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One of my cow orkers, B, invited the whole damn company over to a housewarming party at her houseboat on the western shore of Lake Union. I accepted, natch, because
  1. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been on a houseboat. In fact, I may never have been before last night.
  2. Shoot, I'd never even been on that part of the lakeshore, just the north end (Gas Works Park) and the south end (MOHAI & nearby restaurants).
  3. I was intensely curious. At least historically, houseboats were a cheap housing option, something I'm sure many Seattleites recall wistfully. I wanted to find out if that was still true and why it ever was.
  4. Party on a boat! Lots of wine; what is it with alcohol & boats? Unexpected burgers.
Here's the scoop from B about the economics of houseboats:
  1. Houseboats are indeed still, on average, on the cheap side of the rental market. Yes, one sees bigger, newer, more expensive boats from the freeways now, but they haven't dominated the market to the degree that their terrestrial counterparts have. The low cost is especially attractive when you consider that several marinas, including B's, are within easy commute range of major employment centers like downtown and the University of Washington. And oh by the way, stunning views and, surprisingly to me, quiet.
  2. I guess the biggest catch for most people, though, is that houseboats are small. Everyone around here knows that, and I'm happy living in a small space already.
  3. The biggest catch for me, though, is that boats for rent tend to be old & janky, especially with respect to toilets & showers, and Seattle tenant law doesn't apply to houseboats.
  4. Also, B's boat has single-paned windows and thin walls. Yes, the lake should moderate the temperature, but I have to wonder what that's like in the winter.
  5. You can forget about parking. M'boy lucked into the perfect after-hours space, but every space I saw for blocks was metered.
In summation, houseboats are a land of many contrasts attractive to me and plenty of other people in some ways, but there are some things I'd have to give up and put up with.
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Yesterday, cold caffeine and a walk around Green Lake with [personal profile] m_cobweb. A fine way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Spent the evening at chez [personal profile] mahariel, where I met a fascinating friend of hers - costumer, history nerd, Native American more or less - and talked a lot, especially about my son. Yes, queer. Yes, poly, apparently. Yes, kinda cute. Yes, totally fun to hang out with. Will I be seeing more of her? No idea, but I wouldn't mind.

Speaking of the Wendling, we were supposed to go to a professional soccer game courtesy of StartupCo, but he bailed to catch up on the sleep he missed for no good reason. I don't hold it against him, but it's a shame: we really haven't done enough together in, well, years. It isn't easy with his work schedule. I went to the game because hey, garlic fries. Seattle tied Portland 1-1.
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This is another one of those entries that got delayed because I was doing too much.

Party #1: My employer's annual marketing conference always ends with a big party. And marketers are notorious, at least among engineers, for how much alcohol they put away. Such social. Very booze. Wow. I spent much of the evening with a devastatingly attractive & stylish straight woman with cute queer hair from NYC; she was that cool.

Strippers, etc.: I'd kind of felt guilty about not going to any of the Tickler's burlesque shows, so without really being invited I met her at the Debauchery night at Neighbours. It was to be the last one after six years of monthly nights of queer, non-profit "stripping", as the MC and producer put it. She was verklempt pretty often. The Tickler had performed at that night and knew everyone, but she was in the audience with me that night.

Maybe my attitude toward it was colored by running on four hours' sleep from the previous night, but as expected, it didn't knock my socks off. There were a couple of performers that I really liked - one of them reminded me of Opium, serial "winner" of Bang for the Buck - but the rest I could have happily missed. And yes, super queer, super gender-fucky, and body positive. The good news for fans is that a new night, Queers Queers Queers, will start up next month with a different producer.

After the show, the Tickler & I hit Molly Moon's for ice cream for her approximate birthday. Then she drove me home, for which I sincerely promised to give her endless head. On the way home around 2330, I got a text from Ex saying that my ex-stepmother K had broken her foot and was in a hospital in Redmond. Since I was the only one with a car, could I please take her home?

Le sigh. So I drove out, still in my red satin party dress and killer 'Vogs, and got K around 0100. She was dizzy & nauseated from the drugs they gave her, and narrowly missed my car with her barf. If you'll recall, she's a bit of a hoarder, which meant I couldn't find the walker she insisted was in her garage full of junk, just crutches. I must have taken half an hour to get her the forty feet from my car to her house. I made it home just after 0200. Ex, Exbrother (who had to fly up from CA again), and Mr. Right Now (who's married to somebody other than Ex and therefore eligible for serious karma) took over from there. K's own kids are out of state, but I think they're getting in on the action, too.

