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I've been wondering lately which is worse for the RSI in my wrist: vigorous, frequent jilling off, or the integrated, flat rectangular keyboards with chiclet keys that come with Macbooks? Evidently it's the latter. I have fancy new Kinesis Advantage keyboards at work and at home, but I've also been a bit... reckless otherwise. I'm feeling some ill effects, maybe - it's hard to get away from the chiclets completely - but nothing compared to months past.

This is good news, to say the least.
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Poutine and mighty fine absinthe at the Gainesbourg with J & R Friday night. It's almost as if they're keeping their killer selection a secret - you have to ask for the list, at least these days - and they've got the best stuff in town. Strange.

I attempted to have a date with Much Younger Woman at the Merc on Saturday night, but she bailed at the last minute due to brain issues. Le sigh. I'd even dressed sexy.

Was a sleepy zombie yesterday, but still managed to take care of business. Currently at StartupCo's annual conference. Grenade is here again. Much excitement tomorrow and the next day, some of which will take me away from my son. I'm not pleased about that.
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I made dinner for m'boy last night, which wouldn't be noteworthy except that I hadn't done so in about a month. After dinner, as I did the dishes, he scoured the neighborhood for the latest issue of The Economist. Happiness. I do wish, however, that he would walk instead of drive because my neighborhood is walkable and not that well supplied with parking. I'm afraid living on the east side (of Lake Washington, i.e. Seattle's eastern suburbs for you non-locals) taught him some bad habits that he has yet to unlearn.
I've been practicing the bejeezus out of a five-minute version of my talk "How to Change Sex the Easy Way" for a series of talk to be delivered at StartupCo's annual marketing conference next week. The founder of the company asked me to do it, and I wasn't about to say no because of him, me, and all my trans peeps.

Twenty slides, exactly 15 seconds per slide. It's kind of brutal. I've had to ditch a lot of the emotional content of the original 45-minute talk that I think is the best part. I'm a tiny bit worried that the talk won't go over well even if my delivery is right on. All I can do now is polish the delivery.
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Back into the work groove, which always involves fighting fires more than it ought to.

Lambert House last night. I finally got around to asking the director, Ken, what to do about folks in trans group who suck all the oxygen out of the room. This is a frequent occurrence, and I'm not proud to admit that I've never really known how to deal with it, so I didn't try.

Also, I told Ken about my tabling at Pride, especially that people wanted to know about the house's financial situation. He was hoping he could get some pro fundraisers on board before he had to message that, but he might have to reconsider, he said; props to him for being careful. As usual, I got an earful about incompetence and skullduggery at city hall, and stuff I need to do to the database to protect the house from it. I'm on it, but only time will tell if it's soon enough.

The Wendling is back with me for four nights to make up for when I was at Critical. I'd barely seen him for two weeks. Yeah, I missed him. He put his clean laundry away before I got home without needing to be reminded. That made me inordinately happy, and I told him so.

Other things that make me happy:
  • Making plans with the Siberian Siren to make plans for the Folsom Street Fair.
  • Planning a date with Much Younger Woman.
  • Getting a record recommendation from the Tickler that I have no doubt is solid.
  • Hearing from Ex that an old college chum has tracked me down, but doesn't yet know about my sex switcheroo.
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Bah: Work stuff broke, partly due to my not looking hard enough for broken stuff, and partly for a long tradition of brokenness in that particular product. Le sigh. And this after StartupCo's founder praised it and me for our reliability.

Yay: Got it back to normal faster than I said I would, and indeed faster than I expected, by pulling aces out of my sleeves.

Bah: I was working from 2200 to 2230 last night, and 0330 to 0500 today.

Yay: Managed to sleep for an hour after my alarm went off.

Bah: Missed my dentist appointment because m'boy didn't get the car back to me in time. He & Ex were doing stuff at her stepmother's place.

Yay: The dentist won't charge me for rescheduling for tomorrow.

