Jun. 5th, 2017

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So I had the Her dating app for queer women on my phone for a few days. It wasn't the deafening sound of crickets that drove me to delete it today. It was the attention that's about as creepy as women can get from active duty military personnel. Yeah, they had photos in their BDUs. Apparently they really like going to the gym, too, and at least one was deployed overseas.

As R pointed out, people, especially queers, often join the military because they're running away from something: dangerous or economically depressed places & families of origin, their own queerness or gender identity, etc. I'm done with running, so I'm not about to join anyone who's still at it. These ladies sounded a little desperate - they were all believably good looking and at least ten years younger than I am, and I made no secret of being trans - and yet they came after me.


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