I took yesterday off because zombie, except for the monthly queer lunch at work for which I'm the organizatrix. Then party #2 at Diminutive's* charmingly 1950s house way up in the north end. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of pretty, Goth AF, and maybe kinda sorta queer women - I'm never really sure about Diminutive & her friends - many of whom remembered me better than I remembered them. Do they remember me because I'm trans or do I fail to remember them because Diminutive & friends can be relied upon for quantity & quality of alcohol?

Enough wacky hijinks for a while, I think.

*Diminutive's name is the diminutive form of mine. Also, she's tiny and I'm not. I love that.
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On Sunday I attempted to see "The Little Hours" with [personal profile] ironymaiden; it would have been my first SIFF movie in years. I had thought to myself, 'It's a gorgeous day on a long weekend and the Folklife festival is just two blocks away. Who would want to watch a movie?' As it turns out, half the city would. I didn't get a ticket in advance, which at least for that particular film was a mistake. I consoled myself with two tie dye dresses and a black leather fedora from vendors at Folklife. Hey, they were on the way to the bus and I needed the hat to keep my scalp from getting sunburnt. I love that hat.

Yesterday? BBQ at chez Funny Lady. Eetz. Boozes. Cute, well-behaved, medium-sized dawgz upon whom I bestowed many quality skritches. The Norwegian. (Yay!) But sadly, no hot queer makeouts for anybody.

And on the subject of ladies, the Tickler asked me out on a school night later this week. I'm usually the instigatrix of such things, and it's nice to feel a little bit pursued from time to time.

M'boy came to my place last night. I did not install on him a new rectum for losing his phone, but I have reminded him that he has a goddamn problem when it comes to keeping track of his stuff and that he needs to do something about it.

Got up at 0500 to drive to Totem Lake for the tail end of circumflatulation. Oddly enough, I woke up early despite being wiped out last night.
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(Another sort of trans-related question: If you're a woman, can you go stag? Or do you have to go doe?)

Temptress postponed on me yesterday, and Much Younger Woman hurt her back pretty badly, which I didn't find out until I was about to pick her up to go dancing. Le sigh.

But go dancing I did, at the Shameless crew's annual Valentine's Day party. Headliners Smash TV, zwei Menschen auf Deutschland, brought cool, solid groove. Honorable mentions to Joe Bellingham & Orqid.

There was a surprising number of stunning and stunningly dressed women there. I saluted the corset-wearer with the Nice Boots, like you do. Happiness is when one of them, who's exactly your type and wearing shiny tight pants, comes up to you to ask about your outfit and be adorable. My SFDs: lace-trimmed black long sleeve blouse, purple & black lacy skirt from Mishu, black patent Docs, MAC makeup.

But the real score here was the venue, an art & event space in an out-of-the-way corner of Sodo. I do believe I may have found a venue for my 50th birthday. It's a newish building with soaring ceilings and black, Gothy chandeliers, and it's the perfect size with easy parking & transit access. It's not as posh as that other place in Sodo that I was looking at, and would definitely involve more DIY on my part, but I kind of fell in love with the vibe. I talked to M, the lady in charge, courtesy of an introduction from former co-worker B of zentai suit fame who was down from Canada. (Synchronicity, no?) M is a former (?) raver and working artist who hosts a lot of art events, art education events, and the odd private party. She said my date shouldn't be a problem. I've already asked her for particulars. I haven't put her name or the name of her space here because she expressed a concern about too much publicity.

Yeah, I know the Republicans are out to get me, not to mention most of the guests at any party I might throw. I'm running out of fucks, though, and I should have the cash and time to pull this off.
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Party #1: Funny Lady's husband P's birthday. A low-key affair, at least to start, with a couple of features that were awkward for me. First, everyone brought cheap, tiny presents except me; I just showed with a nice bottle of merlot. Second, for most if not all of the short time I was there, everyone there except me was in the polycule that includes Funny Lady & P. I adore Funny Lady to bits, as you've read, but I don't consider myself part of that group and I'm pretty sure they don't either. Funny Lady did, after all, dump me in a remarkably classy way a few years back. But still, good times, and I got to see Funny Lady & her metamour R looking particularly lovely.

