Sep. 15th, 2017 09:10 am
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I've started sleeping better lately. I put it down to one of two things:
  1. Lower temperatures. I'm not sure about this because I still wake up sweaty sometimes.
  2. Less light hitting my eyeballs. Here above 47°N the annual swings in day length are dramatic compared to, for example, Florida. I've tried to compensate for that for years by putting black foam board in my bedroom window, but I can still see light around the edge. I did get a leather mask (ahem) at the Pride street fair, but I only recently got around to altering it so that it's comfortable enough to sleep in. By the way, the selling point for the mask was that it's unlined and therefore easier to clean. Made by Asylum Leathers.
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Good: I got eight hours' sleep last night, more than I have in oh, maybe a month.

Bad: It was interrupted by a nightmare about Nazis rounding up my son & ex from our old garage in Kirkland. They're Jewish, if you recall.

God damn 45, his cronies, and every single pink, put out, petrified piece of poo that voted for him.
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I'd really like to sleep past 0600. I haven't managed that very often for the last few weeks, and my usual wakeup time on weekdays has been more like 0515. Is it summer, or is it just getting old? I'm hoping it's the former, natch. It's hurting my concentration at work, of course, and even on the way home: I got on the wrong bus yesterday, and I was late to make dinner for my son. And then I screwed up dinner, partially. (My son, unusually, didn't complain, but I wouldn't have blamed him if he had.) Tonight I let those fine professionals at Than Brothers do the cooking, as promised.

I think this must have been what Frodo & Bilbo felt like after wearing the Ring too much.
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This is one of those entries when I feel like I need to write something if only to ensure people I didn't get eaten by a grue, but I don't have much of interest to write about, I'm afraid.

I no longer have any excuses not to work on the Lambert House database schema & UI again; I have everything I need. I wish I were as enthusiastic about it this time as I was five years ago, but now it just seems like a bureaucratic (and programming) grind that may be pointless, depending on the whim of city officials. The reporting requirements never get any simpler.

The Wendling was at my place last night. I yelled at him when I got home from my bike ride and found the bathroom window shut because it's hot out and I was sweaty. He said the noise bothered him.
"I have earplugs. I'll give you some."
"They're uncomfortable for me."
Goddamn Asperger's.

Speaking of heat, despite or maybe because of all the smoke from wildfires in BC and relative warmth in the Seattle area, I've been sleeping really well. Or maybe I'm still making up for Saturday night.

Speaking of Saturday night, I have an... interesting night planned with the Tickler this coming Saturday. And by interesting I mean maybe a little terrifying. Longtime readers can probably guess what I mean; it's the sort of affair where I met her. Mental note: shave and trim all the things Saturday.
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One of the things that I do as part of my morning routine is the yoga tree pose for a bit on each foot. Why this one? Because my balance isn't so good, especially on my right foot. I offer two speculative reasons for this:
  1. I have no arches. I have an outstep where most people have an instep. My feet will, if sweaty or damp, make suction on smooth surfaces. It's a neat party trick, but it also means that the muscles, nerves, and connective tissues from my ankles on down aren't exactly nominal.
  2. I sprained my right ankle repeatedly at the end of the last century and didn't do physical therapy for it. I think this explains the asymmetry.
So why post about this now? Because I've noticed it's way easier to hold tree pose, especially on my right foot, if I've had a good night's sleep the night before. It was much easier for me this morning than yesterday morning for exactly that reason. Yeah, maybe that's from the Dept. of Duh, but I'm surprised at how dramatic the effect is.
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I am wearing long sleeves, a high collar, leggings, wool blend socks, and a long, heavy skirt in complete comfort in the middle of June. Ah, Seattle.

The weather was so lovely on Sunday that I walked about five miles to get stuff (water treatment tablets, a parking pass) for Critical. That was in addition to my usual six miles of biking. I slept really well that night, which leads me to the unwelcome conclusion that if I want to sleep adequately, I need to exercise like a mofo. I'd be fine with that if it weren't so time-consuming.

Speaking of Critical, I started drying food last night. I'm relieved that I'm only spending four nights there - less drying needed - even if that'll make it harder to find a place to pitch my tent. I have to say, though, that I'm not feeling nearly as psyched as I do for a Burn. If I'm lucky, lower expectations will enhance the experience.

Something about driving far into the desert feels like a pilgrimage to me. I kind of feel sorry for the people who approach from the south, i.e. most of them; it's more crowded.
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I went to the March for Truth Saturday morning. There weren't as few of us as I'd feared - maybe a thousand - but not as many as I'd hoped. I don't think that march was very well promoted. Over the course of the day I had to explain that it had happened and what it was about.

As we walked down Pine street, some skinny dude in a suspicious said something like, "All these people don't work for a living."
I looked at him through my shades. "It's Saturday." I wish I'd made that up, but I'm glad I didn't have to.
I think he said something about blah blah blah homosexuality - I was wearing my Pride jewelry & pussy hat - but I didn't hear him and I didn't care to.

