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David Bowie is dead, my mother is obnoxiously senile, and rats are trying to eat the house that my ex and I need to sell. I could use some good news right now.

This week I have two dates, dinner with Funny Lady, and the Norwegian likes me. I have to hold onto that right now.
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First, Much Younger Woman had to bail on our Thursday night due to school stuff. We haven't rescheduled yet.

Then, a security issue at work tied up basically my whole team and parts of several others while we frantically nuked and repaved a bunch of stuff. I worked 13 hours yesterday and blew off dinner with my son. We've rescheduled for lunch today. I turned out the light at 0156 this morning.

...Which means I'll be late to help [ profile] staxxy move, and she really needs the help.

I was kind of hoping to go to Seacompression tonight. I need a break, but will I have the energy to party or time for a disco nap? Oh, and this year it's outdoors, and we've been having serious wind & rain for a week.

ETA: I'm getting my chops busted to do yesterday's work trick for another team that claims to be launching in five days.
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I've written here before about the adorable, almost frighteningly fit young bicycle-mad couple in the apartment above mine. I've had them over and I like them. The trouble is that I can hear a lot of what goes on up there - yes, including sex.

They've started getting up at 0600. I would prefer 0700. I can hear their alarm through my fancy silicone ear plugs; sometimes they hit snooze.

I ran into one of them in the basement while we were getting our bikes, she for a commute and me for exercise. I asked if ungodly was going to be the new normal, but not in so many words. She says yes, and she says she'll see what they can do about noise mitigation.
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The fall rains have started falling, and being in the same place at the same time as friends keeps not happening for one reason or another. I'm fighting off what feels like a delayed post-playa funk.

I let the twenty-fifth anniversary of my arrival in Seattle pass several days ago without comment, which is entirely unlike me. Do I still love it here? Yes. Am I worried about Seattle's future? Yes. Things seemed more... wide open, full of potential in my early days. These days it seems as if everyone I know is frantically trying to build dikes against the rising tide of money, which has already washed away so much that I loved. Sure, we should be grateful our boats are floating; other cities aren't so lucky. But I can't shake the feeling that we as a city could be doing better at keeping it vital.
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It's early in the week, when I usually don't have interesting personal stuff going on, so tonight you get navel-gazing.

I've posted here about the insomnia that strikes me every February. A major component - maybe the major component - is thermoregulation. I wake up, too early to call it a good night's sleep but too late to get back to sleep, sweating in the second half of winter. Lately it doesn't help that machines have been texting me needlessly at about the same time. I think I finally have the blanky stack right, though, and I have Ways of avoiding the text messages.

ETA: I got texted awake at 0536 this morning for what turned out to be a DDOS attack against MyCo, about which I can do nothing. I can't seem to catch a break w.r.t. sleep.

I'm seriously jonesing for social time right now. I suspect it's a hangover from the Bang.
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Little things have been going wrong all week, from going to the wrong P.O. to pick up a package that was sent to me to family foo to the office move & someone else's bad practice delaying the release of a two- three-month project. I don't even feel like updating LJ or checking out OKCupid.

It's time for Happy Thotz®:
  • I'm having Ethiopian dinner with a friend - a queer & cute but happily partnered friend - at Meskel in less than two hours.
  • M'boy comes tomorrow. There will be Red Mill tomorrow night, and maybe the Mini Maker Faire at EMP on Saturday.
  • The new office should be really cool, and it'll be on a much less sketchy block downtown.
  • It's about time to start getting my costume and stripping routine ready for Bang for the Buck, which happens a month from today. I have my song edited down and my accessory shopping list ready. I'm going to rock this as hard as I can.

What do you know? The Happy Thotz® worked!
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First World problems: I can't shave all this month because I'm getting my legs waxed for Burning Man on the 17th. I can't shave my face on Friday or Saturday because I have electrolysis on Sunday. So of course I'd like to look my best on Friday night.
Cryptic sentence is cryptic: The bad things happening to friends can stop now because that's three now within the last week or so. Please?
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Four days, no post. That's right: I has a sad. Bad things have been happening to friends of mine, bad things I don't understand. In one case I can make myself and, I hope, her feel better by helping her with housework. In the other case? I can't do a damn thing.

