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What does it say about me that I identify with Henry Spencer in Eraserhead?

I watched the DVD extras, too. Lynch is even crazier than I thought. Inspirational, too: it took him five years, with many long interruptions due to lack of cash, to make that movie. He makes me smile.
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Sleeping over nine hours makes me feel... human and not cranky. Nibs wins, though, with over twelve hours.

Nun plan: BollyHouse, a (surprise!) Burning Man fundraiser. Wear your sari, but the music is more electronic than Indian, says one DJ. I have no sari, which gives me a clothing conundrum, but I have a ticket, so I'll definitely be there. It's at Hengst (formerly Little Red) Studio, where I'm told parking is pretty tight, so early is good.

I'm not at Convergence 13 because a) it's in Portland, b) Nibs didn't get back from Dallas until last night, and c) I was a little leery of any shinding where so many attendees were complaining about the way it was being run. Silly me: these are goths we're talking about, who live to create drama. Everybody's down there looking fabulous -- [ profile] mineke showed her designs last night, I believe -- and I just have to keep telling myself I had good excellent reasons for not going.

The photog I met in April who wanted to shoot me has flaked out once, and looks set to do so again. No biscuit.

Stop it!

May. 17th, 2007 10:06 am
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Bad things are happening to several people I care about lately. That needs to stop now.

Yet another of Nibs' sources called us at an ungodly hour this morning. Time zones, motherfuckers!

And Ms. Rowling? Give me my brain back.
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Did what I should have done yesterday and stayed home from work, because I am currently made of 95% mucus and 5% sore cartilage. Of course this is the Saturday that one of my friends is having a sale, another one is having a stickering party, there's a party with giant live bugs at OSeaO, and Nibs wants a movie date, to say nothing of my more usual Friday night plans. This cold could have waited a couple of weeks until Nibsmother's in town, but neau.

I need one or two more long boot tongues. There will probably be thrifting in my future.
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Last night I exposed the Wendling to surf music and Kate Bush back to back. There's nothing too unusual about that, but here's the conversation:

Nun: The lady who's singing here wrote the song. Her name's Kate Bush. No relation to the president.
Boy: Norullashun?
N: No relation. Not a relative. Not a member of his family. She's English.
B: You mean she's in England?
N: Well, she's lived her whole life there, I think.
B: Is she dead?
N: No. Living her whole life there just means she was born there and lived there ever since. She's about... 46 years old. [According to Wikipedia, she's 48.]
B: That means she's _ years older than Mommy.

I couldn't ask for a better illustration of how his mind works.

petty first world problem )
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Warning: numerous small whines ahead. )

Hey, at least I'm making a lot of sewing progress. The Wendling starts school next week.
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February insomnia has again padded into my life like an obnoxious sleepwalker. Nibs thinks I've talked myself into it, but how does one talk oneself into waking up at unwelcome hours of the morning?

I've been to what I hope is my last meeting at city hall for a long time. I feel a little sorry for the city employees who have to deal with paranoid, cheezed-off citizens, especially the sort of cranky geezers who are most likely to have time show up at city council meetings. On the other hand, it isn't right that being a pedestrian in the suburbs is often like being a snowball in Hell, and no amount of process will make it right.

There seems to be bad stuff in the air: free-floating ill will and germs. I have the latter, which is better as long as they go away within the next fifty-six hours.
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1) Missed good pah-tay needlessly because
a) no good deed goes unpunished and
b) #1 sitter Natasha has gotten a life.
2) Missed the good part of the Decibel festival.
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I am webmonkey. Hear me ook. Thank Bob the PTA officers are being even bigger slackers than I am.

Back: still messed up. At least the treadmill's getting plenty of use.

Kid: stiff-brained & motormouthed. We're counting the hours until school starts.
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No outing tonight for me because:
1) the Anonymobile has made an unscheduled visit to the shop for brake work, and
2) I don't feel like paying for a Flexcar. Besides,
3) I'm tired from staying up late reading Freakonomics, which I recommend highly, and
4) I've got to pack for Portland anyway. Also,
5) I probably got my True Slack quota for the day and then some by bopping into Seattle for lunch.
See you on Sunday, perhaps.

