Jan. 18th, 2017

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The Seattle women's march to protest Trump & co. will be starting at Judkins Park at 11:00 AM Saturday after a rally at 10:00. I will be there, possibly a little the worse for wear from my date Friday night, but I'll be there. I'm trying to join an existing group elsewhere out there in Internet-land; unfortunately, broadcasting it against that group's rules. If any of you are already nucleating a group of your own, I'd be happy for you to call dibs on me.

A prep list, partly ganked from Amnesty International, for my benefit as much as yours:
  • The weather forecast says 60% chance of showers on Saturday, so I need better rain gear than my usual umbrella.
  • A water bottle. Amnesty recommends squeezable plastic, but I can has Camelbak.
  • Snacks.
  • Boots good for walking a long way on wet streets. I'm thinking my black patent Docs.
  • An extra battery for my phone? There are those who say no phone at all is best if you expect the cops to get thuggy, but if you are going to chance it, you'll need more juice.
  • Amnesty has lots of advice about how to get ready for tear gas. I have a bandana that I can wet, but I need goggles.


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