This past Sunday Good Sister said that Evil Sister wanted to talk to her for the first time in about four years. (Good Sister was in Florida visiting Mom and getting financial paperwork in order as executor of Mom's will. Mom's recent heart scare has made this more urgent.) Evil Sister cut her off after a disagreement involving the kids. I don't remember the details that well, but I doubt they ever merited that kind of treatment. Good Sister and I view this development with... interest. I'll be calling her later.

On a related note, my son got a prank call a few days ago saying something like, "Don't ever come near my family again!" My first thought? That Evil Sister had finally, well, and truly lost her marbles. I started grilling the Wendling about it, especially the phone number it came from, over the phone from work, and he started doing his teen Aspie thing whereby he didn't want to share the details. I yelled at him to tell me the area code.* He eventually revealed that it was from a local number. Whew.

I feel a need for happy thotz:
  1. Brunch date with K on Saturday.
  2. A certain wyvern is coming on the 8th.
  3. Work's actually going pretty well.
  4. In just under twenty-four (24) days, I'm getting into a Prius full of gear hand heading for Black Rock City, baybee.

*I've been told by two or three people now that my parental voice is hilariously parental. I'm not consciously doing it. I'm so unconscious of it that I don't even hear it.
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It all started at 0700 this morning when I checked my mail in bed, and discovered that one stage in my service's processing pipeline - one server - had mysteriously stopped talking to any other machines. OK, replace it while I'm eating breakfast.

Eventually I'm about to leave the Lake Place, when I see my bus, the 358, blow past. OK, I'll just walk six blocks up Phinney Ridge and hop a 5. Well, you know where this is going: just the street comes into view, I see the 5 pull away from my stop. Check One Bus Away. See that the next 358 will come in four minutes. Start running back down the slope. Halfway down, trip. Fall on the concrete sidewalk. Scrape both hands, bruise thigh, and tear laptop bag (but luckily, not the skirt that was [ profile] cupcake_goth's). The Siberian Siren was just telling me the other day how much she hates that laptop bag.

I broke my laptop screen in the fall. Fortunately, StartupCo has some spares, and Apple's Time Machine does the right thing with respect to backup & restore. That would have been horrendous on a Windows machine. The ops guy who helped me out was planning on going to the Apple store tomorrow anyway. Thank Bob for small favors.

A different single-server pipeline stage went unresponsive the afternoon. OK, replace that one, too.

Making MongoDB scale is driving me meshuggah. I've kept the pipeline stage that relies on it disabled since Monday. A tester who I've worked with confirms that Mongo needs a fair amount of babysitting. That's no way to run a database.

My phone ran out of juice. No talking to m'boy on the bus home.

And I can't even call the waaahmbulance because a bridge collapsed some ways up I-5.

No hitting the Hill for me tonight.

Time for some treatment: a glass of wine and disco.
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Ms. Zappy's allergies were acting up today, so she asked if we could postpone our appointment. Generally, that's OK, but she did so by texting me at 0600. Not cool. I'm not a morning person, and I'm really not a morning person on a Sunday. As it happens, next weekend is Norwescon so the next zappy will be in two weeks as scheduled.

It's been a quiet weekend with m'boy: he had homework to do, so there weren't any field trips with him. I still took advantage of the gorgeous weather, though, to:
  • Drop of my thigh-high boots for a long-needed re-heeling at Swanson's.
  • Say hi to [ profile] imflying at work. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the brighter red with highlights that she did for me on Wednesday.
  • Stop by chez [ profile] ionan to pick up a mix from him appropriately titled "Blistering Chip Fury". Yeah, you may think you hate chiptune, but this is no ordinary DJ we're talking about. I got to sit in the sun on his balcony chatting with his lovely wife. Happiness.
  • On the way to [ profile] ionan's, I passed 108 N 80th St. It's an all-black house with a flowerpot on a pedestal that reads "STAY SCARY". Nyeh heh heh heh!

