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Back into the work groove, which always involves fighting fires more than it ought to.

Lambert House last night. I finally got around to asking the director, Ken, what to do about folks in trans group who suck all the oxygen out of the room. This is a frequent occurrence, and I'm not proud to admit that I've never really known how to deal with it, so I didn't try.

Also, I told Ken about my tabling at Pride, especially that people wanted to know about the house's financial situation. He was hoping he could get some pro fundraisers on board before he had to message that, but he might have to reconsider, he said; props to him for being careful. As usual, I got an earful about incompetence and skullduggery at city hall, and stuff I need to do to the database to protect the house from it. I'm on it, but only time will tell if it's soon enough.

The Wendling is back with me for four nights to make up for when I was at Critical. I'd barely seen him for two weeks. Yeah, I missed him. He put his clean laundry away before I got home without needing to be reminded. That made me inordinately happy, and I told him so.

Other things that make me happy:
  • Making plans with the Siberian Siren to make plans for the Folsom Street Fair.
  • Planning a date with Much Younger Woman.
  • Getting a record recommendation from the Tickler that I have no doubt is solid.
  • Hearing from Ex that an old college chum has tracked me down, but doesn't yet know about my sex switcheroo.
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I forgot to mention: Nibs quit Target yesterday. She didn't give two weeks' notice, so she can't work there again. Oh darn. I've discussed the possibility of temping, etc. across the bridge with her, but she's decided to redouble her efforts to get freelance journalism work. Whatever. I'm just relieved she isn't wrecking her body and stressing out anymore.

She had a job at Bartell's when we first met - she'd just ditched her first husband and moved back from Ireland - which may have been what gave her the idea that she could do Target. Lesson learned.
Had Mexican eats with [ profile] cupcake_goth. Fixed two venerable bugs. There's a four-day weekend with good desserts and minimal exposure to the older generation about to start. That's all substantially better than average.
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As I shopped for a new, non-maddening laptop for Nibs, I was reminded that my current home desktop computer, bought last year, has enough RAM to max out a 32-bit address space. (That's 4 GB for you civilians out there.) Back when I was a wee little graduate student, the mail server had the same amount of RAM. It was considered a hot server that never had to page and could meet all the mail needs of a 100-person department. I love living in the future. Icing? The laptop will have the same amount of RAM and a 64-bit processor.
T-minus four months and one day to hormones. Dr. Shrink has warned me not to be too gleeful in front of Nibs. It'll be a struggle, but I understand the need.
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At around the 5800 block of 148th Ave. NE, there's a pedestrian-only stoplight. This stoplight is on the trail that I ride my bike on for eight blocks to and from work. I get to make cars stop on a four-lane street with a 40 MPH speed limit. I am drunk with power!
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I heard this morning that the Wendling admitted to a former teacher - not either of his parents, of course - that he likes his new school! Happiness.

On a related note, I proposed going to see [ profile] robotangel's photography this weekend, and he's into it. He may not pee in the toilet every time yet, but he appreciates some of the finer things in life.
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When I rode up to the Abbey last night, Nibs was standing in the front doorway talking to a neighbor. My Puppigrrl was wandering nearby, naturally. She apparently smelled me before she saw or heard me, though, and started walking toward the street before I got to the door. When she did finally figure out where I was, she made the happy doggy face and ran to me. Yes, my sixteen-year-old dog ran for the first time in weeks, to me.

Did I mention that my thirteenth Puppiversary was last month? See previous posts under the dog tag (Nyuk nyuk nyuk!) for the story of how we met.
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  1. Most of you know that my usual commute method is Goldiebike. I've ridden the 14-mile round trip every day this week, and will tomorrow as well. Even my Turkish & Indian co-workers think I'm one crazy haole. Mind you, I'm not so crazy that I haven't been using a second water bottle. And I'm grateful to all the landowners on 140th Ave. NE who didn't cut down their trees, providing much-needed shade along at least a third of my route. If you had to be outdoors and out of the water, a bike was the best place to be, and there were plenty of people who knew it even yesterday.
  2. Every day for the last week I've spent some time pulling dandelions out of the Abbey lawn. I finished tonight. The brown grass & dry soil make the little bastards easier to see and pull, respectively.
  3. A negative brag: I woke up this morning at 6:00 because the fan made it too cool for me to sleep without any cover. Nibs watched in disbelief as I padded to the linen closet, got a sheet, got under it, and started snoring.

We've read the heat whines. Mr. and Ms. Pacific Northwest, what are your heat BRAGS? You're going to need the practice, because thanks to all the Hummers & coal-fired powerplants, weeks like this one are about to get more common.
Saw Blue Angels almost overhead at 140th & Main in Bellevue as I rode to work. Yeah, I like them, too.
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ph34r my 1337 skillz.

Best feature: a repeat mode so I can remember to move the sprinklers or keep m'boy on task multiple times in a row.

Total development time: seven hours, tops, including an hour from 6:30 to 7:30 this morning editing the icon.

Total lines of nun-written code (i.e., not generated by Visual Studio): under 100.

Good: Visual Studio & MSDN, their navigation, mobile device emulation, GUI layout editor, and syncing.