Bah: Missed the clothing swap at work.

Yay: Maybe got rid of some narrow-heeled boots that I never wear anymore now that I'm a bus commuter. Besides, they're a little the worse for wear.

Bah: I really liked those boots; two pairs were birthday presents from Ex.

Yay: I may have enough room in my closet now to make all my recent Fluevog purchases readily accessible.
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Last night: Ethiopian eetz with Funny Lady. Oddly enough, neither of us made much of an attempt to look fabulous. I blame the recent disgusting weather. Nevertheless, I had a lovely time, even if the food was meh*. The best part? FL looks as if she may once again hook me up, If You Know What I Mean. Watch this space. I should sacrifice a lube packet in front of her picture or something.

Tonight: A remote teammate is in town. I've prevailed upon my team to go out for heavy metal, snobby beer, and vegan food at the Highline, which is where I usually eat on my way to Lambert House. I expect awesomeness. We may flee when the band starts up at 2100, but there are plenty of places to flee to.

ETA @ 1529: Brown Eyes just texted me. She's regained consciousness after surgery. Happiness.

*Our fave, Meskel, is closed for two months due to "a family emergency", say the signs on the doors. I hope that has nothing to do with the US political situation. We went to the much larger Assimba.
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Working more than I'd like to be, and freaking out over FBI director Comey's firing. I have calls to make, etc.

Saw Brown Eyes last night since she's on the way from work via train to my ex's, where I went to get my car. She's working more than she'd like, too, so that she can get ahead of the game before her surgery. It's going to be a Big Deal; she may miss Pride. I hadn't planned on eating, but BE was hungry so we went out for Mexican. And there's much good Mexican food to be had on Beacon Hill. It's a lovely neighborhood to walk around in, too.
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The US House of Representatives is trying to kill my son's mother and several of my friends. I do not currently have the words to describe how wrong this is. My rep is cool, but the rest shall hear from me, one way or another.
I had an intense craving for vegan eetz yesterday, so Wayward with Much Younger Woman hit the spot. It's a pity I was too low on sleep for any shenanigans afterward; see below. We resolved to engage in shenanigans later, though.
Visited by the insomnia fairy last night. Thank the universe that StartupCo is OK with my showing up hella late. You could say I paid in advance by working until 2330 the other night, finding a major issue with the flagship product, and taking the lead on making a new release go smoothly. Gotta drive it like you stole it when you're a woman.
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Work: meshuggah.

Dreams: messed up, two nights running. Tuesday night was seeing Evil Sister's kids and waking up crying; it's notable that their age in the dream was their age when I last saw them.

Last night was that I was writing code for a weapons system. The PM said, "Congratulations! You'll really make a difference in people's lives…by ending them."
"That's the most fucked-up thing a PM has ever said to me," I replied. "Hilarious, but fucked up."

Too much work, too much news.
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A few weeks back at an all hands meeting, StartupCo's VP of HR asked me, in front of everyone, to deliver my talk How To Change Sex the Easy Way. I've given this talk twice before, once in '13 and once in '14. I love to talk about myself, maybe to excess - witness this journal - so I tweaked my slide deck and delivered at noon today.

I've been told, and I believe it, that I don't suck as a public speaker. It helps to give the same talk three times, but apparently I pulled a few heart strings with my tales of things like breaking the news to my (now) ex, and my mother calling me a "long-stemmed rose". Our CEO suggests that I look into delivering a local TED talk. You know what? With enough editing & practice, I can do this.
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But first: work has eaten my whole weekend. It's actually a good thing I didn't go to Norwescon, because I would have missed most of it and been severely bummed out. I haven't even gone out to dinner this weekend, much less clubbing. That's how bad it's been. With any luck, though, I can make it to Flammable at Re-bar tonight; it's been a long time.

