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I got word from [profile] rigel_p that she'd be in town this week. She has family & friends in the area, so she decided to go eclipse viewing with some of them. The esteemed wyvern* is something of a celebrity, especially to people who know her, which means everyone including me wants a piece of her whenever she's here. So I was honored that after a couple of tries she carved out ninety minutes to have ginger beer with me to talk about work, dating, m'boy (She shares one of his mental quirks to a lesser degree, so I consider her advice invaluable), and all kinds of geeky stuff. She says the "'80s rock star" look that I'm wearing right now** suits me.

After seeing her off, I was hungry and found myself surrounded by a preponderance of restaurants on Pike & Pine halfway up the Hill. So I stopped in Kizuki for old school non-instant ramen and a beer. There was a line to get a table, but the food & service are right on. A+ would slurp again. Three of the staff said "Thank you" in Japanese on the way out, and I noticed that only the Asian girl used the (correct in that situation, I believe) perfect tense.

I could have jumped on an 11 and gotten downtown faster, but there was someone cute walking toward me, so I headed for the train. On the way I passed Stumptown Coffee, which has closed at that location. The Elder Goths reading this will remember that as the location of Aurafice, where goffee (i.e. Goth coffee) happened on Wednesday nights early this century and spilled out onto the sidewalk. I found myself wondering, and not for the first time, what it would take to make something like that happen again. The Board is long gone; could the local Goth Facebook groups provide adequate publicity? I'd have to see that to believe it, and it would still need an organizer, I think. We elders*** have things like kids and demanding jobs and big creative projects these days, not to mention residences far from the Hill so we can afford them. No, if anything like that ever happens again, it'll be a younger generation that makes it happen, probably, as much as I'd like to think otherwise.

*Her long-ago MOO character, as mine was a depraved nun.
**SFDs: Purple Bombsheller leggings, black nearly-sleeveless top with my heavy metal belt, Fluevog Truth Alisons, relatively subdued mostly MAC makeup. Yes, I dressed kind of sexy for her. Shaddup.
***I'm a Janey-come-lately to the scene, relatively, but let's face it: I can remember Watergate.
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Long, lovely dinner on Broadway last night with [profile] rigel_p, who's up here for Norwescon. I had advice for her about migrating to Dreamwidth; she had advice for me about where to shelter in case the North Koreans nuke us. (Capitol Hill station isn't bad and UW is better, but the DC Metro was built as one giant network of fallout shelters. Freaky, yet logical.) Talking science with her makes my brain fizz. I missed that and much else about her.

She stayed last night at a friend's place in North Bend, which we had an... entertaining time finding in the dark. Luckily, North Bend has low speed limits and not much late night traffic. I pity anyone who commutes from out there, because it's 30 miles from Seattle and high enough in the Cascade foothills to get plenty of snow.

On the way I finally saw the diner that's featured in Twin Peaks, twenty-seven years after the show was first aired. Too bad it was after 2200 or I might have stopped in for cherry pie. It's appalling but not surprising that [profile] rigel_p has never seen Twin Peaks; she was, after all, a ten-year-old Mormon when it aired. I told her to watch the first season because a) it's a fantastic show, and b) it changed American TV for the better.
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To repeat a joke that I've told here before, what's the difference between a hippie and a Burner? A ticket. In this sense I am no longer a hippie.

The woman who appears to be effectively if not officially running Camp Beaverton this year contacted me over Zuckerberg's Data Mine and offered me a Burning Man ticket & vehicle pass. Needless to say, I'd PayPal'd the money - lots of it - within minutes. My Happy Divorce Burn is on like TRON!

From the Dept. of First World Problems, my illustrious employer would ordinarily reimburse the cost of a ticket ("PAID Paid Vacation") if it came from the Burning Man Organization ("the Borg"), but since mine is coming from a third party, I might have trouble. I will consult our fabulous HR folks. Ah, well. It's totally worth it.

