Jun. 6th, 2017

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I saw Wonder Woman with m'boy last night, and here's my capsule review: it lives up to the hype. The writing & direction in particular are right on. If you like superhero movies, you should see it. And I say that despite inexplicably not developing a raging crush on Gal Gadot, who does the difficult job of making an innocent, crusading Amazon princess with superpowers seem credible. And I give grudging props to Chris Pine as well.

But I read about (cisgender) women crying at the fight scenes featuring women and raving that this was the movie that they'd waited their whole lives for, and... I'm not feeling that. Sure, it's good, but if you weren't raised as a girl you don't get the extra dimension, at least not most of it. Yeah, it's one of those you're-not-woman-enough moments for me, and I can be reasonably certain that they won't stop until I do. When there's a biopic about Janet Mock*, though, I'll be emotionally all over that, and it'll be you cissies' turn to suck it.

*Yes, Jenny Boylan's story is much more similar to mine, and I think Boylan's a better writer, but Mock's Redefining Realness would make a way better movie.


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