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What I'd originally planned as just pho on the Hill with [personal profile] bork last night turned into pho, a fruitless search for vol. 1 of Sunstone*, a trip to the used record store (Everyday Music), maple walnut ice cream with lemon curd (really) with [personal profile] bork, and a drink at the Merc - just one, because I was wiped out - with a chat about upcoming activist activities with old hand DJ Maxx Destrukt. An unexpectedly good night!

Noticed a few days ago that I was having trouble stopping Goldiebike. Not good for an urban cyclist like yours truly. Got two pairs of new brake pads. Installed a pair on the front. Still no joy. Tightened front cable. Happiness. Tightened rear cable. More happiness. Now wondering how long bike brake pads are supposed to last; I think mine have at least 6000 miles on them. Also wondering how bad it is that I didn't replace the rear pads. I know a few of you out there in journal-land have the answers.

*BDSM-flavored comics about queer women, recommended by [profile] speedie316. How could I not?
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I had my hormone levels checked on Wednesday, as do I and other trans women with the need & means. This happened, per Dr. Leather Bear's standing instructions, roughly in the middle of my two-week shot cycle. The level, 288 pg/ml, was about the same as the last several readings, so yay.

So far so dull, you say, but for the first time that I can recall I read in the lab report what levels are typical for cisgender women in various states. My reading is smack in the middle of the range for cisgender women who are ovulating.

That explains a few things about my personality and sex drive, doesn't it? And remember, my levels as a function of time follow a sawtooth pattern, so right after a shot my levels are probably at the high end for ovulation, and shortly before a shot they're at the low end of that range. Staying within at least some naturally occurring range for cisgender women (but not pregnant ones, apparently) is a stated goal of Dr. Leather Bear's because it's known to be relatively safe.
When I went to ride my bike, I didn't quite lift my leg high enough. It struck my rear fender, thereby snapping it in two. Let that be a lesson to you: don't buy bottom-of-the-line bike accessories like I did, kids. This fender has been replaced with one that I hope is more durable.
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You know how you're supposed to replace bike helmets every five years? I finally got around to replacing mine twelve years after I got it. I must say, the fit & ventilation are much better. I've also replaced a purple helmet with a screaming greenish yellow one, a worse fashion choice but a better one for visibility. Seeing as how I ride my bike on the streets for at least a few blocks almost daily, this needed to happen.
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When I went out for my ride this morning, I noticed that my front tire had lost about half its pressure in the twenty or so hours since I'd last ridden. (I didn't bother with a gauge.) Due to time constraints, I decided not to change the tube until tonight.

It had not lost any more air over the course of the day. So I'm conducting an experiment: I pumped it back up to see if the air will stay in there. When I took the pump off the valve, I did hear a suspicious, split-second hiss. Is intermittent valve failure a thing? How could that happen to a Schraeder valve with the cap on? Or is it a teeny, tiny puncture that needs higher pressure to force air through it? Tune in tomorrow!
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Remember the kamikaze Boston terrier that I braked hard to avoid, thereby wiping out on my bike this past summer? I ran into came across pup & person again this morning. KBT's person said she'd bought a Starbucks card for me and was going to give it to me for being so "gracious" about her pup, but didn't happen to have it on her.

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I'd just finished my laps around Green Lake yesterday on Goldiebike yesterday. I was riding slowly back to from the trail to the streets on one of the narrower sidewalks. I see three older people, one with a cane, coming my way, so I slow way down and go around them. "Get off the grass!" the lady among them says.

I laugh, point out, "You're on the sidewalk!" and keep going, bound for the shower. Even if I'd dismounted, I'd still have been on the grass.

Sometimes I think nature tries to make us miss our elders less when they're gone. In this case, it's working on me.
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Temptress texted me yesterday asking if we could do just dinner (ahem) because she had important work-related stuff this afternoon. (She told me the nature of it.) I said yes, of course. Then when I was on the bus she called: traffic was bad even by Seattle standards, as I was already experiencing on Aurora, so could we take a rain check?

Aw. And I was of course looking and smelling better than usual, with all of the effort that entails. Ah well, there's Aspiring Ex's birthday party - where it looks like I'll be a bit fuzzy because of electrolysis the following day.