Party #2: A while back I met M while out dancing. I finally made it to one of her parties last night. I'd considered blowing it off in favor of the above, but none other than the Tickler messaged me and asked me to show, partly because she had her friend S with her who was passing through town. This party was a blanket fort cuddle party. That's right: ropes strung between the furniture and hung with blankets & sheets, every surface covered with people cuddling, reading each other stories, etc. Light makeouts happening, no sex or kink allowed. I damn near fell asleep and went home shortly after midnight, but it wasn't bad at all. Very relaxing. S is cute, queer, and eminently cuddly, but she's non-local (for now?) and has some serious life stuff she needs to deal with.

S says people on the east coast are freaking out about the political situation way more than people in Seattle. I'm not sure whether that's good or not. On the one hand, I'm sorry they're stressing, but on the other we're more likely to see positive action from them. Maybe it's because they have a ringside seat to all the action in DC & NYC.
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But first, I promised to drive the Tickler to our date last night, which was a wonderful way of motivating myself to clean out the car that I've more or less bought from Ex. She apologized for how dirty it was when I first drove it away, and with good reason: it was full of six years' worth of gum wrappers, straw wrappers, suburban conifer needles, etc. No, she can't bend at the waist to pick that stuff up off the floor, but really? She could have done better than that, or she could have gotten our son to. It goes part way to explaining why my son still leaves a toddler's trail of mess wherever he goes.

Speaking of m'boy and the car, thanks to his running a red light and the accident on Halloween day, his insurance is more than double mine, and I'm paying for it. He's challenging the ticket he got for the accident, and I sure hope that he succeeds. Ouch.

OK, now I can write about the date. I took the Tickler to my company holiday party (yes, after the holidays) because she's a classy dame. I have to say, StartupCo did a good job of making the best of straightened circumstances: we ran out of the good Bourbon, but only toward the end of the night. Everyone looked lovely in their black & white, and by way of entertainment there was an audience-participation murder mystery thingy. (Personally, I'd rather have had good DJs like the first NYE party I went to. Those of us who'd been there all commented on how fab they were.)

The Tickler & I didn't close the joint; having the tail end of ick left me in not the partyingest of spirits. I'd even told the Tickler she could send me home with my germs last night without any hard feelings, but neau, there was much-needed cuddling and a surprisingly good night's sleep at her place, even if she did find my occasional deathly-sounding coughing fits alarming. And oatmeal with fruit & nuts for brekkies. ♥!

You know you're sick when your hunger wakes you up from a nap. That's pretty much all I've been capable of today. Goddamn this cold!
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Had a lovely time at a certain solstice pah-tay. Homemade, lite-'n-fluffy egg nog; hypnotic TV, including "how things are made" videos and early CGI; and people wearing blinky lights. I wore two long velvet skirts with my scissor leggings underneath. Of course I showed off the latter because how could I not? I blame [ profile] vixyish for being a wonderful enabler. And I was saved from walking to and waiting for the bus on a -3C night when another partygoer offered me a ride home.

This morning I went with the Siberian Siren to get our nails done in Renton. Why there? The SS wanted something super fancy, but didn't want to spend $100 on a manicure. While there, I found out that Exdad has taken a turn for the worse, which I didn't realize until after I'd said something kind of cheeky about how I couldn't walk Ex's dog just then and that she should ask our son instead of me. D'oh! After eats and electrolysis, I took my fab new FM red nails to Ex's and walked the dog.

The latest information I have is that Exdad was on his way to an ICU in Seattle, having possibly had another stroke, where they'll try to get him read for shunt surgery. His pneumonia complicates that. So yeah, Ex is kind of in hell right now. I have put the word on our son not to be a pill to her while I'm in Florida.

Oh: the SS gave me Russian halva, AKA crumbly gray crack, for Christmas. I shared it with m'boy after a pizza at our fave vera pizza joint up the hill. He agrees with my assessment of its addictiveness. I could make it if I had a blender, which I'm tempted to do if I ever need to bring a dessert.
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SEAF Seduction with the Tickler was all about the eye candy, and running into friends I haven't seen in many years.

Best visual pun: Barebacking/Bearbacking. I'll just leave that there for your imagination. There was o group of four fabulously gay X-Men. [ profile] gement's sister Sparky was there as an incongruously sexy Spider Queen. There was an adorable contortionist - a friend of the Tickler, natch - doing a messy food scene with a couple of less flexible colleagues. The Tickler and I agree that we need to ascertain the contortionist's sexual orientation because ahem.

Oh: Sparky's Burning Man theme camp was, among other orgs, tending bar as a fund raiser. Camp Beaverton needs to get in on that action. It's a pity I neither knew that was an option nor have my class 12 (WA bartender's license) anymore.