Bad: getting at sounds on the filesystem and playing them, especially WMAs, is pretty klunky. I opted to make my timer, when it goes off, just play the system beep in a loop on the same thread that counts down the seconds.
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...watching professional dancers dance for the fun of it.
...Depeche Mode.
...getting my chat on.
...subjecting a captive audience to Mark Farina. Nyeh heh heh.
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Happiness is when somebody tells me my femme voice sounds good. It was in a quiet Sanctimobile, which makes it a lot easier for me.
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Boy yin: He's been getting over a cold, so no outings with him this weekend. Aw.
Boy yang: He loves riding his bike to school these days. A year ago he was afraid to even try it. I just raised his seat.
More boy yang: He's started studying for his Bar Mitzvah. Included in his binder from temple is a blue velvet kippah, which he put on of his own free will and volition last night. Oy, the cute!
Eats for tonight: mesquite-grilled Copper River sockeye. The Weber kettle has emerged from hibernation. Aw, yeah.
No shopping for everyday girl clothes lately because of the money situation, but the recent refi should change that soon. Watch this space, girls.
Now that this weekend is nearly over, it's time to plan next weekend. I have to choose between Re-bar Friday, Church of Bass Friday, Space Virgins Saturday, or Usual Haunts Saturday. Head 'splody.
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Sitting in the movie theater on Saturday and waiting for Star Trek to start, my boy had in his hand a sheet full of distractions for kids of the kind you usually see at chain restaurants. One of the questions was to identify which of a set of numbers didn't fit a pattern. Nibs & I each puzzled for several seconds, but m'boy got it instantly: all but one had digits that summed to 8. Awesome.

My son the future number theorist?
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I love it that I can still translate what Squeakipus* says to m'boy. He helped me weed after he worked very hard on his homework tonight. He didn't get any free time, so Nibs asked me to take it easy on him for getting to bed late.

*Squeakipus is his glow-in-the-dark squeaky octopus from Archie McPhee's.
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  1. Using my shades instead of the lights on my bike all the way home.
  2. Taking less than a day to write 90 lines of script code yesterday, then having it detect a problem today in minutes automatically instead of the previous hours manually. My idea, baybee.
  3. At the risk of jinxing myself, I haven't punctured a bike tube in nearly two months. There's something to that Slime stuff.
  4. I'm taking the day off tomorrow because Nibs is getting another Bomb, and therefore will be too jacked up on steroids to drive herself much less m'boy anywhere, which means I'll be conveniently near Capitol Hill so...
  5. ...I can pick up a ticket to Simian Mobile Disco at Neumo's tomorrow night. Yikes! I almost forgot about a pah-tay I'd already RSVP'd to some time ago. SMD still kicks butt, though.
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No, this is not a meme, just a long-overdue happy post.
  1. The Great Data Recovery Operation of - OK, February, because I don't want to count my chickens - 2009 is over. I can now do more chores for Nibs, more circumflatulation with m'boy, and maybe, just maybe, more sewing.
  2. A working dryer. The vent is now at the front of the Abbey. The dryer vent dude explained that the old pipe widened and then narrowed under the house, so we're lucky they Abbey isn't a pile of cinders by now. Bonus: the dryer works faster than I ever remember it working. Even at $300+, that'll pay for itself eventually.
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  1. The Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, especially if you have a boy with you. This is the oldest European settlement in the U.S., founded in 1565. The current stone fortress dates from the late 17th century, and was never taken by force. Cannons and bastions and turrets, oh my!
  2. Anastasia State Park, just a few miles south of St. Augustine. Miles of wide, white, condo-free beaches. On a 75-degree cloudless, breezy December day, there's no better place to be. Thanks to Strawberry Blond Sister for telling us about it.
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Posted early in the day because I just can't wait.
  • Egg nog!
  • My son's glow-in-the-dark squeaky octopus, bought at Archie McPhee's.
  • Saving the best for last: my son and I are flying to Florida early Tuesday morning. (Nibs is staying here for money & puppy reasons.) I'll get to see my mom & Brunette Sister for the first time in over two years, and Strawberry Blond Sister for the first time in over six years. M'boy is going to have a whopping four cousins to play with. I'll miss the snow and perpetual work emergencies as I miss having an extra hole in my head.
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  • Riz Rollins. When he's on the decks I can't not move at least part of my body, like my head (which makes drinking difficult), or my right index finger.
  • The big red stretch velvet dress, which is perfect for sub-freezing weather, fabulous, and PGDFF*.
  • Driving to Re-bar & back was easy peasy. No ice, just compacted snow.
  • My 20-eyelet Docs. So versatile, so warm, so stompy.
  • Free mix CDs, even if I don't like them, and I like the one I picked up last night.
  • My own work ethic: checking mail on a Saturday morning just saved me much trouble & embarassment.

*For you non-MOOers, that stands for Pretty GodDamn Fucking Festive, pronounced "pig duff".
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  • Mein deutsch Maschine, my Pfaff 1122 sewing machine.
  • My aluminum snow shovel that a) is light and b) my son can leave out in the snow without repercussions.
  • Carrie Fisher's memoir Wishful Drinking.
  • Having a serious bug turn out to be much easier to reproduce & fix than I expected.
  • Nibs' not being too freaked about my plan to groove to Riz at Re-bar tonight.
  • Watching the Puppigrrl's tail go higher than it has in a while when we went for a brief, unplanned walk in the snow.
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  • My boss & co-workers are not maniacal enough to attempt a suicidal commute much less expect me to do the same.
  • On a related note, telecommuting. That it works when everybody and his brother is trying to do it is even more impressive if you've ever tried to run an online service.
  • Actually being productive from home. I'm that good.
  • Going on a lunchtime walk in the snow with my boy to see if 405 was a parking lot.
  • It wasn't even close to being a parking lot, which is good because I want to use it tomorrow night.
  • The cute! It burns!
  • Plan for tonight: toasted pumpkin seeds and setting grommets.


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