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Good: I got eight hours' sleep last night, more than I have in oh, maybe a month.

Bad: It was interrupted by a nightmare about Nazis rounding up my son & ex from our old garage in Kirkland. They're Jewish, if you recall.

God damn 45, his cronies, and every single pink, put out, petrified piece of poo that voted for him.
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I never thought I would unironically throw the horns, but I did last night at a benefit for the Satanic Temple at Substation. The ST is the organization that stands up for separation of church & state with great panache by inserting themselves into, say, prayers at high school football games (here in the Puget Sound area) and putting up goaty statues alongside the Ten Commandments on public property (Oklahoma, as I recall).

I gotta love that, so of course I showed, courtesy of R. I knew a few of the performers, including a lovely friend of Diminutive's. But the Satanist MCs said, "We're not promoters," and that was painfully evident during a couple of the interpretive dance numbers - really. However, the tunes live & otherwise were good, the black clad crowd had fun, and everyone threw the horns during the little ceremonial bit at the beginning.

Oh, and as surprisingly as sunrise, Eliza Gauger from Friday night was there with copies of her book. I saw her just minutes after I'd excitedly told R about it.
I have my real name on my Twitter profile, and as a result the Hubbell Trading Post followed me. I'll save you the trouble of googling it: it's a trading post at Ganado, AZ on the Navajo reservation and, at least formerly, several satellite posts. It was founded by a cousin of my great grandfather's, and my great grandfather and my grandfather and their families lived and worked at several of the trading posts at various points in their lives.

In 1965, shortly before she died and before I was born, my great grandmother Penny wrote her life story, fifty-seven neatly typed pages. Most of it deals with life at the trading posts. I offered a copy to the Hubbell Trading Post and they accepted it. I've got it ready to mail, with a fair warning about the racist bits - I re-read it yesterday - plus a few stories about my grandfather that Penny didn't write about.
From the weekly phone call with Mom, a bit of subversion from her. First, some background: my Evil Sister has moved to Texas, leaving my niece E behind to get the resident's break on college tuition. Mom had a picture of me - the real, female me - out where where E could see it. Mom asked E if she knew who that was, and she said no. Mom gave her the straight dope. E looked very closely at the picture, and when Mom said I was living as a woman, E said, "Good for her." So at last I have verification that the cat is out of the bag.

I'm amused, and I don't blame E a bit if she doesn't really give a damn: Mom reminded me that she was in a car accident a few weeks ago, for which she's struggling to pay bills, and she starts college in a couple of weeks. And of course I'm proud of my mother. I don't even care what her motivation was. A straight woman of nearly eighty from a small town in the Blue Ridge mountains just struck a blow for trans acceptance, and that is pretty nifty.
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I went to Lambert House to do trans group for the third week in a row. There are supposed to be three facilitators who rotate, but last night's called in sick with three hours to go. I was low on sleep, but I was also the only one who could make it, so I came in.

Back when I did my volunteer training at the end of 2011, I was one of several new volunteers who wondered what we should do in the case of youth talking about suicide. Well, after all these years it happened. I asked the youth if they were actively suicidal; no, thank God, but they've been thinking about suicide off and on since they were eight years old. And I'm beyond relieved that I didn't get that creepy something's-weird-and-they're-hiding-something feeling that I got from Dag. I told the other volunteers in the house what I just told you and left a note in the database. It's pretty much out of my hands until next week, when I'll be there as scheduled for the fourth week in a row.

The ACA took a big step towards repeal today. This could mean that Ex will spend every penny I give her in alimony on drugs to stay ambulatory. I'm amazed she isn't freaking out online yet.

Fuck. Fuck parents who don't get it. Fuck sexual predators. Fuck soulless, gutless politicians. Fuck greed-crazed billionaires.

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I just learned, a week after the fact, that "bathroom bill" initiative 1552 did not get enough signatures to be on the ballot here in Washington state. This despite the 1552 proponents' ties to deep-pocketed national organizations including the Family Research Council, and all the lies they told to get signatures.

How did I miss this? Not reading enough in Zuckerberg's data mine, probably. I can't say I regret that, though. My son, who usually finds out about things later than I do because I'm a Twitter addict, knew before I did but didn't tell me, which now that I think of it is kind of weird.

How did it happen? Sure, trans folks had an organization in Washington Won't Discriminate, and I know I've done what I can to throw cash and raise awareness. But mainly I think it's because the mighty, the awesome Evergreen State doesn't suck.