I consoled myself last night by going to Lambert House and finishing the quarterly reporting queries that I started last night. The director now has to kill somebody if I ask him to. He could talk them to death, no problem.
I again encountered Monday morning's kamikaze Boston terrier, and once again he made a friendly lunge for my wheels. This time, though, both his person and I were ready. I'm hoping he learns sooner or later. Out of all the hundreds of dogs I've passed at Green Lake, he's the only one who's done that.
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I was almost half way through the first of my usual two laps of riding around Green Lake when there's this lady jogging in the bike lane with her little Boston terrier. I move to pass. The dog, however, is a kamikaze and runs right toward my path. I grab the brakes good and hard, naturally, and send myself right over my handlebars.

I have a bit of road rash on my hand & elbow and my front basket is trashed, but aside from that I'm OK. I've cleaned my wounds with alcohol, and I will soon pop some ibuprofen. Another cyclist who had been behind me encouraged me to exchange info, but I didn't. I just finished the lap and went home.

Happy Monday! I was thinking that basket looked kind of rusty anyway.
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Tent? Cleaned to the best of my ability & returned. Best part: socializing with [ profile] vixyish, [ profile] gfish, & [ profile] tereshkova2001. Damn, I miss the MOO kroo.

My cowboy boots, which I wore all week on the playa, are in the tender care of someone very knowledgeable. The will be back to their black, shiny, purty selves soon.

I still haven't gotten to my bike yet. Yeah, I broke one of the cardinal rules of Burning Man: don't bring anything you care about. If I remember correctly, [ profile] randomdreams recommended cleaning the drive train with kerosene. I need to get my hands on some, and appropriate containers for it.
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Went to the goth swap meet and scored a long velvet coat, two shortish skirts, and a wallet - all black, of course - all of which I either flat out needed or are better than something I already had. Total expenditure: $20. Socializing, too. Happiness.
Got m'boy a new (to him) bike that's as least as good as mine, $170 at Recycled Cycles. Funny, I don't remember their prices & selection being that good two years ago. Timing? Economy?
Tonight's plan, courtesy of [ profile] xaotica, is Terrence Parker at Re-bar. First Church of House, Detroit Synod. Should be worth the rough Monday morning.
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The friendly bike folks at the REI bike repair shop say I'll have to replace many of my drive train components. Chain & cassette for sure, maybe the crankset & rear derailleur too. It'll cost me about as much as the bike did two years ago, but at least I won't have the hassle of getting a new (to me) bike and getting rid of the old one. I like Goldiebike. The commute from the Abbey to near I-90 racked up about 3000 commuting miles, which the bike dudes say is easily enough to wreck some components.
I've apparently forgotten how to sleep at night lately. It won't help tonight that I didn't remember to take my spiro until after 7:00. Getting up to pee doesn't bother me; not falling asleep afterward does.
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At around the 5800 block of 148th Ave. NE, there's a pedestrian-only stoplight. This stoplight is on the trail that I ride my bike on for eight blocks to and from work. I get to make cars stop on a four-lane street with a 40 MPH speed limit. I am drunk with power!
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  1. Most of you know that my usual commute method is Goldiebike. I've ridden the 14-mile round trip every day this week, and will tomorrow as well. Even my Turkish & Indian co-workers think I'm one crazy haole. Mind you, I'm not so crazy that I haven't been using a second water bottle. And I'm grateful to all the landowners on 140th Ave. NE who didn't cut down their trees, providing much-needed shade along at least a third of my route. If you had to be outdoors and out of the water, a bike was the best place to be, and there were plenty of people who knew it even yesterday.
  2. Every day for the last week I've spent some time pulling dandelions out of the Abbey lawn. I finished tonight. The brown grass & dry soil make the little bastards easier to see and pull, respectively.
  3. A negative brag: I woke up this morning at 6:00 because the fan made it too cool for me to sleep without any cover. Nibs watched in disbelief as I padded to the linen closet, got a sheet, got under it, and started snoring.

We've read the heat whines. Mr. and Ms. Pacific Northwest, what are your heat BRAGS? You're going to need the practice, because thanks to all the Hummers & coal-fired powerplants, weeks like this one are about to get more common.
Saw Blue Angels almost overhead at 140th & Main in Bellevue as I rode to work. Yeah, I like them, too.
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I've noticed a disproportionate number of trannies, including myself, using bicycles for either commuting, exercise, or both. Mind you, my survey methodology consists of reading LJ and chatting, but still, what's up with that?
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Remember my experiment to see how long a pre-Slimed bike inner tube will last commuting through the broken glass of Bellevue? The answer seems to be five and a half months, which makes them easily worth the money; they're twice the price, but before the Slimed tube I had a string of monthly failures, which is what drove me to try this. The tube I had on hand for a replacement has no Slime in it, so I'll have another control.