There was a small but excellent marching band that was with us all the way from Cal Anderson Park to the Seattle Center. I gave my compliments to the glockenspiel player.
My hair is now bluish black, courtesy of Locks of Fury, as always. I love it!

I went to the Sin night at Kremwerk in my marching clothes to show off my new hair, and I must say, the eye & ear candy were first rate. I have of course informed the Tickler, who seems excited. Sadly, I forgot to close my tab and therefore left my debit card there. I didn't drink too much, I promise. I haven't been able to sleep worth a damn the last few days, though, for which I blame the approach of summer. Maybe I need to dig out my bondage sleeping mask.
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Salty food for lunch & dinner last night meant waking up at 0300 last night for epic pee. Then it meant tossing & turning until 0700, when my alarm goes off. So of course I fell asleep right then until I got a work-related Slack message.

To quote Daffy Duck, this is getting monotonous. It happened a lot right after the election, but I had hoped it stopped.

CW: spiders. )
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Instead of working out this morning as usual, I did my taxes. Yup, Uncle Sam owes me big time. Time to grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.

I went to the rally at UW Tacoma against I-1552, the so-called "bathroom bill" that puts a bounty on trans kids and tries to get yours truly beaten up or arrested. Lots of signs - I have one in my front window now - local dignitaries, trans people, and their families got up to the mike, polished or not. My favorite was a man of about forty with his nine-year-old trans daughter. He recounted how two years ago, she'd told him she was a girl. His reply was, "Let's do this." Yeah, that's a quote.

A few minutes later I worked my way over to him. I had to fight back the tears as I told him, "Thank you. There was no one like you back in the eighties."
He hugged me and said, "I can't imagine any other way."

I missed a turn going home so I took a little extra time driving up state road 509. In my 27 years of living around here I'd never driven that way. The northern end of this road is a straight shot between Seattle and its main airport, but the southern stretch where I was (eventually, after the industrial area) yields spectacular views from the bluffs overlooking Puget Sound. And of course, there are some seriously big and expensive houses on that road, but that wasn't what I was stealing glances at most of the time. It was one of those moments when I think to myself, 'Why do people live elsewhere?'

The antler mouse user pic is in honor of those whose party I missed because sleep overtook me. That's one Goth clothing sale and a queer women's clothing swap that I slept through, so you know the situation was serious. The vodka is strong but the meat is rotten.
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Staying off Twitter & FB helped with the sleep, but last night's problem? Too warm. I shouldn't be able to see clouds of flies in November in Seattle, people. Goddamn global warming.

Talked to Good Sister on the bus this morning as I do about every other week. Quote from her: "Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?" She & Mom are in agreement that no member of my immediate family did the wrong thing, and neither did any of our current or former spouses. I take comfort in that.

Thanksgiving peeps: I have ordered a 6-10 lb. turkey. It's on like TRON, and you're in like Flynn.
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The news for this weekend is that there is no news this weekend. I spent it mostly shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, and giving my son hell.

I did make it to a cancer fundraiser (?!) for [livejournal.com profile] krypt_kitten. Considering the sums involved, I can't believe it could have have helped much that way, but it was good to see everyone - and eat, and drink. The folks who put it together made t-shirts on which was stenciled "Sugar Tits". Yes, the cancer in question is stage 4 breast cancer.

I'd planned to go dancing in Frelard on Saturday night, but my body said, "You sleep now." Sure enough, I got nine hours of sleep, no doubt making up for being robbed of it earlier by my upstairs neighbors. I'm this >< close to just giving in and setting my alarm for 0600. Yeah, I might as well shred my own Goth card and quit calling myself a computer geek, but that may be the only way I'll ever get any sleep. Besides, it's a good way to avoid traffic during my bike workout.

Spent a few hours and about $7 on chais looking for Megan from 80th. Yes, I've been walking up and down 80th making a note of out-of-state license plates. Hush. No joy. I am (still) undaunted.

Today? StartupCo's annual marketing conference. I won't be spending the whole conference in the green room this time: I'm part of the Twitter response team. I just did an unscheduled shift at the ask-an-engineer booth. I actually got asked an engineering question!
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I had a brief but helpful & informative electronic chat with [livejournal.com profile] theda about mediation. I'm optimistic that Aspiring Ex and I can come to a relatively speedy and cheap resodissolution. That is to say, in the likely event that AX & I act like civilized adults, we'll get out of this with our skins still attached in not too much time. AX appears to be on board, even I'm perhaps more enthusiastic. One of AX's oldest friends has gently prodded her, because of which I'm grateful and amused. I'm looking forward to the loud & raucous Happy Divorce Party involving alcohol and queer women.
I'm a bit of a zombie because I woke up at 0520 yesterday and 0600 today courtesy of my upstairs neighbors. They're an adorable couple, but damn if their alarm doesn't wake me up. They say they've put padding under it, and I sleep with earplugs already. What now, LJ brain trust? This has been going on for months.
Der Plan for Saturday morning: Greenwood Chocolati, 11:15, wearing something cute with clean hair & retouched nails.
Der Plan for Saturday evening: Golden Gardens with peeps? House music at Substation in Ballard? Nothing firm. I'm trying to coordinate with Much Younger Woman.
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Had a lovely time at Carpet Samplez last night with cute lesbians and a couple of lovely Manhattans with some lovely Bulleit Bourbon. This last may foreshadow what came next.