Back to the title of this entry! Some of you may recall my struggles in finding a vibrator that works for me. Chloe the Wevibe Nova showed promise, but broke a few weeks ago. I had to switch back to Inga the Swedish model, a Lelo Smartwand, which which I'd been unimpressed in the past.

I've revised my opinion of Inga. Usually orgasms are hard to come by when shot night is coming up; it's this coming Monday. Inga didn't get me off, but she seems to have sped proceedings up dramatically. That's a godsend because I'm feeling a little RSI in my right wrist, which usually happens when I work weekends.

What's the secret? Finding the right pattern (constant low rumbly) and position (holding Inga more or less vertically and not moving - that must look amusing).
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I've been up since 0330, which was when I set my alarm. I've been babysitting batch jobs that apparently decide to start or stop working on a whim. I'm hoping I can start a nice long one and go back to bed before too long. I also hope my neighbors don't hate me for starting the dishwasher shortly after 0600 because I knew that if I didn't, my sleep-deprived memory wasn't going to catch it.

It's just as well that I didn't go to Norwescon this year.
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Dinner at Cafe Ibex with the Tickler: not-bad Ethiopian food with some dishes I'd never had before, but I think I like Meskel better. Also, the service isn't great. We were the only non-Ethiopians in the joint, which didn't start to get at all busy until about 2100.

Then dancing with the Tickler last night at a big, crowded, super hippy night thrown by the Ents in Tents crew. This show had some of the best decor and other visuals I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. There were quite a few vendors selling some really nice things, too. The DJs, though? Distinctly meh, even if the Tickler liked them more than I did. Eye candy? Quite good. Happiness is having someone you can be a dirty old woman with. Not that dirty, though: when we got back to her place, her tummy started to rebel. Aw.

Bus happiness: when you get on a bus that takes you all the way from West Seattle through downtown to the north end, changing route numbers along the way, so you don't have to change buses. Aw, yeah.

Shortly after I got home, I had a work situation that lasted about three hours. Moral: automated provisioning is a good thing, so do it early in your project's history.

Met with Grenade. We have... plans for each other. Artistic plans. More or less.

I've been so all over the place this weekend that I haven't worked out, not even a walk around the lake. Time to get back on the horse tomorrow.
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But first, I promised to drive the Tickler to our date last night, which was a wonderful way of motivating myself to clean out the car that I've more or less bought from Ex. She apologized for how dirty it was when I first drove it away, and with good reason: it was full of six years' worth of gum wrappers, straw wrappers, suburban conifer needles, etc. No, she can't bend at the waist to pick that stuff up off the floor, but really? She could have done better than that, or she could have gotten our son to. It goes part way to explaining why my son still leaves a toddler's trail of mess wherever he goes.

Speaking of m'boy and the car, thanks to his running a red light and the accident on Halloween day, his insurance is more than double mine, and I'm paying for it. He's challenging the ticket he got for the accident, and I sure hope that he succeeds. Ouch.

OK, now I can write about the date. I took the Tickler to my company holiday party (yes, after the holidays) because she's a classy dame. I have to say, StartupCo did a good job of making the best of straightened circumstances: we ran out of the good Bourbon, but only toward the end of the night. Everyone looked lovely in their black & white, and by way of entertainment there was an audience-participation murder mystery thingy. (Personally, I'd rather have had good DJs like the first NYE party I went to. Those of us who'd been there all commented on how fab they were.)

The Tickler & I didn't close the joint; having the tail end of ick left me in not the partyingest of spirits. I'd even told the Tickler she could send me home with my germs last night without any hard feelings, but neau, there was much-needed cuddling and a surprisingly good night's sleep at her place, even if she did find my occasional deathly-sounding coughing fits alarming. And oatmeal with fruit & nuts for brekkies. ♥!