Today, in another sign that I'm becoming a grown woman, I broke down and bought a couple of small houseplants to liven up my small apartment. I got them at Swanson's Nursery, which I just noticed has the same name as the shoe repair shop. Ah, Seattle. Long may your Scandihoovians say "Uff da!"
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Since I'm stuck in Kirkland while AX is out of town, it really didn't help my mental state to learn that [ profile] cupcake_goth is going out dancing at Re-bar's Ceremony night and looking gorgeous. I really miss doing that with her. Next month my son will be staying with me. Arg!

Happy thot #1: I watched Hotel Rwanda with m'boy last night. He asked me to pause it several times so we could talk about it. Yay that a) he's learned to ask me to pause it, and b) he wanted to have a serious talk about it.

Happy thot #2: My mother wants to fly out here for Christmas! She's resolved to brave the cold (and get away from Good Sister's husband) to visit me! I'll have to make arrangements for her to meet some of you, and perhaps the Siberian Siren.
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Hate dating. I'm supposed to be having coffee with the author of the funniest OKCupid profile I've ever read, but by way of confirming earlier today she said that she was "gross and sniffly", and has now asked to postpone. Please be real, sweetie. It's not as if I make a secret of being trans, or 45, or legally married. All things considered, I'm a catch, and screw you if you can't see it.

Hate (parts of) work. I'm only now exiting from a couple of days of open source hell. In the Windows world, when something broke, you could usually hit it with a really big hammer; the noise might make you cry, but you would eventually make forward progress. In the Unix world, there's just no getting around having to wear special hats. You're in an adventure game from which there is no escape. Even so, a bad day at StartupCo is still better than most good days at PreviousCo.

Hate AX. OK, I don't really hate my Aspiring Ex, but I'll be camping at the old place over the weekend with m'boy and Bigpuppy while she's off at a work thingy. I have to remind myself that if it makes her self-sufficient, it's worth it. My son is being such a teen turd that I can hear the ghost of my father ranting at me; it wouldn't have been like him to laugh at me.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 03:13 pm
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Having trouble giving a shit about absolutely anything lately. Why? I can only guess, but the suck of dating & work surely aren't helping.

You know what? I used to spend more time socializing with friends, sewing, and doing other circumflatulating. That may have something to do with it, too.

Happy place: Lambert House. I've been spending more time on their DB. Even though it's (*Gag!*) Access, making it do new things is making me irrationally happy. Plus hanging with the Monday night volunqueers always does wonders for me.

Another happy place: M'boy may get a volunteer gig with the local Democratic party. Now there's a good match of volunteer with organization if ever there was one. He's also showing considerable initiative in drumming up dog-walking business. He's a dog person just like his M.
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I was having a nice, long IM session with a long-gone friend last night, whining about how I'm not getting my social on enough because the MOO kroo doesn't get together as often, and the goths have mainly had babies and moved on to other less gregarious pursuits. I don't think I'd mind so much if I weren't a) single, b) exiled to 425-land, and c) living in a house full of unsocial characters with wacky schedules.

Sure, there's Lambert House, and I'm working on changing my living situation (and the reasons for it). I have plenty to fill my time, believe me. Right at the moment, though, I feel alone pretty often. I still miss you. And you. You too. Just having someone to be with while reading or circumflatulating would be an improvement. Nibs & the Wendling either can't or won't fill that need.

A blast from my past: Back when I was a student at the UW in the early 90's, [ profile] dianala took me to a couple of talks by Susie Bright. They were often hilarious and always mind-expanding, at least for me. Fast forward to today. Susie has a Twitter feed, which I just followed, and her daughter Aretha, whom she mentioned as a toddler in her talks, is now in college. Aretha's gone into the family business: she and Susie have written a book of sex advice together. Judging by the photo on her blog, Aretha's gorgeous. And I'm a dirty old woman, with the emphasis on the "old".
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My first ever completely-unknown-in-meatspace OKCupid date stood me up last night. If you get cold feet, or if you find the love of your life within the span of two weeks, you at least owe somebody like me a text.

