Sep. 5th, 2017

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Dancing at the Monkey Loft yesterday in the more-or-less sun. Much local talent. It felt like a farewell to summer. "More-or-less sun" because smoke had started do blow in from nearby fires; it's reached the point today where people are walking around with masks on.

Reason #4392 to love Seattle: Uwajimaya is kitty corner from the Int'l District/Chinatown light rail station, greatly speeding and simplifying the process of acquiring cheap, tasty eats that aren't necessarily bad for you if you're on the way home from Sodo. Pro tip: they close the food court fairly early, at least on Labor Day.

Back to the grind, which is grinding. I didn't get around to Lambert House database monkeying - Hispanic isn't a race, and the city says we need to collect data on language spoken at home. Given that the population that the house serves has a much higher proportion of people of color than the city as a whole, this is kind of a big deal. The sooner I do it, the less of a pain it will be because technology.


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