On a related note, Dr. Bronner's soap - you know, the brand with all that nutty text on the label - doesn't seem very concentrated, but it's done a bang up job of getting a lot of the black blood of a bicycle off my hands.
By request of [ profile] tolkiencub, my favorite baked good and I at Club V )
Took my boy to the Museum of Flight. Score one for the nun for making education palatable! Most surprising exhibit: the V1 buzz bomb, built with slave labor. I got to explain that to my little Jewish boy, who, coincidentally, is reading Maus these days.
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With my Father's Day loot I got a new front basket for Goldiebike (That's extra girl points, right?) and installed it. It's wide enough to fit my backpack and a quart of yogurt. I had to relocate my headlamp and loosen the rear brake cable a little, but everything seems to be firmly attached and working.

Got more memory for m'boy's digicam, and some for my much older one, a Nikon Coolpix 885. What I should have researched first is that older digicams have an upper limit on the size of memory cards they can use; the oracle of the Internet says the limit for mine is 2 GB. Mine is so old it uses Compact Flash, which is apparently the Betamax of the memory card world. (My son's camera uses Secure Digital.) Yeah, this is all getting ready for Spain. I got a transformer, too, which I wish I could test.

ETA: Another trip to Fry's later, I've found that a 2 GB Compact Flash card does indeed work in my old camera. I'm set for Spain. For Burning Man (next year?) I'll need a way to charge batteries, though. Or better yet, a new camera.
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I've noticed that of the social networks whose user interfaces encourage interaction in closer-to-real time than our beloved LJ, there's a much higher proportion of MOOers* on my Twitter friends list than there is on my Facebook friends list. I'll confess that I too, as a fairly avid MOOer**, find Twitter irresistible. Length limit as constricting as a corset? Do-it-yourself threading? That only adds to the fun for us.

And now I must ask: did MOO make us that way, or were we born MOOers?

*MOO stands for MUD, object oriented. MUD stands for multi-user dungeon.

**My MOOcode random haiku generator is available on request.
Special to all you bicyclists out there: can not getting my shifter fixed right away do bad things to my drive train? I worry.
Nun plans: Usual Haunts 6/6, Church of Bass for Ott 6/13
Watch this space for thrifting this weekend! I need to decide where & when.
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I've donated my old bike to a group that's going to send them to Africa. This was the bike that took me to the UW and back, to work and back for a few years, and around Black Rock City in '07. It's pretty beat down now, and doesn't have enough gears for eastside commuting, so I hope it'll find a more loving home.
Pimpin': Nibs writes a letter to Rush Limbaugh.
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Not so good: After nine months of commuting up and down suburban hills, I need to replace my brake pads. I've also worn out the ratchet on the grip shifter for my rear derailleur. REI dude says shifters come in pairs. Goldiebike was in mint condition when I bought her, so I'm a little leery of replacing anything big so soon.

Not so bad: At least the friction in the shifter keeps it from surprising me while I ride.

Good: After several months of one puncture per month, I bought a pre-slimed tube in January. It's still good. It was twice the price, but I've already gotten three times the use out of it.

Weekend nun plan? I'm thinking Chillography over at the Church of Bass.
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  1. Using my shades instead of the lights on my bike all the way home.
  2. Taking less than a day to write 90 lines of script code yesterday, then having it detect a problem today in minutes automatically instead of the previous hours manually. My idea, baybee.
  3. At the risk of jinxing myself, I haven't punctured a bike tube in nearly two months. There's something to that Slime stuff.
  4. I'm taking the day off tomorrow because Nibs is getting another Bomb, and therefore will be too jacked up on steroids to drive herself much less m'boy anywhere, which means I'll be conveniently near Capitol Hill so...
  5. ...I can pick up a ticket to Simian Mobile Disco at Neumo's tomorrow night. Yikes! I almost forgot about a pah-tay I'd already RSVP'd to some time ago. SMD still kicks butt, though.


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