You know you're sick when your hunger wakes you up from a nap. That's pretty much all I've been capable of today. Goddamn this cold!
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Things I've done so far this year:
  1. Slept for twelve of the last twenty-four hours. I so needed that, partly because I...
  2. Caught my son's cold.
  3. Consumed an awful lot of fluids, also related to item #2.
  4. Watched Casablanca with him. He'd never seen this timeless yet timely flick.
Things I need to do this year:
  1. Finish healing from NYE. Ahem.
  2. Don't take my body for granted: my teeth, toes, and hands aren't in pain, and that wasn't true for much of last year.
  3. See Rogue One with m'boy, which I'm doing this afternoon. (I have the day off.)
  4. A better job of career management. This is not my favorite activity, but it's absolutely essential.
  5. Creative stuff. Oddly enough, I'm not really looking forward to this. Yeah, I have a few ideas, but none that I'm really excited about.
  6. Keep shaking the tree in the hopes that at least one Ms. Right will fall out. It's tempting to give up sometimes, but to quote Funny Lady, it's a numbers game.
  7. Launch my damn kid if at all possible.
  8. Survive.
  9. Thrive.
  10. Don't let the items that aren't completely under my control get to me.
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Happiness is discovering that a co-worker who left for the holidays accidentally screwed you but being able to fix it before it's time to go on Friday.

Went to Kremwerk for the first time in a while for Riz's ACLU benefit and tribute to David Mancuso's parties at the Loft in NYC*. Bullet points:
  • Kremwerk has fixed their layout issues and is now a mighty fine space. Yeah, it's a basement, but it's the best damn basement I've ever been to in this town, and I've been to a lot of them.
  • Riz pointed out that Black people like him have been dealing with effective fascism to one degree or another for pretty much ever, which means they're a little less freaked out at the political situation than the rest of us. I told him this had crossed my mind, and that he'd have a lot of people asking him how to deal. He said, in essence, to live for today.
  • I ran into J, one of the Space Virgins. He's an older gay man with frightening tales of living through the '80s, but he was positive about the current situation. As he points out, queers have more allies than they did thirty years ago in addition to more experience in organizing.
  • Oh yeah, tunes: old school, mixed bag, right on. I told Riz, "You guys are making me wish I'd been to a Loft party." He said, "You're at one." Heh.
  • Good eye candy, excellent vibe. A+ will dance again; I think I heard someone say the Loft party is not a one-off.
This afternoon I got my legs waxed by a cute (but married - le sigh) woman who... shares some of my interests, If You Know What I Mean. Best waxing appointment ever. I'll be going back to her specifically, sooner or later.

*No, I'd never heard of them before either. Compared to Riz, when it comes to the history of dance music, I am a grasshopper.
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The highlight of the last few days: Dinner last night with [ profile] bork. He seems to be doing well with lots of things, and he really had it coming.

The lowlight: Yelling at my son this morning for not getting out of bed after being informed of the need to do so three times. He was on the verge of tears, which I haven't seen from him in years. Le sigh. What he's been doing (until, I hope, tomorrow) is setting an alarm on his phone earlier than he really needs to, i.e. for the same time as I do, and ignoring it, or worse yet letting his phone battery drain. Doing what makes sense so seldom even occurs to him. He needs to learn basic adulting, starting a few years ago.

A light, reasonably bright: Ex's dad is supposed to be released from the hospital to a rehab place out in 425-land today. Ex says he's doing better, and that m'boy & I will have to find some time to visit him. Gladly. I'm all about ביקור חולים, yo.

Another light, also bright: Back to the old team at work. Happy about that. I'm lightly touching Elixir. Ew, I'm a hipster!
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For the first time in my life, I did some sewing for work. StartupCo hosts a marketing conference every year. This year's MC caught his jacket pocket on something and tore about 10 cm of seam. E, one of the women in charge, knows I can sew. A few minutes later, I'm scrambling for a sewing kit. (I ended up hitting the convenience store across the street, and putting the kit in the box of emergency supplies for next time.) It wasn't my best work, but it was under considerable time pressure and it did the job. Nice jacket, though.

