 2013 05:03 pm
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Today is my third Rebirthday. In other words, it's been three years since I started living full time as a woman. [ profile] icprncs described me as "incandescent" three years ago tonight. I'm still burning.

Yeah, I'm still working on Project Girlfriend and not spending as much time as I'd like to on world domination, but in a lot of ways, my life has continued to improve. There have been plenty of adventures this past year, and I know there are more to come.
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I took m'boy to Vashon Island for the first time in a few years. Tasty lunch at the Hardware Store, but be prepared for a mob if you go on Friday, July 5th during the noon hour.

We had no real plan aside from lunch, so I drove us around with no particular destination and grooved to the lovely scenery. Next time he wants to look at a map first and have a destination. What are your favorite places on Vashon?

Usually ferry lines drive me batty, but being second in line on the Vashon ferry dock on a perfect, breezy summer afternoon and looking out over the water is one of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had. Highly recommended.
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Since this week is spring break for my son, my Aspiring Ex implored me to take a day off and do something with him. For humanitarian reasons, and because I'd promised him a trip to the Science Fiction Museum, I agreed. The highlight: the horror movie section, with John Landis talking about his early days in Hollywood and the shower scene from Psycho with commentary. M'boy now wants to rent Psycho. I'm proud to say I'm bringing the boy up right.
I hung out in the nude with the most physically attractive woman I know. Pity she's just not that into me. That's right: a spa night with the Siberian Siren at Hothouse Spa, just underneath the Wildrose. So yeah, the place is full of dykes. Things worth noting:
  • It's small. One hot tub, a steam room, a sauna, a spot to lie down, showers, and that's pretty much it.
  • It's quiet, quieter than Olympus in Lynwood, but not as quiet as the staff would lead you to believe.
In case you were wondering from my previous entry, I didn't get the slightest bit of grief for being trans. The trouble maker, believe it or not, was the Siberian Siren. She brought nail stuff, and asked the nice lady at the front desk if she could use it. OK, said the nice lady, but when we started doing our nails on the edge of the hot tub, the lady in the far corner asked us not to. And in a space that small, you can smell an open bottle of acetone anywhere, so that put the kibosh on our nail plans.
Funny Lady texted me yesterday after I'd been attempting to contact her all week. We have a date tomorrow! Her week has been less than stellar. More news as I have it.
Things that make me happy: getting a seat on the bus as soon as I get on, Crazy Old Deaf Talkative Chinese Lady staying silent for the whole trip, and Mt. Rainier and the Olympics visible on a cloudy day from the Aurora Bridge.
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Remember when a certain Funny Lady asked to postpone a date with me a few hours beforehand, and then I didn't hear from her? Well, I heard from her yesterday afternoon. She said, in essence, life happened and can we get together tonight as you suggested?

Shyeah. Even though I was already wearing something cute, I took the bus home to re-makeup, reaccessorize, and generally get it together.

Over two hours of chatting over coffee ensued. Funny Lady is indeed funny in person, and seems reassuringly human and real to a degree that seldom comes across in a first date. And yeah, she's cute; she looks like the former dancer she is. She's a hardcore Southern girl, which of course I find utterly charming: neuroses I can relate to. She isn't out as bi or poly to her parents, which troubles me a bit, but it's hardly a show-stopper. I walked her the dozen or so blocks home. Ahem. She says she wants to see me again.

  1. [ profile] cardinalximinez was right to give her the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Be ready to jump at an opportunity like that with a few hours' notice.
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While my son was in DC with his synagogue youth group, he got the opportunity to "lobby" the staff of his congressperson, Susan Del Bene. (Yeah, the same one whose campaign he worked on.) Here, ganked from Nibs' Facebook and unedited, is his speech. He didn't do the research, but the wording is entirely his. No cut, no apology.

"A few years ago in Seattle, WA, a grandmother, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, shot both of her granddaughters, her daughter, her son-in-law and herself. Only the son-in-law survived. Thousands of mentally unstable persons are able to purchase guns without a background check, most of which are made through the gun show loophole. Gun shows aren't required by the majority of state laws to give background checks to those who want to purchase a firearm, regardless of their intentions.

