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Ethiopian dinner at Meskel with Funny Lady. Ate too much because Meskel is delish, told every '16 Burn story I could remember, and relaxed just enough. I really like hanging out with FL. I think I finally managed not to get out-dressed by her. I decided to go go-go:

Not my usual look.

Dress: by Desigual, from the boutique across from the Tin Shed restaurant in Portland. I bought it on the way back from Burning Man. Boots: new Fluevog Jillians. (How fortunate for me that [ profile] cupcake_goth doesn't like them. They're way more my style than hers.) Yes, they were 40% off, but my quota of one pair per year is now used up until 2018. I'm pretty sure I have a shoe problem now. And that problem is that I'm out of space for them in my closet.
Speaking of Burning Man-related events, Seacompression isn't happening this year because nobody could be bothered to run it. Le sigh. There is, however, a Burners Without Borders thingy at the old Rainier brewery. Have ticket, will show.
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Long time no update. I've spent the last three days cooking for m'boy, yelling at m'boy, and working. Uncharacteristically, I have no huge plans or dates for the upcoming long weekend, so I think I'll zen out and do the following, in chronological order:
  1. Dinner tonight with the Siberian Siren. She will likely bust my chops for wearing too much black and no lip liner. I look forward to it.
  2. Solicit donations for Camp Beaverton from sex shops. I appear to be the only Beaver doing this, or at least the only one updating the spreadsheet. Tisk.
  3. Get mah hurr did.
  4. Ramiro & co. at the Monkey Loft Saturday night, since there will be no [ profile] cupcake_goth at Ceremony. Tunes I like, and the certainty of cute women.
  5. Meet with the lawyer recommended to me by [ profile] thewronghands about updating my will. Yeah, I'm that divorced.

You know how girl 'roids make me horny? The flip side of that is that shortly before shot day, which is three days from now, falling hormone levels appear to make it really difficult to get myself off, even if it's been what I judge to be long enough. This is me, low on sleep and pouty with a sore knuckle on my right index finger.
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Elder Goth had to postpone our Saturday night date at the Merc because she got snarfed by visiting family. Bah humbug! So I went to the Merc anyway for a little HSF over absinthe. Chatted with an AMAB genderqueer, had an is-she-or-isn't-she moment. I asked online and she is, but she's also monogamously married. Excelsior? Sidewaysier.
Got zapped. Am spectacularly smooth for New Year's. Shaving this morning took five seconds.
Saw Star Wars with m'boy yesterday at Cinerama. Yes, they got the spirit of the thing right. Yes, there are (perhaps too many) good new characters. But I think it borrows too many things large and small from the earlier movies. Do I want to see it again right away? Meh.
Today: Spending the afternoon with the director of Lambert House to do the annual financial report. Luckily, I have a hard stop for that postponed date with Elder Goth. There shall be leather.

Tomorrow: divorce hearing. Expect either sweet relief and celebration or wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Thursday: Much-anticipated lunch with [ profile] rigel_p, and three new year's parties. Good grief, when will I find time to do my nails?

The second Saturday in January: I have a much-delayed dinner date with Taller Woman, who if you'll recall has been fighting cancer and is awesome in a mature way. So of course that's the night when the Norwegian, for whom I confess to having the hots, invited me to her birthday party. Arg! Too many women, not enough time, cuddles, or ahem.
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Had a sushi date with the Tickler last night that she postponed last week at Nijo downtown. Sushi? Not bad and not overpriced, but not Mashiko, either. The Tickler still wasn't feeling terribly well, so instead of the naughty activities at her place for which I admit to being psyched, there was herbal tea (dykes, yo) on my couch and sleep at a reasonable hour. Still, it was nice to just chat, which I'd been feeling I hadn't done enough of with her.