DJs: surprisingly good! The one I remember hearing was Fabulous Fab. I don't think we stayed long enough for Kristina Childs, but I know she can bring it. Yeah, I was grooving to the techno while other people were watching all the sexy. I can't help it: I'm a slave to the rave.

There was a young trans woman, D, who I met during my Microsoft days who was there with her sweetie. When I last saw her she hadn't yet transitioned, and now she's doing really well. Happy-making.

The Tickler and I ran out of gas around midnight. Darn this middle age business. My shoes didn't help, and it occurs to me today that among my recent Fluevog purchases is a pair that would be more comfortable and just as good with the outfit as the ones I've been wearing for the last couple of days. D'oh!

Tonight: a brief stop in costume at the Baltic Room to bat my eyelashes at Gnome. It's raining and my costume is silk, dammit.
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From the Dept. of Satisfaction: the talkative, powerfully annoying older lady of Chinese extraction got quite a surprise yesterday when she saw me dressed up in my Suffragette best.

I got to Norwegian's house earlier than I expected - thanks, Metro! Hanging out on sidewalks in the CD at night in costume means strangers talk to you. It was a little out-freaking, but I don't think I was in any real danger, which was a good thing considering the boots that I usually wear with that costume.

Norwegian's party was lovely, with a house full of visual punster costumes, e.g. Avocato and Bob Moss. Had a nice chat with [ profile] xaotica about many things, including 50th birthday plans. (Mental note: follow up.) There was a professional costumer there looking fab in an 18th century gown. Historical costume fight! I did my flirtation right: I didn't snog the lovely lady in all the makeup until I was on my way out the door.

My oil is changed, my hem is repaired, and soon I'll dress up fetch the Tickler for the SEAF Seduction party. Part of me thinks I should wear a sexy costume to a sexy party; the rest me says to fuck that because of the election. And fuck it I shall.
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I hit four (4) parties yesterday, starting at about 1630. There was much driving in between. The rundown:
  1. A polycule made up mostly of fat femmes had their housewarming in the south end. It's a lovely house with lots of nooks and crannies, a lovely back yard, and with larger rooms perfect for the play parties that they say will be forthcoming. The Tickler arrived as I was leaving, so we made a spectacle of ourselves in the street in front of this house that recently sported a Pride flag out front. Perfect.
  2. M, a co-worker from two jobs ago, recently went through open-heart surgery (!) and had a sixtieth birthday party in his leafy back yard near Sand Point. I got to bring other folks we worked with up to speed on the whole I'm-a-girl thing. Tried not to talk too much about Burning Man; failed.
  3. My neighbors. I'm sorry to say I was outdressed by all the women guests - hey, at least the leggings I was using to hide my pre-waxing stubble were Bombsheller - but gosh, didn't all those straight women look lovely?
  4. Chez Funny Lady. Hung out with her, the Norwegian, et al. Fire spinning. Cats. Queer makeouts that didn't involve me on this occasion, but still, a good time. Almost closed the joint at about 0300.
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Dropped off stuff at Goodwill for my ex, dropped stuff off at her place, had exactly one lovely stiff drink and chats with my People in Black at the nearby chez [ profile] morthael & [ profile] icprncs. After all these years, I may finally learn some of the geography of the south end of Seattle.

M'boy was with his mother last night, so I was at loose ends. Fortunately, it's Burner party season, and my old camp mates the Space Virgins were doing a fund raiser with Camp Conception. It was all you'd expect: day glow, black lights, righteous house from Jayson Spaceotter*, reusable cups, nice eye candy in a wide range of ages, and a giant Buddha's head above the door. I commiserated about the ticket situation with a man in spandex and some serious fetish boots - envied by many women. I met an adorable and queer-seeming woman from Camp Conception who seemed, well, really pretty awesome. And then her girlfriend showed up, and lots of the usual dyke public handsiness and snogs ensued. Le sigh. I dunno, though; there seems to be a whole gang of queer women who are part of Conception. Younger, of course, but since when have I let that stop me? Bizarrely, I've never made it to their camp on the playa.

A note on the venue: the party was in a light industrial space down in Sodo only a block from Studio 7, the only club in Seattle where the staff has hassled be for being trans. No, that's no longer legal in Seattle, but it may have been at the time. I gave Studio 7 the finger from afar.