Regarding London, I'm surprised it took this long and that there were relatively few casualties. I'm hoping this says something good about the UK's security. None of the few UK folks I know have been touched by this directly, which is a relief to say the least.

Al Qaida might be OK at blowing stuff up, but they have neither the capacity nor the desire to build anything positive. This makes them punks whose vision of the "future" would be laughable if they weren't willing to kill people to try to make it happen. Born losers.
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...I didn't go to the Pride parade. I really felt like sleeping instead of crossing bridges, driving, parking, possibly busing, and fighting crowds with a boy who's really not keen on noise and doesn't appear to grok "gay" yet anyway. There shall be a next time.

Much has been made of the move to the Seattle Center next year. I can see both sides of it. Yeah, Broadway has the charm and the history, but more space and better access to transportation get a big thumbs up from this citizen.

picnic pout

Jun. 5th, 2005 10:53 pm
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I didn't make it to the Volunteer Park picnic because I succumbed to fatigue & chores. I will make it to one this summer. I will, I will, I will!

This is my last post today. I promise. Unless something really noteworthy happens in the next sixty-five minutes.
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#1: A few years ago I saw a Zippy strip titled "Catchphrase Negation". Griff was trying to drive the phrases "Don't go there" and "Been there, done that" out of his mind by repeating to himself, "Go there! Be there! Do that!"

#2: Remember the movie Backdraft? It was about firefighters; some scenes depicted them as charging through burning buildings. A firefighter I saw interviewed said that this was unrealistic: he said that for safety you should always put fires out as you go.

#3: The L.A. Fire Department's earthquake preparedness dude (maybe that's his official title) had this to say: "Earthquakes don't kill people. Falling buildings kill people."

And now for something completely different: yeah, thunder and wind are all cool-sounding and nostalgic, but getting rained on daily three days in a row while taking care of business is getting old. You know I'm all about the warmer weather. (A fine example Murphy's Law is that fetishwear tends to be warm.)

I've confirmed, though not yet in person, that [ profile] dianala has not disappeared. Happiness. She's at least partly responsible for much of what I love about my life. I wish I knew how to return the favor.

picnic poo

May. 8th, 2005 04:47 pm
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Poo. No Volunteer Park picnic for me: Nibs wants car for grocery shopping (on Mothers' Day -- how sad), weather looks uncooperative. I'm wearing exactly the right outfit right now. Oh, the pain.


May. 2nd, 2005 05:45 pm
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Ate: way too much, ergo
Slept: way too little
In-laws: not completely gone
Motivation: completely gone
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Didn't make it to S&B -- I finished my machine work late, and, hey, I'm coughing croupily anyway -- which is more proof to me that I should bid good riddance to this butt-born rat bastard runt of a month. It's been doing its damnedest to suck from the start.
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So I have today off, and a long to-do list, some of which isn't circumflatulatory, so of course I'm teh v1r4l. Ever had sinus pressure make some of your teeth go numb? It's fascinating. And I've broken stuff at work. Time to seek the solace of over-the-counter medication.
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The Wendling starts second grade today. The poor boy was bored out of his mind the last few weeks. (We paid one of his former sitters to do school-like things with him on weekday mornings for most of the summer, but she had to go back to Wazzu a couple of weeks ago.)

whines )
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I just found out that Mark Farina was in town the night I went to Sky Cries Mary. Had I known earlier, there would have been a great gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair. It never rains, but it pours. This town drives me crazy sometimes.

and but

Jul. 28th, 2004 11:01 pm
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I was planning on going to chez [ profile] gfish for some mad science, but...
he had some important business arise at the last minute, but...
I had to return The Tick in Seattle anyway and...
it's Wednesday and [ profile] prncsmoonbeam was going to the Vogue, but...
I already allocated my night out for the week on Saturday, and...
I was low on sleep and time anyway.

Ah, well. At least the pattern for my Halloween costume is almost done.


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