SFDs, much appreciated by the Tickler and one of my better efforts:
  • black wool V-neck sweater with 3/4 sleeves
  • psychedelic fractal scarf given to me by the aforementioned Tickler. With Pride chain mail earrings that more or less match.
  • black leather pencil skirt - I've lost enough weight to fit into it sans corset!
  • fine mesh hose with an open, sparkly vine pattern - This is the part the Tickler liked most.
  • Fluevog Truth Melanie - nice boots, duh
  • black leather biker jacket
And because I love lists, here's my upcoming week:
  1. Xmas eve plan, hammered out last night: potluck christmas dinner with the Siberian Siren, in the grandest lesbian tradition.
  2. The night of the 25th: Re-bar, which will be off the hook.
  3. The night of the 26th: A date with Elder Goth.
  4. The 28th: Star Wars with m'boy.
  5. The 29th: Year-end number crunching for Lambert House.
  6. The 30th: Get divorced.
And here I was thinking a few weeks ago that I'd be bored over the holidays.
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Remember how our mediator and the family law facilitator at the courthouse disagreed about how I should fill out my petition? Well, Imminent Ex emailed the mediator with detailed questions like the good journalist she is. The mediator, a former judge in that very same court, asked around and said it should be OK as we originally did it. IX wants to do it that way and I'm running out of fucks - and time if we want to be final by the end of the year. So now I need to fill it out again the way it was before the facilitatrix applied her White Out® pen to it, get IX to read & sign it, and then walk it down to the courthouse, hopefully for the last time.

I'd love to have her sign it tonight, but I have a queer girls' night out planned, plus my one and only Decibel Festival show for this year, Bob Moses at Neumo's.


May. 22nd, 2015 05:03 pm
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I'm roughly a week late doing a refactor. If I were inclined to pray, I'd pray that the next build passes. This time for sure. I've been either working, with my son, in some kind of moving vehicle, or asleep all week.
It came to me in a dream last night: "blintz" should be the word for a weed omelette. I was trying to say "blunt", but "blintz" came out.
Dropped off my Aspiring Ex & the Wendling for their trip to visit relatives, and I just barely got them there in time for their plane. From downtown (Seattle) to Phinney to Kirkland to SeaTak and back downtown took me three hours due to traffic and one drawbridge. I missed and interview I was supposed to give. Dammit.
Weekend plans:
  • Dogsitting in Kirkland.
  • A gathering of the greater MOOer community to watch certain epic European cheesefest.
  • If I have time, the Merc's birthday party on Saturday.
  • A barbecue with my local )'( buddies.
  • Clubbing on Monday afternoon.

Update: The build passed right after I finished the above paragraph.
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I've agreed to start posting my plans for going out more often on the off chance that somebody (ahem) might want to join me.

I had a true first world problem: which club night to go to on Friday? The choices:
  • Anton Bomb's night at the recently resurrected Electric Tea Garden
  • Osiris Indriya's night at Re-bar
Both nights are likely to have music that won't suck. ETG is within walking distance of the Merc, and has a wonderful low-rent old-school raver vibe. Re-bar is easier to park near, legendarily queer-friendly, and as a venue built as a place of entertainment nearly a century ago, it has good layout and (usually) enough space.

And the winner is - *drum roll* - Re-bar. There are two women DJs in their lineup, namely Miss Shelrawka, who's DJ'd Bang 4 the Buck, and relative newcomer Chiyona Dang, whom I heard at Q a few months back. They're both fab. This being Re-bar, doors are at 10:00.

ETA: Heyyy. Ceremony is at Re-bar on Saturday night. If [ profile] cupcake_goth goes, I go.
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I just gave my Deltron 3030 ticket to [ profile] ionan, the one who turned me on to them, because I'm still not quite feeling up to a night at a show. I must say, though, that it's been more than 24 hours since my last debilitating head rush.
And maybe the ick is responsible for my dreaming of looking for my son in an unfamiliar old schoolhouse (?) and finding my late father instead. I wish I could remember what he said. That was a disturbing way to wake up.
But I have happy plans ahead: Aspiring Ex & the Wendling will be visiting AXMom in SF the weekend before Thanksgiving. That means I'll be staying at the old place in Kirkland to look after Bigpuppy. Temptress & I have made plans to make use of the house (ahem) and go out to Ceremony on the 15th. This is where I cackle and rub my hands together.
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It was a quiet weekend in Kirkland with m'boy - my Aspiring Ex was with her fella in Port Townsend for reasons as yet unknown to me. He worked his two four-hour shifts at PCC, and the rest of the time he slept or did homework while I read [ profile] seanan_mcguire's Toby Day series. (Darn her!)