I must be feeling better, because I suddenly can't sleep worth a damn without enough exercise - my usual condition - and I'm horny as all get-out. Speaking of horny, Inga still hasn't fulfilled her promise, but I don't think that's her fault. MBSOs, like all orgasms, remain 90% mental. And shot day is tomorrow.

*He remembers me from Riz's old Friday nights at Re-bar; I don't remember him from then. I got recognized by people I don't remember two or three other times last night. I appear to be a Fixture on the Scene, hopefully an electrical fixture and not plumbing.
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"St. Patrick's Day pre-funk" with People in Black in North Greenwood. There was beer, mean things done to attractive women, and way too many sesame-covered almonds. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

Dinner with m'boy as usual last night. He's still a punk, but perhaps less of a punk than last week. Ex is freaking out about not having a place to move into yet now that she's sold the one she's in, but she has yet to transmit her freakout to me. Oh by the way, her drier has just given up the ghost and she's got a ton of fabric, notions, and sewing supplies that she got from her hoarder stepmother that she'll be selling over the weekend. Watch this space for a sale announcement.
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This was a kid weekend, and I still got a bunch of social time in. Vict'ry! But first: I couldn't decide between Goth Christmasy and super queer for last night's party outfit, so I consulted the social media brain trust via certain other social networks that shall remain nameless. Most said Goth Christmasy, but a significant number (well, two - the total sample was small) said to do both. And no less a personage than Mistress Matisse, local professional dominatrix and way cool & articulate sex work decriminalization activist, said a tiara needed to be involved. So: photographic SFDs )

Dropped off m'boy for his four-hour shift at PCC Kirkland yesterday. Drove to the far south end for a certain swanky affair at chez [ profile] morthael & [ profile] icprncs. OMGShortbread! Then burned up I-5 to the north end to party with some of the extended MOO kroo and pump [ profile] gfish for information regarding internships and/or being a page in various legislatures. You see, his brother has had that gig, and my son wants it. Since it's one of my son's precious few expressions of ambition, I promised him I'd find out what I could. That's right: partying with a purpose.

After I took the Wendling to work this afternoon, I did laundry & housework until my phone reminded me of another party that I'd completely forgotten about, namely the Lambert House volunteer party. A quick application of makeup and bottle purchase later, I had a lovely time with teh queerz. They had a few ginger snatch cookies, i.e. gingerbread cookies in the impressively realistic shape of lady bits; I ate them all. I told everyone I was practicing sympathetic magic.

And on that note, good night.
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I went to my fancy-schmancy holiday party for work with Much Younger Woman last night in the basement of the Hotel Monaco. She got gussied up as much as her limited budget and taste for gussying allow, and we... acted normal. I introduced her as my girlfriend to a bunch of cow orkers; we consumed prodigious quantities of tasty food & beverages from Sazerac, the hotel's restaurant; she kicked my butt at Mario Kart, which I'd never played before; we enjoyed eye candy together; and she stuck pretty close to me the whole night, which was fine with me. As far as I know, there has been no scandal. I'm only a tiny bit disappointed about that.

And because MYW is the queen of surprise, she stayed over at my place when I wasn't expecting it or I would have done more cleaning earlier. She's not crazy about my Towering Bed of Doom, but neither are the other women who've vaulted into it with me, even those taller than I am. Its one virtue is the storage space underneath, and in my little lake place that's reason enough to keep it. At her suggestion, for brunch we went to the Ballard farmers' market and got some mac & yeast - she's vegan - from the Plum food truck and serious chai from Cupcake Royale. Much tasty.

Thence to REI to gank some parking for Mourning Market. There I committed to Burning Man next year by replacing my departed Camelbak. Said a quick yeau to some lovely Goths, then went to work as promised.

My work situation - a deployment - was sorted in a little more than two hours of dubiously legal downtown parking and moderate panic. Back to Mourning Market for proper chats with Goths (shouts out to [ profile] cupcake_goth, [ profile] girlgoth, and [ profile] thevfrchick), a necklace, and a tintype from Libby Buloff that is, you could say, relevant to my interests.
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But first: Weekends with my son lately have consisted largely of my watching him sleep. He's arranged things so he doesn't have morning classes, so I don't really have a good reason to tell him not to. And since his ADD meds interfere with appetite & sleep, I figure he needs his sleep on the weekends. I must be doing something right because Imminent Ex says he's grown two inches in as many years.

