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There's a certain movie released the year I was born that's basically softcore porn. I just got done laughing hard at the opening credits. And it's a mother lode of costume inspiration. Because I'm immodest like that. No, I won't tell you which movie because I don't want to spoil the surprise.

ETA: I first saw the movie at Waid's, where I haven't been in for damn ever, at a house music night. I was glued to the screen because it was so far over the top, even though there was no sound from the film.

Speaking of immodest, posting a halfway-decent bikini pic on OKCupid garners all kind of attention, even if you're trans lesbian. Who knew?
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Sufragette city!

Yeah, you've seen it before, but never in my lifetime has it been more appropriate.
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From the Dept. of Satisfaction: the talkative, powerfully annoying older lady of Chinese extraction got quite a surprise yesterday when she saw me dressed up in my Suffragette best.

I got to Norwegian's house earlier than I expected - thanks, Metro! Hanging out on sidewalks in the CD at night in costume means strangers talk to you. It was a little out-freaking, but I don't think I was in any real danger, which was a good thing considering the boots that I usually wear with that costume.

Norwegian's party was lovely, with a house full of visual punster costumes, e.g. Avocato and Bob Moss. Had a nice chat with [ profile] xaotica about many things, including 50th birthday plans. (Mental note: follow up.) There was a professional costumer there looking fab in an 18th century gown. Historical costume fight! I did my flirtation right: I didn't snog the lovely lady in all the makeup until I was on my way out the door.

My oil is changed, my hem is repaired, and soon I'll dress up fetch the Tickler for the SEAF Seduction party. Part of me thinks I should wear a sexy costume to a sexy party; the rest me says to fuck that because of the election. And fuck it I shall.
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Had a lovely time at chez [ profile] morthael & [ profile] icprncs. It's a pity I couldn't be there earlier; many peeps were leaving as I was arriving. But, the kiddo's work schedule is what it is.
I managed to ding 6, i.e. reach level 6, on Ingress this afternoon. I did it in a way that leaves me feeling kind of dirty: from my car, at the Google Kirkland campus. Hey, it's the east side. Everybody does everything in their cars. Despite making me feel dirty, though, it does give me hope that I can ding 8 by the Anomaly on the 27th. That means, as I understand it, that you can use pretty much any object in the game.
First electrolysis in five weeks today. Is it weird or ungrateful to the universe that I'm disappointed that Ms. Zappy fit everything but nipple zappy into two hours? I must remind myself that I need not shave my face for several days, and I'll be incapable of scratching my hand on my stubble for a couple of weeks.
I'm currently at a stitch & bitch at Wayward Coffeehouse, but I don't have a sewing project going right now, not even mending. Ergo, I'm doing some research, meeting people (poly of course because Seattle), and typing at you. And with that, I depart.
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Party #1: [ profile] ack_yeahright and J's for snobby European blue cheeses (♥!) and super cheezy horror shorts, some of which were made in the '80s. I was kind of hoping I'd get my hair pulled by way of greeting from a certain someone, but her daughter was in the room, so I guess it's OK that I didn't. I guess.

Party #2: The Agora for the greater MOO kroo. Much awesome costume, including [ profile] vixyish's companion cube, which she of course made adorable.

Party #3: Would have been [ profile] morthael & [ profile] icprncs, but I showed up after the party ended. Oops. Paid respects, left for...

Bonus party: Kremwerk for the Kiss Off night. That's right: a Halloween club night run by dykes. Could any event be more me? Best costume: a woman in a very period-accurate early 16th-century gown, complete with headdress. I was dressed as a pirate captive in the Blue Confection as I was on Friday, and as it happened there was a pirate couple, the wench half of which is an excellent lead and whirled me around the dance floor, occasionally grabbing the ropes around my wrists. We exchanged phone numbers, even though she's married*, and we're already making plans for the Mark Farina show at the Monkey Loft on the 28th.

In summation, I win Halloween.