Best Wendling moment: His bathroom sink was clogged. I told him it was probably because he'd started shaving. He proposed shaving over the toilet.

It's a thought.
Actually, it's a good thing this weekend was mellow because the coming one won't be. [ profile] randomdreams & [ profile] manintheboat will be in town, and I'm going to Vancouver for Cut Copy.
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  • I'm doing a schedule dance with a new lady on OKCupid
  • I've just deployed a major new feature.
  • My toe is mostly healed up from Sunday's stripping accident.
  • The Siberian Siren is celebrating her birthday (observed) tonight at her partner's crew's house night. The crew is Shameless, and the venue is the Monkey Loft down on 1st Ave. S. See you there, I hope.
I'm not even bummed about being single on Valentine's Day.

Oh: My son wants to ride the Ferris wheel on the waterfront on Presidents' Day, which I have off. We are so doing that.
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Avast, ye scurvy n00bz!! Prep4re to be pwned!!! )

Plan for tonight: Carpet SampLEZ at Madison Pub. In costume, of course.
Weirdly good dating mojo lately. Must... not... count my chickens before they rip my lips off!
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But first: I spent some girl time with the Siberian Siren for the first time since, what, the week after Burning Man? She has relationship problems, still. My biggest problem is the absence, current and often historical, of a relationship. I can't offer her much besides someone to vent at. I can only hope it isn't Groundhog Day tomorrow for either of us. At least in my case, I have reason to hope.
I've been getting way too excited about my mother's impending visit in the second half of December. So far I've scheduled for the two of us, in chronological order:
  • dinner with [ profile] cupcake_goth
  • Handel's Messiah with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall
  • Dina Martina's Christmas show, which the aforementioned Siren will also be attending
  • the Seattle Art Museum with m'boy
She did say, and I quote, "I leave all decisions up to you." Nyeh heh heh. That, I think, will be the extent of my advance planning because I don't want to leave her without adequate time to rest or see her grandson.
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I'm typing at you from my old place in Kirkland - the one I own half of - where I'll be until Monday night because my Aspiring Ex and m'boy are flying to San Diego as I type for a cousin's wedding. I'm here to take care of Bigpuppy, harvest fruit, and water plants.

This isn't to say, however, that it'll be a dull weekend: I'll be at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival as usual tonight and tomorrow night.

This has been the week when I watched things go wrong from a safe distance: a friend losing his job, infestation, things going kablooey at work. I'm not worried that the other (Or is it the eighth?) shoe is going to drop. Not much.
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This morning was my long-planned photo shoot with [ profile] leenerella. She's still got to do her editing magic, so no pics, but the images are on disk, baybee. They will be fab, I have no doubt, despite my numerous deficiencies as a model. Yesterday she asked me to name a historical period I was interested in, and I told her. I'm not telling you yet; you'll just have to see it in the pictures. Me? Tease? Yup.

[ profile] leenerella's associate and fellow Seagoth Julie did the makeup & hair. It's quite an experience to run to the bathroom mirror and see someone who looks better than (and very different from!) the one you're used to seeing.

I don't feel too bad about skipping yoga this morning to make it to Chez [ profile] leenerella in time, boy howdy. There was bendy posing action. And I brought a suitcase full of outfits & jewelry, supplemented at a crucial juncture by the photographer's own collection.

