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It looks as if I'm nearly four months late to the party on this - [ profile] sirriamnis is surely way ahead of me because her band has played there - but the Josephine, where I've been to one awesome party and a couple of truly bizarre music shows, is closed. Like CHAC before it and probably lots of other places that were more low-cost art venues than commercial concerns, it's the victim of noise complaints from neighbors.

The good news: The residents, who are all artists, aren't being evicted. The building isn't being sold or remodeled (yet). The residents are mulling plans for what they can do with that space, and there are other spaces cropping up. (See article above.)

The bad news, and plenty of it: The new spaces, possibly including the Josephine itself, won't be for music.

What did I love about the Josephine so much? The no-budget, DIY, BYOB atmosphere. The cRaZy art all. Over. The walls. The shrine to Josephine Baker at the back behind the "stage". The proximity - it was just a walk over Phinney Ridge from my place.

"But stuff like this happens all the time," I hear you say. "Why get your undies in a bunch this time?" Because Seattle is hemorrhaging cheap art spaces, and especially cheap performance spaces, especially in the constricted midsection of the city where people can live practically without cars. Those spaces have always been a big part of what makes big cities worth living in. If they go away, this town takes one more giant step toward being Bellevue minus parking.

ETA: There's a reason why nobody outside Washington state has heard of Bellevue.
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