Will it happen again? Probably. It happened before with I-1515, and witness how long-lived Tim Eyman's odious career has been even years after it largely stopped being successful.

I have taken the anti-1552 sign down from my front window, and cancelled my vandalism plans.

ETA: I'm kind of hoping there will be a victory party like the one for 1515. That was fun.
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I went to the March for Truth Saturday morning. There weren't as few of us as I'd feared - maybe a thousand - but not as many as I'd hoped. I don't think that march was very well promoted. Over the course of the day I had to explain that it had happened and what it was about.

As we walked down Pine street, some skinny dude in a suspicious said something like, "All these people don't work for a living."
I looked at him through my shades. "It's Saturday." I wish I'd made that up, but I'm glad I didn't have to.
I think he said something about blah blah blah homosexuality - I was wearing my Pride jewelry & pussy hat - but I didn't hear him and I didn't care to.

There was a small but excellent marching band that was with us all the way from Cal Anderson Park to the Seattle Center. I gave my compliments to the glockenspiel player.
My hair is now bluish black, courtesy of Locks of Fury, as always. I love it!

I went to the Sin night at Kremwerk in my marching clothes to show off my new hair, and I must say, the eye & ear candy were first rate. I have of course informed the Tickler, who seems excited. Sadly, I forgot to close my tab and therefore left my debit card there. I didn't drink too much, I promise. I haven't been able to sleep worth a damn the last few days, though, for which I blame the approach of summer. Maybe I need to dig out my bondage sleeping mask.
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Working more than I'd like to be, and freaking out over FBI director Comey's firing. I have calls to make, etc.

Saw Brown Eyes last night since she's on the way from work via train to my ex's, where I went to get my car. She's working more than she'd like, too, so that she can get ahead of the game before her surgery. It's going to be a Big Deal; she may miss Pride. I hadn't planned on eating, but BE was hungry so we went out for Mexican. And there's much good Mexican food to be had on Beacon Hill. It's a lovely neighborhood to walk around in, too.
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The US House of Representatives is trying to kill my son's mother and several of my friends. I do not currently have the words to describe how wrong this is. My rep is cool, but the rest shall hear from me, one way or another.
I had an intense craving for vegan eetz yesterday, so Wayward with Much Younger Woman hit the spot. It's a pity I was too low on sleep for any shenanigans afterward; see below. We resolved to engage in shenanigans later, though.
Visited by the insomnia fairy last night. Thank the universe that StartupCo is OK with my showing up hella late. You could say I paid in advance by working until 2330 the other night, finding a major issue with the flagship product, and taking the lead on making a new release go smoothly. Gotta drive it like you stole it when you're a woman.
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My son just told me this morning that Ex finally wants to start taking him on the weeknights while I get him on the weekends. Yes, it makes lots of sense as I've said here before and yes, I'm glad they got around to telling me before I bought the makings of tonight's dinner, but they didn't tell me before I made social plans for Saturday. I feel guilty about that, even though he's nearly twenty years old. Plan: fancy lunch on Saturday.
I got an answer to the question of how well I pass today: a mentally ill or high-as-a-kite woman with weirdly protruding eyes on the bus this morning asked me, between flailing her arms, nearly wiggling out of her seat, and pestering the Job-like woman in front of her, "Were you a dude?"
I searched for the right words for a second. "I know what you're saying, and yes." Sure, I should have said, "I never really was," but consider my audience. Besides, I get flustered by irrational people.
"Right on, brother!" Yeah, she's black. I could tell she was straining with the effort of code-switching; that was one of many reasons I felt a little sorry for her.
"Sister, these days."
"I like your energy, how you carry yourself." Yeah, we're still on the west coast.
She mentioned that she'd seen me around Benaroya Hall (Seattle's symphony hall, for you out-of-towners), which is near where I work so I do run errands around there from time to time. I've always enjoyed looking distinctive in some ways - the Elder Goths taught me well - but this was an instance when I wish I hadn't looked so memorable.
Speaking of being trans, the current occupant of the White House is cranking up the hate on us via attempted ACA repeal and rule changes affecting HHS. If you live in a district with a Republican representative, please help kill that zombie bill.

It is done.

Apr. 7th, 2017 07:04 am
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After 16 years and over three thousand entries, I have deleted my LiveJournal. I didn't, however, delete comments that I made because really, even if Putin's goons object - and they theoretically could object to plenty of them - what are they gonna do? I thought maybe somebody might want the comments, especially if they migrate.