Considering I just started soliciting donations from sex shops for Beaverton, this is like instant karma or something. Go me?
Went to the Eurovision party at chez [ profile] gfish, [ profile] vixyish, and [ profile] tereshkova2001. There were, as always, some boffo costumes & staging and lots of horrible pop music. Seriously, one of the "artists" got me to wince in pain by missing a note. I didn't drink too much, which surprised me. Maybe all the chocolate chip cookies soaked up the beer. Everyone still hates the Russians because they're bastards. Australia cheated by sending a real singer, and was punished for it.
Went to the Goth picnic in Volunteer Park on this lovely sunny afternoon. Said yeau to a couple of peeps who I don't see often, ate too many carbs. Came downtown to retrieve my laptop at work. Checked LJ, and was reminded that [ profile] staxxy needs - or by now, probably, needed - people to help move stuff. Oy.
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My son the punk returned to my lake place yesterday, and he's immediately back to sleeping 1-10 or so. Le sigh. He better do the chores I assigned to him or there may be confiscations of addictive electronics. I wonder if he'll touch them if I put them underneath Inga, my usual cheap lube whose tube has dried blood on the cap, and the Jolly Green Giant.
Dates made for the next couple of weekends with existing lady friends. Definite potential there. Ahem.
Visited [ profile] gement, who's several days post-surgery. They're doing well, and moving about how you'd expect someone in that situation to move: slowly and not much. Ferretmom, whom I'd never met, was there too. [ profile] gement chose their mother well. The two of them look & act so much alike it's like they're related or something. Getting to [ profile] gement's from my place on a bike, by the way, was a good choice of morning workout. Uff da!

[The magic of editing lets me prevent you from seeing the number of times I've fucked up [ profile] gement's pronouns in the last five minutes. Dammit. I will get that right, lest I go to trans hell.]
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A Seattle inevitability has happened: Lambert House's landlady wants to sell the house out from under them, and the director Ken says she isn't making it easy on them. Sixty days and out. Luckily, even if he freaked way out at first, he seems to be on the ball about finding a suitable new temporary home. He's also shaking the trees for money for a more permanent home. I'm proud to say that I clued him into a potential source of queer cash. I'm being uncharacteristically but deliberately vague because it's still early days. Considering the number of adult queers I've met in this area who've passed through the doors, though, I'm optimistic about the longer term.
Speaking of real estate, my ex & I close on the old place tomorrow evening. How convenient that they scheduled the signing party for when I'll be there anyway. Cash would be good now.
I got a lovely letter in the mail from [ profile] dagard's parents yesterday. They knew there was lots of spicy stuff about him that he wasn't telling them. He cared for them enough not to.

My mom? Knows everything you do about me. Yeah, even (at least the outline of) entries that I've locked. That is, if she remembers it. I guess I like to talk about myself too much. But as an excuse, let me just say that a) she asked for it - no, really - and b) her generation is the nucleus of queerphobia worldwide. If I lay some truth on her, namely that queers, trans people, and kinky people are, you know, people, she might spread the word.
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I went to [ profile] neuro42's annual Pi Day party last night. Sadly, our mutual sweetie Much Younger Woman was studying for finals and didn't make it, but there was still decent socializing, many peeps per square meter, and of course lots of fabulous pie. (I tend to prefer the lower-sugar fruit pies.)

And it's come to this: the most attractive woman in the room was queer, but there with her wife. Le sigh.
I've made another pass through my giant Burning Man packing spreadsheet and made a tab of stuff to buy "now", i.e. stuff that won't go bad before I leave for the playa. There is shopping in my future, but not an enormous amount of shopping.
Near future plans:
  1. Dinner with the Temptress at her place - vavoom!
  2. Capitol Hill station opening including lunch with m'boy and the Siberian Siren. Yes, my son, lesbians can be crazy hot. I'm hoping he'll want to bop up to UW station and check out the cherry tries as we did when he was little.
  3. Next weekend: Norwescon, for which I have done just a tad more than bupkes to prepare for, but at which I will, unusually, have a place to stay.
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The kiddo forgot to let me know he was working last night. I showed up on time to an empty house. The kiddo got to walk home up the hill, which was his mother's idea.

So what was I doing instead of walking Bigpuppy with my son? Hanging out at the Merc, of course, catching up with M. It's been so long since I dated her that I may have given her a code name that I can't remember, and I can't be bothered to look it up. Anyway, she's bouncing back from getting dumped in a spectacularly tacky fashion. She admits to making some... questionable life decisions as a young woman and has been a bad luck magnet for years, but she's Getting It Together, emotionally and otherwise. Good to see.

