Sep. 6th, 2017

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I got word from Ex yesterday that I needed to cut a check Dr. Kidshrink because of a payment SNAFU. I know my son hadn't seen him in a while, and I regard it as good news that he did. Ex has started requiring him to go monthly and work on his executive function difficulties as conditions of living with her most of the time. (I suspect that the alternative of living in a smaller, less private space with someone who throws your carelessly dropped dirty clothes at you may have motivated him, too.) She even organized a conference call with Dr. Kidshrink, the Wendling, and his employer, the gist of which was that if m'boy doesn't get it together, he'll get a job coach, a fate he considers worse than unemployment.

Having to open my wallet is a small if poorly-timed price to pay for big relief. Every time I tried to talk to my son about this he went into ostrich mode, on the childish theory that if he doesn't think about his brain problems, they don't exist. He's going to be restarting school in a couple of weeks, so this is timely for him. Ex says he hasn't quite gotten religion about it - he did, after all, agree to all this under duress - but it's the most hopeful news about him that I've had all year. And I have much gratitude to Ex for making it happen.


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