I still have (a few) mixed feelings about abandoning a service that has, in the past, been a platform for Russian dissidents. LJ's management has, however, acquiesced to Putin's demands for one reason or another. The possibility of ending up dissolved in acid is an all-too-real reason that they might have considered.

Upsides? All other things being equal, my "reading page" should load faster because it doesn't contain a bunch of inactive users.

LJ is dead, but the dream lives on at Dreamwidth. Let's queer this joint up!
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Three days no post!

Happy stuff:
  • Date #3 with Brown Eyes! Indian food, no boozes, much chat, very happy-making. I left one of my gloves in her car (and the other just outside it), thereby accidentally setting up date #4 on Monday night.
  • M'boy left my lake place on Thursday instead of Friday and left me the car.
  • I got my driver's license back. Soon I'll have two copies, but w'evs.
  • Remember A, the crack seamstress whom I dated? She's interested in the skirt commission.
  • My ex and all my self-employed artist & writer friends aren't in immediate danger of losing all access to health care.
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You may remember that a few weeks ago that I went to a rally against Initiative 1552, a so-called "bathroom bill" that puts bounties on the heads of trans people, including children. I took home an anti-1552 sign and put it in one of my front windows.

You may also recall that building manager P has been around my lake place lately to replace my water heater. (Yay!) But what you definitely can't recall is that P noticed the sign and asked about it, so I told him what I just told you.

I'm happy to say that P thinks 1552 is piffle. What I'm less happy to say, though, is that he said something like, "You look fine," as if that's material to the question of whether I should be beaten to death for using a public women's restroom.

I didn't point out that it isn't material. Was that wrong? The calculation that I made in that split second is that it isn't. I'm trying to spare myself and everyone like me one of those aforementioned beatings, and I need all the help I can get, including that of an octogenarian building manager, who is, all things considered, not a bad guy.
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Instead of working out this morning as usual, I did my taxes. Yup, Uncle Sam owes me big time. Time to grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.

I went to the rally at UW Tacoma against I-1552, the so-called "bathroom bill" that puts a bounty on trans kids and tries to get yours truly beaten up or arrested. Lots of signs - I have one in my front window now - local dignitaries, trans people, and their families got up to the mike, polished or not. My favorite was a man of about forty with his nine-year-old trans daughter. He recounted how two years ago, she'd told him she was a girl. His reply was, "Let's do this." Yeah, that's a quote.

A few minutes later I worked my way over to him. I had to fight back the tears as I told him, "Thank you. There was no one like you back in the eighties."
He hugged me and said, "I can't imagine any other way."

I missed a turn going home so I took a little extra time driving up state road 509. In my 27 years of living around here I'd never driven that way. The northern end of this road is a straight shot between Seattle and its main airport, but the southern stretch where I was (eventually, after the industrial area) yields spectacular views from the bluffs overlooking Puget Sound. And of course, there are some seriously big and expensive houses on that road, but that wasn't what I was stealing glances at most of the time. It was one of those moments when I think to myself, 'Why do people live elsewhere?'

The antler mouse user pic is in honor of those whose party I missed because sleep overtook me. That's one Goth clothing sale and a queer women's clothing swap that I slept through, so you know the situation was serious. The vodka is strong but the meat is rotten.
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I went to the Merc for drinks with Temptress last night followed by pizza upstairs. Two drinks and fatigue just about did me in at about 2330. I thought I'd gotten enough sleep the night before, albeit with a two-hour insomnia gap*, but maybe not. Poor Temptress. I don't think either of us were feeling it as much as I'd hoped we would, but I might have if I'd been physically with it. And I'd gone to the trouble of doing the post-boy tidying of my apartment.

How is it that three drinks with [personal profile] cupcake_goth on Thursday night on less sleep didn't leave me feeling so wiped out? A) They weren't Mercury drinks, B) it was earlier in the evening, C) I love hanging out with her not least because she knows & gets me like few (maybe no) other people, and D) I don't get to do that very often.

In resistance news, there's a rally against Initiative 1552, the anti-trans "bathroom bill" in Washington state, at noon at the UW Tacoma campus. I've got my Camelbak packed with food & water.

Then I have two clothing swaps this afternoon. Then I have dinner & dancing with the Tickler. Then coffee with K & more resistance activity.