Also ran into Temptress on my way out the door. She was looking fabulous and I was in my (Merc-worthy) work clothes, but I didn't let that differential bother me too much: eyes may have been batted.

Today: domesticity, disco napping, and dancing with the Tickler.

To do: coordinate with the Siberian Siren about the Capitol Hill station opening next weekend. Scare up a date for Saturday night at SEAF.
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It's on nights like this, when I have nothing planned, that I used to hit [ profile] dagard up and see if he was up for drinks or eetz on Broadway. At least as often as not, he was. I'd regale him with tales about my dating or my son. He was full of advice that I usually felt free to disregard.

God damn it, man. You were more than six years younger than I am, for fuck's sake.

Stop it.

Mar. 8th, 2016 01:23 pm
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David Bowie, [ profile] firesign3000, [ profile] dagard, and now Will Power, the solar power wizard who plugged my car into the Camp Beaverton electrical system at the '14 Burn*? No. Everybody take good care of yourselves and each other from now on, or else... or else... I'll be upset with you.

Mom asked me via email this morning if I could handle her living as long as Nancy Reagan did. Yes, Mom, I certainly can. I expect her at my Big Gay Wedding.

There's somebody else who needs to stop doing something besides dying: Richard O'Brien, writer & director of "Rocky Horror Picture Show". He says trans women aren't women. Listen, pal, just because you're an enby doesn't mean binary trans people don't exist. It really is analogous to all the homophobic bi boys. (Biphobic homos, on the other hand, are a slightly different phenomenon.) Well, I won't be watching RHPS anymore, especially if doing so involves money changing hands.

Oh: I made a date with Temptress. Laugh if you must. I hope the lilacs over by All Pilgrims are blooming as they were two years ago.

*The first Beaverton conference call of the year was last night. It still doesn't quite feel real, and it probably won't until I know I've got a ticket. Sooner or later, though, I've got to open my packing spreadsheet and freak out a little, then make with my super anal powers.
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This was a kid weekend, and I still got a bunch of social time in. Vict'ry! But first: I couldn't decide between Goth Christmasy and super queer for last night's party outfit, so I consulted the social media brain trust via certain other social networks that shall remain nameless. Most said Goth Christmasy, but a significant number (well, two - the total sample was small) said to do both. And no less a personage than Mistress Matisse, local professional dominatrix and way cool & articulate sex work decriminalization activist, said a tiara needed to be involved. So: photographic SFDs )

Dropped off m'boy for his four-hour shift at PCC Kirkland yesterday. Drove to the far south end for a certain swanky affair at chez [ profile] morthael & [ profile] icprncs. OMGShortbread! Then burned up I-5 to the north end to party with some of the extended MOO kroo and pump [ profile] gfish for information regarding internships and/or being a page in various legislatures. You see, his brother has had that gig, and my son wants it. Since it's one of my son's precious few expressions of ambition, I promised him I'd find out what I could. That's right: partying with a purpose.

After I took the Wendling to work this afternoon, I did laundry & housework until my phone reminded me of another party that I'd completely forgotten about, namely the Lambert House volunteer party. A quick application of makeup and bottle purchase later, I had a lovely time with teh queerz. They had a few ginger snatch cookies, i.e. gingerbread cookies in the impressively realistic shape of lady bits; I ate them all. I told everyone I was practicing sympathetic magic.

And on that note, good night.
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It was a relatively quiet weekend with m'boy. He had to work Friday night, Saturday night, and an eight-hour shift on Sunday (!), and with his schoolwork we spent Saturday afternoon at my place. That doesn't mean, however, that I didn't have fun on my own.

I got to see [ profile] dianala for coffee after many months of trying. If you'll recall, she's my oldest friend in the Seattle area. She's the one who turned me onto MOOs & LJ, and by transitive closure the Goths and Microsoft's SRS benefit. In other words, she inadvertently shares responsibility for much of my present life & happiness.

Her sons, one of whom is even Aspier than mine, are her life. She seems OK with that. She's terrorizing school administrators & teachers like Imminent Ex used to only more so. She's been so effective at it and enjoys it so much that she's doing it on behalf of other parents, especially immigrants. I'm glad she's found that groove, because it suits her and it's a job that sorely needs doing.