*Another woman I chatted up introduced her wife to me as well. It's true: queers have started acting like Mormons in their zeal to get hitched. Sure, I'm looking for Ms. Right with a view to that sort of thing myself, but sheesh.
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Thursday night Halloween pre-funk: [ profile] m_cobweb & [ profile] darkmane came over to chez moi for absinthe & munchies. Happiness! Come to me, my peeps.

From the Dept. of Whaaaat: I rescued an earthworm from my bathroom yesterday morning. It crawled out from under my scale, so I scooped it up and flung it into the grass out front.

Yesterday: Wore the Blue Confection for the first time in nine years, and fifteen years since it was made, to work, where Halloween is SRS BSNS. I added a couple of pieces of nice, comfy rope to my wrists to indicate that I'd escaped from the pirates who'd captured me. The highlight of my workday was volunteering to hand out candy to trick-or-treating kids from my desk. All of them, no matter how small and filterless, took me for a woman. It took me a few seconds to remember that a couple of years ago, that didn't happen.

Thence with the Tickler to a splendidly crowded party thrown by a friend of hers. Chatted with a lovely green fairy with small absinthe bottles tied around her waist who made her fabulous costume. Why do I keep meeting women when I'm on dates with other women? Why? Luckily, the Tickler has a gazillion partners herself, so she's a-OK with that sort of thing.

Back to the Tickler's, where you know what happened - or started to happen. It seems that the tickler has a recurring, uncomfortable health issue that hasn't quite been diagnosed, and for which an invasive procedure is scheduled next week. Poor Tickler. Some cuddling, much sleep, her two cats being adorable at night and jerks in the morning, and then taking the C & E lines home in costume but without makeup. I'm really glad I made my cloak so heavy all those years ago: it's seriously windy & rainy today.

And now, time to get ready for the three (!) Halloween parties thrown by friends this evening.

Oh: my son has passed his driver's test by one point. Celebratory eats were had. You guys might want to avoid the 425 area code for a while.
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Finally, a pic of my Norwescon costume:

Burner Borg

I got assimilated on the way to the Man burn. My designation is Safety Third of Five.

As I said, slumming it this year. Pity that isn't a more flattering picture.
Oh, and the younger lady I met? Asked me out. Winner = me.
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I am the Indiana Jones of software archeology. Or so it seems sometimes. Snakes. Why does it have to be snakes?

Queef lunch. Mellow. More action to come.

My slack-ass Norwescon costume is proceeding apace. I shall be ready.

I'm haphazardly studying French.

I'm adjusting surprisingly well to the time change. Maybe my erstwhile late winter insomnia anticipates it.

Oh! Oh oh oh! I got my mother to write a letter to her state legislator in Florida about the show-your-papers-to-pee bill in that state. I'm sorry to say that I had to explain to her that this is legislative trans-bashing of the most odious and specious kind, but she seems to have accepted my explanation. I'm lovin' the passable trans people of both binary flavors all over North America who are protesting by taking selfies in inappropriate bathrooms.

I guess this post ended up less fluffy than I thought it would be. Bed. Now.
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I lamented that I'd made no costume for the upcoming Norwescon, nor had I come up with one. Sure, my closet is respectable, but my friends have seen most of what I have.

[ profile] rigel_p has resolved the dilemma for me. See you there.

Yeah, this post is also a way of holding myself to it.
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One of the Beavers (i.e. denizens of Camp Beaverton for Wayward Girls, my camp for this year's Burning Man) had a birthday on Friday, and since that coincided with last night's Seacompression, a bunch of other Beavers flew or otherwise got a ride here from Portland & Oakland. It was a mini-Beaver reunion in Bonbon's place over in Maple Leaf, complete with fabulous food and pretty queer women running around half naked as they put on their Burner finery.

Since we had so many out-of-towners sans cars, we needed my Sanctimobile as ground transportation from the north end of Seattle to the south. Once there, we got our rendezvous organized because lesbian Burners. The theme this year was "Let Them Eat Cake", so the 18th century-inspired costumes were felicitously abundant. Yes, the sweet young things were mostly straight, but they were still fun to look at.