"The estimated medical and social cost of gun violence in the US is $100 billion each year, 80% of which is a burden of tax payers. The cost of gun violence comes not only in dollars, but in lives, 30,0000 of which are lost each year to gun violence. Eighty percent of American adults agree that background checks should be mandatory at private gun sales such as gun shows. Even the NRA executive, Wayne LaPierre, said in 1999 that he supported mandatory background checks at all gun sales.

"Some at the NRA would argue that criminals would just opt out for the black market to purchase guns, however to do this would be risky, since they'd risk getting caught in a sting by the police, and those that fail a background check would be put on a watch list by the local police department and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"When the second amendment to the US constitution was passed, the types of firearms they had were single shot muskets. If you wanted multiple shots, you needed multiple barrels. They didn't know that we would one day have guns that could kill hundreds of people at a time. That amendment, along with the whole constitution, can be reformed.

"The Talmud explicitly states that, "if someone has destroyed a life, it is as if they have destroyed a universe, and if someone has saved a life, it is as if they have saved a universe. Thus if background checks save just one life, we have an obligation to mandate them for all gun buyers. I propose a gun violence prevention act which would insure the closure of the many loopholes that those with harmful intentions can use to buy guns."

Awesome, innit? He picked gun control over TBLG rights because he figured more lives were at stake. Whether you agree with his reasoning or not, you have to respect that.

Seldom have I been prouder of him. I told him to do more of this if he's, you know, into it.

By the way, since I've been calling Nibs my aspiring ex in other fora, I'm thinking of changing her name here on LJ to AX. Waddaya think?
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What gets people to leave comments on my LJ that doesn't involve something bad happening? Talking about vibrators.
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Two years ago today, I started living full time as a woman. I Tweeted this, natch, and my cow orkers here at StartupCo, including my boss, picked up on it. They gave me:
surprise flowers for my Rebirthday. )

I was grinnin' like a fool through my 1:30 test planning meeting.

The status report:
New bits installed? Check.
Volunteer gig? Check.
New job? Check.
Moved back to Seattle? Check.
New sweetie? In progress, but yes, there is progress.
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On the way home from my son's Wednesday night Jewish history class, he said he'd rather spend time with me than with his iPod Touch, even if we're just walking the dog. My eyes leaked a little. (The kid is a serious iPod junkie.)
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The weather turned perfect in the Seattle area on July 4th, so I spent yesterday biking around Redmond & Kirkland and, more importantly, having a picnic dinner with my son at Magnuson Park. (Food by the Kirkland PCC deli, of course.) I love the kite hill; m'boy loves the WWII bunkers. Did you ever notice that the series of submarine fins made to look like an orca pod are all swimming towards the summer sunset?

The warm weather, sunshine, and driving by hangar 30, erstwhile home of Seacompression, made me feel a twinge of regret that I'm not going to Burning Man this year. 2013, however, is on. Mark my words.
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I got a wild hair last night and skipped out for two hours on studying or being volunteer DB monkey and going out for margaritas at a secret Mexican restaurant with [ profile] kathrynt. Wild stuff, I know. I'm so used to seeing her enjoying motherhood that it didn't occur to me that she needs a break sometimes, too, as much as I need a break from being single on the east side. And it's good to have somebody out here who Gets It to talk to about the vicissitudes of queer dating.
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Happiness, for me, is sharing in the joy of a young trans woman who's recently pulled herself back from the brink and started down the path of transition. And, of course, impersonating a wise elder by dispensing practical advice, which I am better qualified to do than damn near anyone else in this town at the moment. This, this is why I volunteer at Lambert House.

It doesn't hurt that there's a tradition among the Monday night volunqueers* of going to Smith, just a few blocks up 15th Ave., after we close up the house. They have righteous eats - try the foodie pickled veggies - and drinks. Warning: there are dead animals mounted on the walls.

I've met more cute lesbians among the volunteers. There might even be one who isn't taken.

*That's what the volunteer coordinator calls us in his emails. I wonder if the relatively few straight folks who volunteer there mind.


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