I gave her the Cliff's Notes version of some of my queer dating shenanigans. As a former self-proclaimed Big Dyke On Campus, she seemed perfectly comfortable hearing about it, but she also seemed... divorced from that reality. I wonder if her neighbors in their big houses with views know that she & her hubby are queer.

And then? I fought my way for an hour through traffic made vile by a scheduled bridge closure to Sazerac, where I celebrated the round-numbered birthday of a lady who, like me, stands at the intersection of Goth St. & Burner Ave. I was surprised at how small a fraction of the people there I knew. I had to eat & run because of boy duties, but a good time with tasty pizza & booze was had.

This afternoon at the old place I picked up my 110V stick welder, only used a few times shortly after I bought it, and I emptied out my sewing cabinet. Since IX is short, this was above the fridge. I threw away about 50% of the volume of stuff as being of no possible use to anyone, scraps and the remnants of abandoned projects dating back to 2001. Another quarter of it became the to-donate pile, and the rest are things (my press board for velvet! black velvet ribbon! about a bolt of muslin!) I at least tell myself I might use. I'm still not done fetching stuff, though: I've got hardcopy photos and Navajo rugs & baskets still there. Le sigh.

M'boy left his laptop over here, and even with his hard-won new license he can't drive to Seattle & get it because he won't have any ADD meds in him. I am so overcharging him for bringing it. IX says to make sure he pays cash on the barrel head.
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Did a bit of bikur holim last night by visiting [ profile] gement at their place. They're recovering so well that you'd never have guessed that they had breast cancer surgery a few days ago. And I applaud their use of both Basset hounds and Batman in metaphors for cancer-related phenomena. I also got to chat with [ profile] gement's Burner sister about plans for next year. No, it is not too early to get excited for the '16 Burn.

I've Skyped and I've dated, but this morning I had my very first ever Skype date. And why was that necessary, you ask? Because the Tickler is in Abu Dhabi. That's right: I Skyped a lady friend eleven time zones ahead, where she told me traveller's tales and showed me (ahem) devices to help deal with the loneliness, chosen from her sizable collection specifically to avoid arousing the ire of UAE authorities.

It's funny how, on the one hand, it's easy for me to tell her things over Skype that I have trouble with in person, but on the other hand, I was so excited that I reverted to my hated old boy habits and interrupted her a few times. At least nominally, she won't be back until the end of September; she may return early if her work circumstances permit. Needless to say, we've made another date for a more convenient time of day for both of us.
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Bad songs: I went to the second annual Eurovision party at chez [ profile] gfish, [ profile] vixy, & [ profile] tereshkova2001. Yes, there's lots of unusual alcohol and MST3King at what one Englishwoman calls an "international embarrassment competition", but it's a fabulous time. It's too bad I missed the Mercury's 16th birthday, but I still think I made the right choice.

Burning Man buddies: I left the dog alone longer than I should have for a BBQ at chez [ profile] ack_yeahright on Sunday. I learned a few things - maybe some of them are even true - about her hubby J's childhood in small-town southern California. He & his friends are lucky to be alive and out of prison, for the most part.

But OK, my favorite part of the weekend? Was going dancing at the Monkey Loft yesterday afternoon. Seriously, a club night during the daytime. Anyway, I'm getting my groove on during the daytime when I can't help but notice this lovely young Greek-looking woman with some serious dance moves. I asked her suspiciously, "Are you a professional dancer?" She said, "Working towards it."

I may have mentioned my... thing for Mediterraneans here in the past.

Shallow Fashion Details: light makeup including berry lipstick from Atomic Cosmetics, my black hoodie with tails, my sleeveless dress with the eye-forky '60s-like print, navy leggings & over-the-knee Argyle socks, black Fluevog Half Truths. 'Nuther words, funky and danceable. I got several comments, and I think Greek Girl said she liked the shoes.

I'm taking a load off a while later when she walks up and introduces herself as [something Greek-sounding]. And as I'm taking my leave of her, she asks me for my last name so she can find me in Zuckerberg's Data Mine.
"Like the telescope?"
"Close. Two B's, two L's." I.e., the right way. Points for referring to the telescope.

I believe I've been hit on by a much younger & prettier woman. File that under O for ossum.
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You know how I got Ableton last week? Yesterday I bought off of Craigslist the other half of what I need for my diabolical plans: an Alesis QX25 MIDI controller. It's in front of me right now. I've got it talking to Ableton, knobs & all. [ profile] ionan came over last night and imparted seekrit nollij about making choonz. (He's an audio engineer with a DJ alter ego.) There shall be blood bleeps!