Tonight: SEAF launch party at Neumo's. (I'm still wearing the makeup from my shoot.) Ramiro Gutierrez, Osiris Indriya. Househeads & ravers, meet the pervs. How can I not?
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For the first time in my life I interviewed somebody for a job this morning. I prepared the night before. I quietly took notes. (¡Viva la quiet Macbook keyboard!) I didn't suck. And I don't seem to have horns growing out of my head, either. Yet.

I dressed a little more sexily today than I usually do, interview notwithstanding, because right after work, I'm going to see Dan Savage, Mistress Matisse, and Twisted Monk at the Neptune. It's supposed to be for singles only, and since it's Dan Savage and a couple of professional kinksters, it's pretty much guaranteed to be full of single queers. Definitely my scene. I have my makeup & perfume.

I seem to have forgotten how to sleep past 6:00 AM again. I wish there were such a thing as an unheated (i.e. cooled) blanket with a thermostat that I could afford and wouldn't be noisy.
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Tonight: Carpet SampLEZ at the Twilight Exit. Queer women welcome. To be followed by going to the east side to see m'boy.

Tomorrow night: Orbital! In case you haven't been paying attention, Orbital is my favorite band. Period. They're classicism wedded to pure, unadulterated, rave-til-sunrise groove. And I'll get to see them live at the Paramount in Seattle, just a few blocks from work. My inner fangirl is squeeing fit to break the windows. Aw to the yeah.

Friday night: one of my usual nights over at the old old place. Since Nibs may finally get her infusion on Friday, it'll be even more urgent than usual that I be there.

Saturday night: one of the Decibel Festival showcases at Re-bar, namely Global Selektors 3. I've never heard of any of these guys before, but that's true of most of the Decibel Festival artists. That's part of why I go.

Sunday: Zappy. Have dinner with Nibs & m'boy.
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This weekend marks my birthday, and one week from today marks six weeks after my surgery, after which I can exercise. So, I'll be getting my groove on for the first time in too long on Friday night at South of Roosevelt @ Electric Tea Garden, formerly OSeaO - Chicago-flavored, judging from the tasty samples.

Honorable mention: The Flammable folks & guests @ the Woods. I may end up there, but no promises.
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Lots of you know that Seacompression is a mighty large, mighty fine Burner-flavored party. It's a fundraiser for Ignition Northwest, the organization that puts on the regional Burning Man event, Critical Massive. But this time it's special for two reasons:
  1. It's going to be outdoors in the old B/IAS space in downtown Burien. B/IAS was the Burien Interim Arts Space, a lovely set of art installations that was the project of one or two Burners. I understand that Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park is no longer available for events, which I think is a shame; it was convenient, and kind of cool with the seals (if that's what you call them) of old military squadrons on the walls.
  2. I'm tending bar. Look for me at the Juke Joint Bar (?!) between 1:00 and 2:30 AM. I think I know what to wear. ;) Believe it or not, I'm legal to tend bar in WA. I got my class 12 license so I could work at other Burning Man fund raisers, that time for the Space Virgins. Since it has my old name on it, I'll have to bring copies of my name change order, too.
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It's been a while since I put up a techno alert up here, but I believe I have a good one this time: Konrad Black, Nordic Soul, and Riz tomorrow night, Friday, the 18th at LoFi Gallery. $10 in advance at Brown Paper Tickets.
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I'm in that mid-week work-and-parenting mode, so I can't even think of much to type. I feel like I haven't done much creative since before Full Time. (B.F.T.?) I have a zillion projects in my head that I haven't gotten around to. I need to fix that.

I've twisted my own arm into taking yoga classes by paying for them. That'll show me.

Project Burn the Man Cheaply is progressing nicely.

Tonight's plan: domesticity. Dirty, holey, or too-long clothes and trashed nails.
Tomorrow night's plan: either Michael Manahan's monthly tomorrow night at Re-bar or Wolf+Lamb, Pezzner, et al. at the Electric Tea Garden. Must have techno fix! I'm torn between giving ETG and its producers some love and the cute girls at Re-bar last time.


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