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I was invited to not one but three parties on Saturday night, so I went to all of them. Duh.

The first was the newest experience for me: [ profile] shivana's parents' tree-trimming party. Everybody brought an ornament, and everybody gave a little talk about its significance. (I brought a little circuit board that I designed three jobs ago.) It was very... poly and pagan. I didn't get to socialize all that much because of the organized activity, but I must say [ profile] shivana looked absolutely ravishing in a black velvet strapless sheath.

My Shallow Fashion Details: Off-the-shoulder little black dress with the one sleeve made of lace, red fishnets, black pointy boots. Why so conservative?

Because StartupCo's holiday party was next. We took over Sazerac in downtown Seattle. My company sure knows how to party. And even the nerdiest people cleaned up real pretty. I was too late for the food, which is a pity. Loud band was, as [ profile] tithonium points out, loud. Unlike him, I don't let hearing damage get in the way of a good time.

The last stop of the night was at ex-co-worker B's, at a party that he advertised as a shitshow. Well, yes, I overindulged. I lost most of yesterday to recovery (and, of course, Homestuck). I took that a bit too far, even by my standards.

Tonight: Simian Mobile Disco at Neumo's. See you there.
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