But! New Year's Eve! Party #1: small & cosy with [ profile] ack_yeahright & the Burning Man buds from '11 & '13 plus crazy delicious eats. Party #2: Off to [ profile] nerdvana for a bewildering array of alcohol, MOOers, MOOers by association, and the cuddle puddle in the harem pit. ([ profile] tfabris, if you're reading this, the chicks dig you for a long list of reasons. Don't deny it.) I'm sad to say that [ profile] tithonium & [ profile] loree are calling it quits on their NYE parties. I agree with their reasoning, but it's the end of a golden era. Yeah, I have other places to run around in my underwear and get into and out of trouble, but it won't be the same.

2014 sucked so hard for so many, but my year was pretty good. Shhh! Time for bullets!
  • There was the Vampire Ball where I met Temptress who then romanced me silly and continues to do so.
  • Funny Lady plugged me into the poly community. Naughty behavior ensued.
  • There was goddamn Burning Man with the fabulous Beavers. (Naughty behavior with them kind of goes without saying.)
  • I regained two nieces.
  • My son continues to grow up.
As for this year, to quote the hella tough [ profile] eeyorerin, Excelsior!
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Check this off the bucket list: Saturday night I watched people, namely [ profile] gfish and [ profile] tereshkova2001, deep fry a turkey. They had a hydraulic arm to lower the turkey into the oil, which was heated by a propane burner. There were no explosions, and the turkey turned out beautifully in what I think was under an hour.

The best part of the party, though, was that the lights in the house were (mostly) off, and people were wearing their own. It was like Burning Man without the nighttime cold, and way more food per square meter. An excellent plan.

It got a little warm & stuffy in there, even for this Florida girl, so when a couple of folks needed I ride home around midnight I gave it to them.

Sunday: slacking, hacking, and reading Dahlgren. It really is impossible to write a non-trivial native OSX app without Objective C, isn't it? Good grief. I'm not vaulting into that walled garden, thank you very much.
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I have finally witnessed the full glory (?) that is the Eurovision song contest courtesy of [ profile] gfish and the rest of the Agora denizens. He was absolutely right to say that it's best with friends and alcohol, lots of quality alcohol. Politics! Snarky announcers! Poor taste, musical and visual! I'm reminded of a quote from Frank Zappa: I'm not black, but there's lots of times I wish I could say I'm not white.

This was the year of screwing Russia. I saw Pride flags in the audience, and let's just say this year's winner sends a message. Indeed, Eurovision favors gimmicks. From Finnish heavy metal (2006) to an Israeli trans woman (1998), looking unlike everyone else can help you win. And what I've read about the voting blocs is true. There's the Nordic bloc, the ex-Soviet bloc, and even the UK & Ireland tend to vote for each other.

If the US ever enters Eurovision, I'm emigrating to Mars.
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But first: work has finally stopped texting me in the wee hours of the morning, just in time for me to stay up way too late. (See below.)

On a related note, there was a looong project in January & February that involved a fair amount of work at home on my laptop's non-ergo keyboard. I've been feeling some RSI in my right wrist ever since. This past week has involved a similar amount of work from home. I got desperate for some comfort and bought an MS Natural 4000 keyboard and a trackball mouse. I didn't follow the right procedure to get work to pay for it, but did I mention that I was desperate? I've been popping vitamin I like candy.
But I came here to write about self-indulgence.

Friday night: went to [ profile] neuro42's Pi Day expecting something fairly mellow that I'd leave early.

Nuh uh. It was a sardine scene with many righteous homemade pies and weird alcohol. (I remembered that I had a tiny bottle of Icelandic caraway schnapps in my bag that Mrs. [ profile] ionan had given me a couple of days earlier. It's like drinking a sandwich, but that wasn't the weirdest drink there.) Met a Burner, and did that thing that we do: talk too much about Burning Man.
Last night: [ profile] aaminahlefae's housewarming party out in West Seattle. Nice! Digs! There's a dance studio; our esteemed hostess is a teacher of belly dancing and doyenne of the local scene. The master bedroom is purple with a wrought iron bed frame. They have a balcony on the upper story with a view of Puget Sound. Serious money. I overheard that inheritance paid for it, but it looks like money well spent.