But what really happened at the marketing conference happened at the big, crazy party afterwards. I met a woman, who I will here call Grenade after the tattoo on her back, with a strong physical resemblance to someone I have... strong feelings for. I asked E to hit me, and she considered it seriously. Grenade's cute. She's personable. She's local. She's a techie, more or less. She's a Burner. She's genderqueer. (Yes, I checked the pronouns.) She has a boyfriend, which may be a problem or two, but one never knows, especially around here. Is she any older than Much Younger Woman? That question just occurred to me, and I don't know the answer. Anyway, she's exciting, she's in Zuckerberg's data mine, and I certainly hope to see her around.
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I accepted a short-notice but important-looking meeting invitation at work this morning. I forgot about it by lunchtime, when it happened. Luckily, my temporary boss reminded me. And oh by the way, the meeting conflicted with monthly queer lunch. One of the folks that got laid off showed up for it, so now I feel kind of terrible for not staying on top of it.

I think I'm mentally halfway to the playa already, and not a minute too soon. I've bought all the stuff I can buy, printed all the stuff I want to print, and I'll spend the weekend packing. Hmm. I can't pack & load clothes until I do laundry, and I'll be spending the weekend with my son, getting beautified, or with the Tickler, so that means no sooner than Monday night. Der Plan is to hit the road Wednesday ASAP.
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Long time no type. I haven't been in a funk; I just didn't have anything I considered post-worthy until yesterday.

28% of StartupCo got laid off yesterday morning. I was not among those laid off.

StartupCo's founder, product wizard, and ex-CEO is on vacation overseas. That's probably for the best; he seems like the kind of guy for whom delivering that kind of news could be lethal. As it was, our current CEO made it most of the way through her 25-minute talk without crying. Most of the way.

The shape of the layoffs, product mix changes, and other strategic decisions seem tailored to please investors. They're good business decisions, at least in the short- to medium-term, but I worry about our distinctiveness as a company. See the founder above.

I did a little mental arithmetic: of the eight of us who'd ever shown up to more-or-less-monthly queer lunch, three are gone, including the organizer. That's a mantle I will gladly accept. One of those laid off says our executive team is now whiter and more male than ever. Le sigh.

I think I may be the only person in the company who got real work done yesterday, pushing a commit at 1645 and handling a production issue at about 2200. In between those two times there was much beer consumption at Linda's, then dancing to some righteous tunes at Jacob London's record release party on the roof of the Monkey Loft while the sun set, until the nachos from Linda's disagreed with me.

Fun fact #1: Half of Jacob London is trans. I was honored a few years back when Hanssen asked me to have coffee & talk about how very much we have in common. They (Hanssen) usually make a point of talking to me at their shows. I snarfed their latest EP last week because I heard a song from it on KEXP and it was dope; see this post's music.

Fun fact #2: The Monkey Loft is about seven blocks from the nearest light rail station, Sodo. Now I'm sure I've used every light rail station. A young woman in a fabulous yellow '50s retro sundress who got off at Sodo with some swoopy-haired, gay-looking boyfriends, asked me if I was going to the Monkey Loft like them on account of looking "all fancy"*. I'm amused that the hipster kids had the same idea I did and took the train; I hope that doesn't dent its popularity.

Fun fact #3: One of the Beavers, 2013's mayor and dapper, dyke magnet Foxy, needed proof of a name change resulting from divorce. The trouble is, she lives in Oakland, CA and the divorce happened in Seattle. As luck would have it, StartupCo is just five blocks (i.e. one light rail stop) away from the court house that I recently spent so much time in. Ba da boom, ba da bing, I FedExed her a certified copy of her divorce decree. She thanked me profusely and asked what she can do for me. Evil laughter ensued.

*SFDs: purple company t-shirt, mostly-purple Bombsheller leggings, Fluevog Half-Truth Alisons, MAC makeup. A pretty normal work outfit for me.


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