Me? I was wearing my skimpy, raver-flavored hot pink Muppet skin, as so often. I may have been slacking costume-wise, but I got to show off what I'd done with Goldiebike & Green Lake in the last year, which was definitely not slack.

And since it was a week or two earlier this year than in previous years, it was warm enough that skimpy Muppet skin was comfortable. I warned the Oakland folks in no uncertain terms to prepare to freeze their booties off, but I felt a little foolish when it didn't happen.

Most notable art car: a viewing platform, which is standard stuff, but on top of a Metro coach! Not a very old one, either. Whether rented or sold, who got their hands on enough money to get one of those, and how?

After we got everyone back, we hung out at Bonbon's for a while. (I didn't join the cuddle puddle. Yet another instance of gun-shyness in the presence of a group of dykes who've known each other for ages.) I told the Beavers I needed to go home & dilate, and to my surprise I needed to explain what that meant. Educating the world, even parts of it I wouldn't expect to need education, about trans stuff seems to be one of my missions in life. I'm more than OK with that.
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Many of you knew it was Free Comic Book Day. Indeed, my son spotted [ profile] tereshkova2001 leaving Dreamstrands comics in Greenwood in her fabulously femme Captain America costume as we were arriving.

I knew my son loved comics. What I didn't know until today is that he's seriously into Batman. He apparently had a shopping list, because he took his sweet time finding a whole series from the '80s and buying it hardbound. It wasn't free; it was 25% off, and he paid for it with $34 of his hard-earned money.

He's reading it as I type, and he's postponed his dinner. When I asked him if he was hungry, he said he had just a few pages left. He had about a quarter of the book left.

Some parents would be dismayed at this development. Me? I'm just glad that he's a) reading and b) into something besides his iPod.
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I've just invited the rest of my apartment building over for wine & cheese on the 18th. There are only ten units in my building, a mix of studios, 1-, and 2-bedroom apartments, so it's unlikely that I'll be overwhelmed.

I predict either glory, whereby everyone has a good time, or disaster, whereby either no one comes or at least one fight breaks out. I know the lady in 203 is not happy with the noise made by the exercise equipment used by the bicycle-mad couple in 204. I'm not crazy about it either - I'm in 104 - but they don't wake me up, so it's all good.

Why did I do it? Mainly because I'm tired of walking past these people from time to time without getting to at least know their names. Down with urban anomie! Another is that it'll be my birthday (observed), therefore there must be some kind of party.
One more thing: I went thrifting with the Siberian Siren. I can no longer complain about not having enough tops that aren't t-shirts. Only one dress fit me, though. And much of the fun for me, of course, is watching a little red-headed bombshell try on clothes and then getting to play critic. It's my job to keep her within budget. (Cue laughter.)

She also showed me Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century, which ate my mind for at least a couple of hours back at her place. Definitely worth it for the pictures.
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Avast, ye scurvy n00bz!! Prep4re to be pwned!!! )

Plan for tonight: Carpet SampLEZ at Madison Pub. In costume, of course.
Weirdly good dating mojo lately. Must... not... count my chickens before they rip my lips off!
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I've finished all of the machine work on my Halloween costume this year, including my use of the serger that [ profile] dianala up and gave me (!) years ago, a White Superlock 2000. I'd been putting off learning how to use it because the innards of a serger look like Rube Goldberg meets Edward Scissorhands. Indeed, the first time I threaded it took an hour because I missed one of the thirty-plus places to stick the thread.

Once I got going, though, I waxed rapturous over never needing to sew French seams again. Rolled hems are also a snap.

My blind hems, well, they can still see patches of light & dark: the stitches are all in the right place, but the little stitches through the right side pulled in a fold. I think that means the tension was wrong for my fabric, but I'm not sure which kind of wrong. It's good enough for a petticoat, anyway.