I thought, 'It's a housewarming party with the neighbors there. They're a straight couple with a young child. I'll stay a couple of hours, then bounce and go clubbing.'

Nuh uh. I didn't count on the combined freakitude of the hostess and her flirtatious, belly-dancing friends.

At the last party where I saw [ profile] aaminahlefae, there was a small, stunning, raven-haired woman there with a trans girlfriend. Le sigh, right? Well, last night she was there sans girlfriend, remembered me, and I got the whole story from her. The girlfriend wasn't a girl when they started out, and post-transition had acted crummily enough that they broke up. Here I was thinking Diminutive had a taste for trans women, only to learn, now that she's available, that whatever taste she might have had has likely been destroyed, at least temporarily. Le sigh for a different reason.

By the way, Diminutive is quite the dancer and costumer. Indeed, the dance recital, if you want to call it that, didn't suck in the slightest.

Cards Against Humanity played by Goths with enough alcohol on hand. 'Nuff said.

Stayed up until 3:00 chatting with the hostess on her lovely, wrought iron bed. No, there was no funny business, you perverts, but we both learned... things we never suspected about each other.

It was also lovely to see the Lovelies, [ profile] demonique, and [ profile] durtro93, People In Black from way back who I wish I saw more often, but all of us have busy lives anymore.
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New Year's Eve at [ profile] nerdvana was a pleasant, fairly mellow affair with old friends. Host [ profile] tithonium may have saved me from getting embarrassingly drunk by mixing me a huge Purple Monkey Dishwasher; I couldn't come near finishing it.

Had a lovely afternoon with [ profile] rigel_p including Uptown Espresso, grooving at a Shameless party on the roof (!) of the Monkey Loft with its view of downtown and mod architecture (?!), and talking space, science, and everything else over bibimbap in stone bowls at Uwajimaya. I want to do that again sometime.

Tonight: my son practices parking with me. No freeway, no terror.

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I logged many miles in the Sanctimobile yesterday. The agenda:
  1. Pho with m'boy for lunch. I didn't have dinner with him Friday night because, well, I had a date. Yes, I messed up the scheduling and yes, I feel guilty about it.
  2. Driving practice in the parking lot of his high school, specifically backing into parking spaces. He still doesn't have the motor skill of pointing the car where he wants it to go when he's reversing. He also keeps trying to rely on the backup camera, which is a big no-no, especially in tests. There will be more such practice in the future, I hope.
  3. Tea and Stilton at chez [ profile] kathrynt. She had lipstick that she wanted to get rid of, and I had a need of lipstick I can wear to work. It was about the closest I come to being nostalgic for the days right before Full Time. I left with a couple of suggestions for non-work lipstick, of course.
  4. I stopped by the Agora. The occasion was [ profile] gfish's open shop. I didn't have any projects, but I did get to be social with folks I wish I saw more often.
  5. The holiday party for StartupCo, which was all lovely with the eats and drinks and gussied-up people. Despite being bare-legged, I didn't freeze to death to or from my car. I skipped the afterparty. My excuses? It was freezing outside, and I'm still trying to get over the cold I caught over Thanksgiving. And get off my lawn.
And in a nice bit of synchronicity, coming back from the Agora I saw signs telling me that Aurora was closed downtown. Had I not seen them, I would have been miffed, to say the least.
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Had a lovely time at dinner with the MOO kroo in honor of an infrequent visit from the gorgeous & brilliant [ profile] rigel_p followed by an outing to the Merc. The Siberian Siren showed up for dinner; I hope she wasn't bored by all the rest of us who go waaay back and tend to get into group geekouts when we're together. As our esteemed wyvern said, I miss those geekouts. Many thanks to [ profile] zanfur for fighting the drunk-thirty traffic and getting me to the 82 just in time to leave downtown at 0215. I didn't relish the prospect of missing that bus.
I'm supposed to be seeing a movie with my son, but I had a little fire at work to put out. I left my laptop downtown at work because I didn't want to have to schlep it all over Capitol Hill last night, so of course I needed it as soon as I woke up this morning. Murphy strikes again. I'm writing this entry from work because I've paid for the parking already, dammit.


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