I turned out my light last night at 2345, pretty much as usual. Then the fun started:

0330 - Nightmare in which I was in a standoff (Did the police arrive halfway through?) holed up in large, expensive, tastefully-decorated residence that wasn't mine, shooting at but missing the more deserving of my co-workers. I can't believe I'm that bad a shot. It may have been a hostage situation, but I'm not quite clear whether the hostage was my son, my Aspiring Ex, or my PM.
0435 to 0600 - Text conversation with Temptress to arrange a first date. It turns out she gets up at 0400 to go to work (!) and I was already awake.
0630 - Work-related automatic alert that fixed itself and required no action on my part.

I got to work after noon today. I'm lucky that I work at a company where I can do that. And oh by the way, I have a date soon with a woman who I know is interested in me.
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It's early in the week, when I usually don't have interesting personal stuff going on, so tonight you get navel-gazing.

I've posted here about the insomnia that strikes me every February. A major component - maybe the major component - is thermoregulation. I wake up, too early to call it a good night's sleep but too late to get back to sleep, sweating in the second half of winter. Lately it doesn't help that machines have been texting me needlessly at about the same time. I think I finally have the blanky stack right, though, and I have Ways of avoiding the text messages.

ETA: I got texted awake at 0536 this morning for what turned out to be a DDOS attack against MyCo, about which I can do nothing. I can't seem to catch a break w.r.t. sleep.

I'm seriously jonesing for social time right now. I suspect it's a hangover from the Bang.
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For the first time in my life I interviewed somebody for a job this morning. I prepared the night before. I quietly took notes. (¡Viva la quiet Macbook keyboard!) I didn't suck. And I don't seem to have horns growing out of my head, either. Yet.

I dressed a little more sexily today than I usually do, interview notwithstanding, because right after work, I'm going to see Dan Savage, Mistress Matisse, and Twisted Monk at the Neptune. It's supposed to be for singles only, and since it's Dan Savage and a couple of professional kinksters, it's pretty much guaranteed to be full of single queers. Definitely my scene. I have my makeup & perfume.

I seem to have forgotten how to sleep past 6:00 AM again. I wish there were such a thing as an unheated (i.e. cooled) blanket with a thermostat that I could afford and wouldn't be noisy.
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good news about post-op orgasms under here )
And in other good news, I've figured out how to get a decent night's sleep: leave a window open for a few hours before bedtime to keep the temperature down, and don't wear socks to bed. I slept the sleep of the just. Of course, the above probably helped, too.
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I just slept from about 8:00 to about 2:00. I've been having trouble getting enough lately, and I think it just caught up with me.

Stressing. Can't go into details. Want to go back to Saturday night.
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The friendly bike folks at the REI bike repair shop say I'll have to replace many of my drive train components. Chain & cassette for sure, maybe the crankset & rear derailleur too. It'll cost me about as much as the bike did two years ago, but at least I won't have the hassle of getting a new (to me) bike and getting rid of the old one. I like Goldiebike. The commute from the Abbey to near I-90 racked up about 3000 commuting miles, which the bike dudes say is easily enough to wreck some components.
I've apparently forgotten how to sleep at night lately. It won't help tonight that I didn't remember to take my spiro until after 7:00. Getting up to pee doesn't bother me; not falling asleep afterward does.
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The empty box to my air mattress, which I last used at )'(, was mysteriously in the way as I parked my bike in the garage this evening. My stuff, it mocks me. Naturally I had to run around in a frenzy until I found my air mattress, snug in its bin awaiting the next trip to the playa. Or, perhaps, a ravey thing in the wilderness east of the Abbey? Hmm!
M'boy has started school, which means he and I are both getting up earlier. I made the mistake of opening the infocrack Economist last night at bedtime. I'm halfway to the floor as I type.
Figs fresh off the tree are divine. Figs moldy off the tree because you waited too long to check it aren't so much.
The Puppigrrl's breathing has become labored even when it isn't hot. I've known for some time she has an enlarged heart.

On the other hand, I've learned that my commute is about to get shorter by at least half in less than two months. It'll be twenty (20) mostly flat minutes each way by bicycle, baybee, close to [livejournal.com profile] schmi unless she's moved. I've achieved an optimal commute. Can I get a hell yeah?
Enough thrifting for now. I need something new, if cheap. This month's shopping trip for everyday girl clothes is either Targét or Frederico's in Redmond; I won't be crushed if no one wants to come with me.
No plans for the weekend yet. I'm thinking that isn't a bad thing, oddly enough.

Dear Son,

Jan. 18th, 2006 05:56 am
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I know you're worried about noises in the house in the middle of the night. Let me assure you one more time that they're all perfectly harmless. Depriving your parents of sleep can, however, impair their judgment if taken to extremes, thereby rendering them dangerous to themselves and others around them. Are you getting my drift here? Good. You're a smart kid. Now go to sleep!



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