In short, A++ will serge again!
And on an only slightly related note, Ms. Zappy texted me while I was driving to her office to tell me she'd gotten a late start. Once I got there and killed some time, she called me to tell me she was having a migraine with attendant dizziness. I told her I'd prefer that she didn't work on me with sharp instruments in that state. So more sewing time this afternoon for me.

Poor woman. She seemed keen to reschedule before our existing appointments next month, but Halloween. And Seacompression. Ah well, my hair isn't going anywhere.
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Went on a lovely un-date with Funny Lady to tell her all my NC-17 Burning Man stories, and she made a good point about something I heard. If you'll recall, there was a young lady who said to me something like, "My boyfriend doesn't care what I get up to with girls."

Yeah, that's squicky on several levels. It devalues lesbian relationships. It's bad poly, it's sexist, and it's heterosexist all in one go. It is, as Funny Lady put it, a big red flag. I didn't say so at the time because a) it's not my relationship, b) I'm not poly - still going on 0 to 1 here, and c) the remark was immediately followed with, "I'm not sure what he'll think of you." So add potentially transphobic or at least trans-clueless to the list above. I'm sure nobody who reads this would be that guy. Right? Right?
Oh: I got interviewed for the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. We'll see if it ever gets posted.
I've started altering fabric for my Halloween costume. I'm pretty sure I have no choice but to finally learn how to use the serger that [ profile] dianala gave (!) me more years ago than I can count. I've given myself six weeks' lead time instead of the usual six months or more. Shortcuts will be taken, but remember: sewing puts the fun in fungible.
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This is my company's mascot, Roger Mozbot, with his bride. I am the Bride of Roger. The corset and skirt I bought from [ profile] julzerator. She made the bustle-able skirt, and Marie Cooley, who's a lovely woman and a fantastic local corsetier, made the corset for her. The tights I had to make because I'm 5'10", and of course, I made the boot covers and headpiece.

It's been received well.

Photo credit: [ profile] tithonium.
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Last night I put rotary cutters to cloth for my Halloween costume. It's going to be my first proper one in three years (I had to check my LJ); the last one was the Jestress. I have to say, it feels good to be able to leave sewing stuff out overnight as if the Lake Place is all mine. Yeah, I could probably have done that at Lhasa, but doing so would have brought me down to the level of my slobbier housemates.

Certain open source packages are driving me batty with their incomplete docs and dependencies. This is the kind of thing that drives people into the segmented and barbed arms of big software companies.
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StartupCo continues to be jaw-droppingly different. Large numbers of employees congratulate each other over email, not just the occasional muckety muck, and deployments of my code to the live site happen at blinding speed and without necessarily any involvement from me.

On a related note, I've completely changed my mind about what I want to do for my Halloween costume. Cryptic paragraph is cryptic.

I'm apparently turning into my mother: lately I find myself thinking an awful lot about ways to improve my apartment like more tasteful guest seating.

Lest you think I've forgotten about Project Girlfriend, let me assure you that I haven't. I have to make things happen before I can post about them, though. Screw this Zen business, at least for now. You can't meet women while you're carrying furniture.
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TMI about electrolysis )

My son spent the weekend sounding godawful with a cold, and now I appear to have gotten it. You can argue about whether I'm spending enough time with him, but if you do I'll give you my cooties. Time to find the sudafed, if indeed I have any in Lhasa. Considering skipping yoga tonight.
Falling back to a brand new plan B for my Halloween costume. It's cheaper, less obscure, and won't require me to sew. Before you get disappointed, though, I've come across a truly insane costume for next year that resonates with me. It could conceivably be among my most complicated.
71 days until surgery.
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My mental state is Mississippi, i.e. not exactly desirable. That's why I've been so quiet lately.

Work: sucks. I don't think I should go into detail about it anywhere online, even under friends lock. The folks I've talked to about it have been wonderful, though.

Halloween costume: I have an idea, and have for months, but I haven't been motivated enough to start it yet. See work above.

Project Girlfriend: Going surprisingly well. More news when I have some.


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