*Fuck 45. Even the sweet old clerk at my local post office volunteered that she hates him.
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Ever since I can remember, sudden exposure to sunlight has made me sneeze. This happened on the bus this morning - a rare sunny day in winter in Seattle - so I asked on certain other social media sites about this. Photic sneeze reflex is a thing! It's a common thing! And its genetics are well known and fairly simple.
Follow [personal profile] solarbird for your daily dose of outrage.
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I went to the town hall meeting for my state legislative district. The format was basically a little speechifying followed by over an hour of written questions from voters. I submitted a couple.
Bad: My state senators & Representative are all Democrats, and the district is super lefty - ah, north Seattle, home of Buddhist prayer flags, where even the criminals drive Volvos - so I'm not sure how much of an impact I really could have had. There were times when it was a bit of a rally.
Good: The state reps had an excellent suggestion for maximizing our impact: activate your friends & family in swing districts, notably the Lake Washington school district (i.e. Kirkland & Bothell), Puyallup, and, if I remember correctly, Lakewood.
Good: The assistants running things said attendance was about quadruple what it usually is.
Good, in a sense: Most of the people there, including me, had never been to a town hall like that before.
Aw, yeah: My question about HB 1011, the anti-trans bathroom bill, got read to all assembled. (Who was that other queer girl in back, I wonder?) Rep. Noel Frame says it won't even get a hearing in the state House. My other question was about what'll happen if the feds repeal the Affordable Care Act. The answer was that the might and awesome Evergreen State will Just Do It, I guess like Massachusetts did it before Obama.

I went to the No Ban No Wall rally at Westlake. I lucked out and ran into [personal profile] minim_calibre, and stood with her for an hour. I could make out very little of the speechifying; I think they need ravers to set up their sound system for adequate quality & quantity. Had to pee, walked and bused to work, peed, made a dinner out of the snacks I brought, went home. Yeah, I missed the march, but I don't think I'll be missed: hyumons jammed the streets for at least a block in every direction.
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Party #1: Funny Lady's husband P's birthday. A low-key affair, at least to start, with a couple of features that were awkward for me. First, everyone brought cheap, tiny presents except me; I just showed with a nice bottle of merlot. Second, for most if not all of the short time I was there, everyone there except me was in the polycule that includes Funny Lady & P. I adore Funny Lady to bits, as you've read, but I don't consider myself part of that group and I'm pretty sure they don't either. Funny Lady did, after all, dump me in a remarkably classy way a few years back. But still, good times, and I got to see Funny Lady & her metamour R looking particularly lovely.

Party #2: A while back I met M while out dancing. I finally made it to one of her parties last night. I'd considered blowing it off in favor of the above, but none other than the Tickler messaged me and asked me to show, partly because she had her friend S with her who was passing through town. This party was a blanket fort cuddle party. That's right: ropes strung between the furniture and hung with blankets & sheets, every surface covered with people cuddling, reading each other stories, etc. Light makeouts happening, no sex or kink allowed. I damn near fell asleep and went home shortly after midnight, but it wasn't bad at all. Very relaxing. S is cute, queer, and eminently cuddly, but she's non-local (for now?) and has some serious life stuff she needs to deal with.

S says people on the east coast are freaking out about the political situation way more than people in Seattle. I'm not sure whether that's good or not. On the one hand, I'm sorry they're stressing, but on the other we're more likely to see positive action from them. Maybe it's because they have a ringside seat to all the action in DC & NYC.
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What I'd originally planned as just pho on the Hill with [personal profile] bork last night turned into pho, a fruitless search for vol. 1 of Sunstone*, a trip to the used record store (Everyday Music), maple walnut ice cream with lemon curd (really) with [personal profile] bork, and a drink at the Merc - just one, because I was wiped out - with a chat about upcoming activist activities with old hand DJ Maxx Destrukt. An unexpectedly good night!

Noticed a few days ago that I was having trouble stopping Goldiebike. Not good for an urban cyclist like yours truly. Got two pairs of new brake pads. Installed a pair on the front. Still no joy. Tightened front cable. Happiness. Tightened rear cable. More happiness. Now wondering how long bike brake pads are supposed to last; I think mine have at least 6000 miles on them. Also wondering how bad it is that I didn't replace the rear pads. I know a few of you out there in journal-land have the answers.

*BDSM-flavored comics about queer women, recommended by [profile] speedie316. How could I not?
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Ex is leaving town on business for ten days, so I get her car and my son's absence - he's dogsitting - but she wants me to have dinner with him a couple of times. She put his to-do list on his bedroom mirror. To discuss all of this we had dinner at Raconteur, the restaurant attached to the Third Place Books in Seward Park. It's better than it has any right to be.