I had shaved my legs, made garlic-free spaghetti sauce, and put on eye makeup on a weeknight. Poo! Luckily, [ profile] dagard was nearby to take the edge off with good beer & bad karaoke.

ETA: I have added garlic to the remaining spaghetti sauce. It also has ground beef, kalamata olives, and (formerly) dried anchovies.
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LiveJournal has made a recent "improvement" which breaks the PHP in my S2 style. I can't read my friends page. If any of you have something you think I should know, please email me, text me, tweet, or - heaven forbid - post it on Zuckerberg's data mine.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the additions to the navigation bar.

ETA: I fixed it. They changed the type signature of a base class method in their S2 "layer" API and this is how I found out. Grrr.

Nonetheless, I'm no longer blind to your LJs. Hurrah!
Frustration and nerves. I'm ready for at least one goddamn party.
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-2: Apparently wrote two bugs last week.
-1: Other failures at work that aren't mine.
-1: Lost gloves.
-1: Weirdly large Verizon bill.
-1: Nibs reports billing idiocy from Dreamhost.

+2: Fixed the two bugs yesterday.
+1: Sushi with [ profile] intrepid_reason & friend. Yeah, more Full Time squee.
+1: [ profile] martygreene.
+1: Other peeps.
+1: Surprise chatting & entertainment with a dolled-up [ profile] intrepid_reason. She's been having a tough time with many things lately; I hope I helped. She points out, though, that she's had sex more recently than I have, which is a segue into...
+2: Got an agreement in principle for coffee with Tall Girl. She seems a little wary - I'm sure she gets lots of attention she doesn't want - so I'll be on my best nunly behavior.

Net: +2. I'm calling it good.
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I've whined elsewhere about my to-do list that never seems to shrink, most of which is transition-related. Just for laughs, I'm going to get it off my phone for you, in order:
  • Talk to MyCo's legal benefit people about updating Nibs' will cheaper than we could get our lawyer to do it. He's already done mine, for $300. Yikes!
  • Cancel my Nissan Leaf order (*Sniffle!*) and get my deposit back.
  • Rename work computers, for which I have to go to work.
  • Mail my boss and the test manager when my new alias comes through. They have to put it in the bug and code databases.
  • Car registration and title.
  • Driver's license, if I ever get that letter from the Dept. of Licensing.
  • Research surgeons and talk to Nibs about them.
  • Maura on Macy's card. (Just waiting for the form in the mail.)
  • Maura on REI membership. Hey, I shop there a lot.
  • See if New York will give me the F without the Snip.

  • Non-trans related:

  • Lhasa has two yard waste bins, one of which never gets taken out, and the other of which is full of bagged recycling and/or trash. Gotta sort that out.
  • Alter recent garage sale and thrift scores. (Yay!)
  • Finish my art project at the Abbey.
  • Get going on world domination.
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Seeing male-to-female transsexuals who, well, don't present all that well gives me a fair amount of anxiety about my own future presentation. I keep seeing Strawberry Blond Sister's words floating in front of me: "'ll look like something out of Monty Python." Tell me I'm pretty, please? Or at least not laughable or terrifying?

I was checking m'boy's math homework last night. He groks algebra concepts quite well, but he still has no sense of how to write legibly or express himself clearly. He'll do things like write problem numbers to the right of his answers, which he's run together. He also writes "X and Y" when he means "If X then Y." He still has no native language. Learning about mathematical logic would help, but he probably wouldn't take it well from me.
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I still haven't started my Halloween costume. I've never left it anywhere near this late. I have nothing but an idea. I'm seriously considering buying one. The machines are at the Abbey, so if I'm going to make one, I better arrange several contiguous hours.


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