I went to one last Decibel Festival event: the free party in Volunteer Park. Perfect (i.e. sunny) weather, bouncy San Francisco-style tunes from the Dirtybird crew, lots of gorgeous girls my son's age, and of course an acre of hippies. (No really, the grassy area in front of the stage is about an acre, and it was covered with hippies.) I ran into another techno fan of my acquaintance there who directed me to the bouncy castle.

It's a pity Much Younger Woman was sick & the Tickler was at Folsom, because I think they would have dug it - and I wouldn't have had to go alone as usual. I was reminded of that on the way home by watching to queer women I'd seen dancing earlier walking into the nearby Asian art museum hand in hand. Le sigh.

Had snobby beer with [ profile] ionan. Told him about MBSOs (mind-blowing squirty orgasms) in a public place, like I do. Saw the tail end of the lunar eclipse while walking home, but I'm not broken up about missing the earlier part of it.

Stay tuned for the next entry. I think you'll like it.
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Too much food, drink, and loud women-only talking at chez [ profile] aaminahlefae last night. Such gatherings are a regular occurrence, and they're always a good time for me, even if I regret certain parts of them later.

Missed the farewell picnic for [ profile] turtlegrrl13 because I never put it in my Google calendar. Arg! Ah well, I got lots of circumflatulation in.

No plans for tonight because a) I pah-tayed last night and b) I anticipate being a little low on cash for the next few weeks due to b1) a rent rise (Welcome to Seattle!) and b2) money spent on the aforementioned circumflatulation.

I'm feeling kind of lonely. Maybe it's a hangover from the other night with the Tickler. I could definitely use more of that.
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You know how I got Ableton last week? Yesterday I bought off of Craigslist the other half of what I need for my diabolical plans: an Alesis QX25 MIDI controller. It's in front of me right now. I've got it talking to Ableton, knobs & all. [ profile] ionan came over last night and imparted seekrit nollij about making choonz. (He's an audio engineer with a DJ alter ego.) There shall be blood bleeps!

But! New Year's Eve! Party #1: small & cosy with [ profile] ack_yeahright & the Burning Man buds from '11 & '13 plus crazy delicious eats. Party #2: Off to [ profile] nerdvana for a bewildering array of alcohol, MOOers, MOOers by association, and the cuddle puddle in the harem pit. ([ profile] tfabris, if you're reading this, the chicks dig you for a long list of reasons. Don't deny it.) I'm sad to say that [ profile] tithonium & [ profile] loree are calling it quits on their NYE parties. I agree with their reasoning, but it's the end of a golden era. Yeah, I have other places to run around in my underwear and get into and out of trouble, but it won't be the same.

2014 sucked so hard for so many, but my year was pretty good. Shhh! Time for bullets!
  • There was the Vampire Ball where I met Temptress who then romanced me silly and continues to do so.
  • Funny Lady plugged me into the poly community. Naughty behavior ensued.
  • There was goddamn Burning Man with the fabulous Beavers. (Naughty behavior with them kind of goes without saying.)
  • I regained two nieces.
  • My son continues to grow up.
As for this year, to quote the hella tough [ profile] eeyorerin, Excelsior!
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Check this off the bucket list: Saturday night I watched people, namely [ profile] gfish and [ profile] tereshkova2001, deep fry a turkey. They had a hydraulic arm to lower the turkey into the oil, which was heated by a propane burner. There were no explosions, and the turkey turned out beautifully in what I think was under an hour.

The best part of the party, though, was that the lights in the house were (mostly) off, and people were wearing their own. It was like Burning Man without the nighttime cold, and way more food per square meter. An excellent plan.

It got a little warm & stuffy in there, even for this Florida girl, so when a couple of folks needed I ride home around midnight I gave it to them.

Sunday: slacking, hacking, and reading Dahlgren. It really is impossible to write a non-trivial native OSX app without Objective C, isn't it? Good grief. I'm not vaulting into that walled garden, thank you very much.
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I watched Heathers last night at chez [ profile] aaminahlefae with a group of Goths & belly dance folks (plenty of overlap there) whom our hostess calls the Crass Chicks. At least a few of us seem to have all the dialog to Heathers memorized. I created a meme with a Burning Man story. Mm, cute, flirty, tiny women of indeterminate sexual orientation. It was a fabulous time.

Tonight: Seacompression. Yes, I go every year, but this year promises to be different. A bunch of Beavers flew up for Bonbon's birthday, so there's to be a pre-funk at her place first, speaking of flirty women. (Bonbon is the Beaver who I ran into at Golden Gardens. She lives about 20 minutes' walk away.) These women are a more than a bit queerer than the Crass Chicks.


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