Political stuff:
  1. There's a town hall for state representatives in the WA 36th, Sunday 1/29 at 1330 at Ballard High School. I'll be there to bring up trans issues, fighting Trump, etc.
  2. Called my US Senators about the REINS act.
  3. Will call my US Senators about DeVos & Sessions.
  4. Considering giving $ to the Lakota People's Law Project. Shawn King's twitter feed has a set organizations fighting DAPL.
Yeah, I'm a bit unfocused about this. My big issue is the ACA, but I'll get to that later.
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Last night, the Tickler & I went to a trance night put on by the Psy Ops crew at Substation. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the music and, eventually, the vibe. I say eventually because when we first showed up around 2200, the crowd was full of young men who looked like bros, but felicitously they didn't act that way. As the Tickler pointed out, the real ravers probably showed up late because it took them time to put together their awesome outfits. The Swedish headliner seemed a bit wanky with the drops, we thought, but the supporting crew was solid. I ran into a group of three current and former co-workers. A+, would groove to this crew again!

The Tickler took us back to her place, but I was tired enough from the booty-shaking that I now owe her a proper tickle fight. Oh darn.

Sleep and oatmeal later, it was time to get on the bus to the Women's March. Ha. The first one was, of course, full. The second one was nearly so, but we took it to the International District and started walking east toward the start of the march. Ha. Progress became pretty much impossible, so we decided to hang out on the sidewalk, munch tofu banh mi (the Tickler wanted to support the businesses whose foot traffic we'd stopped), and wait for the tail of the march to go by before joining as the police had requested. HA! We watched other marchers go by for an hour before we decided to fuck that and joined in.

Many, many fabulous, often geeky or punny signs about every issue under the sun. I'll let you search for them. I didn't have one, but if I had, I think I would have chosen one about the ACA. Given how many people I know who depend on it, and how many trans people depend on it, it's dear to my heart. And it's astonishing how many Trump voters don't, or at least didn't at the time of the election, know that the ACA is, if fact, Obamacare. I've said it before: we need to do a better job of fighting the propaganda, people.

It's remarkable that the Tickler and I saw only one person whom either of us knew until we got to the march's end at the Seattle Center, three miles or so of walking later. Nothing like that ever happens at Pride. That's how big the Women's March was.

The police exercised a light tough to the point of invisibility once the march got going. I spied five or six of them in an out-of-the-way corner of the Seattle Center just shooting the breeze. Weird, but a relief. The Tickler pointed out that the the range of ages, i.e. near the theoretical limit; the preponderance of women; the sheer size of the march; and oh by the way its permit may have had a calming effect on the SPD.

I saw one lone counter protestor, a young man standing on a corner, holding a printed Trump sign at about chest level. He wasn't making any noise and he looked a bit nervous as tens of thousands of people walked past him and ignored him.

Once we reached the Seattle Center, the co-workers from last night plus one appeared, but the folks we were trying to meet up with didn't. We got off our feet for a blessed hour. The Tickler photographed giant puppets, of which she's an enthusiastic builder. We got & ate fries, and then we went our separate ways.

Was this good for morale? Sure. Will anybody in the Trump administration or Congress take notice and modify their behavior in a desirable way accordingly? Maaaybe. Am I glad I did it? Hell yes! But it's all about the follow-up, folks.

ETA: On the bus home I got to explain what "cis" means to another marcher. Teachable moments, I am all about them.
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The Seattle women's march to protest Trump & co. will be starting at Judkins Park at 11:00 AM Saturday after a rally at 10:00. I will be there, possibly a little the worse for wear from my date Friday night, but I'll be there. I'm trying to join an existing group elsewhere out there in Internet-land; unfortunately, broadcasting it against that group's rules. If any of you are already nucleating a group of your own, I'd be happy for you to call dibs on me.

A prep list, partly ganked from Amnesty International, for my benefit as much as yours:
  • The weather forecast says 60% chance of showers on Saturday, so I need better rain gear than my usual umbrella.
  • A water bottle. Amnesty recommends squeezable plastic, but I can has Camelbak.
  • Snacks.
  • Boots good for walking a long way on wet streets. I'm thinking my black patent Docs.
  • An extra battery for my phone? There are those who say no phone at all is best if you expect the cops to get thuggy, but if you are going to chance it, you'll need more juice.
  • Amnesty has lots of advice about how to get ready for tear gas. I have a bandana that I can wet, but I need goggles.


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