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Bad: Dr. Kidshrink is moving to Hawaii next month.

Good: He'll do at least a few sessions with m'boy via Skype.

Bad: Mom apparently has had fraudulent activity on her credit cards, enough to max them out. That's likely due to Mom's giving out her personal information exactly as Good Sister told her repeatedly not to.

Worse: Mom tried to cancel the cards instead of just reporting the fraudulent activity, so of course the credit card issuer shunted her to someone who tried to talk her out of it. In other words, not only is Mom's addled pate getting her into more financial messes; it no longer helps her get out of them.

I missed the usual Sunday morning call time because I was brunching with the Tickler, for which I now feel a tiny bit guilty. I haven't talked to her since what, Friday? Mom, like much of Florida, still has no internet because of the hurricane, so she hasn't been emailing me every morning as usual. GS & I shared a dark laugh that Mom's coming unplugged isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I'm less cranky now about GS dragging me to Florida in January. Watching out for Mom from DC is no mean feat, and she's been doing it for a few years now. She's earned some slack from me, I think.

Where's Evil Sister in all this? Her name hasn't come up. I guess she's in San Antonio, TX, and that's all I know.
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The night before last my son stood me up for dinner. He has an excuse for not calling or texting me: he lost his phone over the weekend, if you'll recall. I also knew he'd been doing something important earlier that day, namely helping my ex get her hoarder stepmother's condo ready to vacate.

Ex had earlier asked me to help out with that chore, too, and I grouchily agreed, in the name of good relations with Ex. Besides, this wouldn't be happening if her dad were still alive, and he was a decent guy who certainly would have wanted me to help out. However, Exstepmother is getting evicted and apparently there isn't much time to get her moved. That means emptying out her place on weekdays, which conveniently makes it hard to get my help. I haven't offered more help, and Ex hasn't asked for it.

That's for the best on many levels: it isn't right that other people should have to pay a price for her long-standing shopping addiction (which is one reason her money situation is so bad), hoarding, and generally weak grasp of reality (another reason). And she's such a motormouth that I've seen her own kids call her on it. I've been holding my tongue in front of her for decades because of Ex and her father, and I'd really rather not have to do that again now that there's less incentive.

Ex is, unfortunately, the geographically nearest relative by several hundred miles. I know she's not exactly a fan of her stepmother, either and, if you'll recall, she's got rheumatoid arthritis. I'm hoping she gets though this with a minimum of pain and botheration.
Trying a new queer women's dating app called Her. Action seems to be prompt. I'll keep you posted, natch.
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Look at me, forgetting to update again. Luckily, there hasn't been too much going on over here.

When I wasn't working weird hours trying to get something with a firm deadline done, I was either at the dentist or not making it to the dentist because my son had the car. It isn't quite his fault, though, because he was helping Exstepmother get ready to vacate her place - she's been evicted. I just wish he'd told me earlier. Oh yeah, he also changed the car handoff plan at the last minute, so I ended up making a U-turn at Chinatown station and still beating him back to my place.

It's been a quiet Memorial Day weekend of circumflatulation in the sun for me. I even took Friday off, which was a much-needed break from work madness. From the Dept. of No Good Deed Going Unpunished: I busted my butt and paid $8.95 in bridge & road tolls to return some rented equipment on time, only to find that they'd knocked off early. I admit, it was a beautiful day after a long string of gross ones at the start of a long weekend, but they better not charge me extra. I'm not pleased about having to make that drive again Tuesday morning.

Went to the Merc Friday night, and met I nice young lady who then proceeded to hustle me: she sells clothes at the store that used to be Metro on Broadway. Either that or she was hitting on me, which seems less likely given the age gap. It was warm enough that night that I wore Burner gear - the sort that either is my underwear or shows my underwear if you look hard enough. And the new Fluevog Francescas? Diabolically comfy. I think I have a new favorite pair of Nice Boots.

Went to what turned out to be a super-hippy art show in Belltown early yesterday evening. Maaaaybe I wouldn't have minded one or two of the pieces in my place, but not for four figures. There was scantily-clad, yoga-toned eye candy walking around, but one piece of it was wearing patchouli, which smells to me like burning tires. I fled.

So I bopped up to the Hill, which I tend to do when I'm at loose ends. Saw a lovely, well-dressed redhead in Cal Anderson park with her fella on one side and an open jar of kim chi on the other; he's a lucky guy. Got in the long line for ice cream. [personal profile] bork joined me, and awesomeness ensued, including watching people in front of Cafe Vita as the twilight deepened. It's still the Hill.

Oh: m'boy lost the iPhone that he's only had for a few months. He's so paying for the replacement. Ex says he's terrified of what I'll say to him, but really, I'm just thinking, 'Again?' I worry that without his parents he'd be helpless, and our job is first and foremost to get him ready to take care of himself.

Gosh, this got long, didn't it? That's what happens when I forget to update.
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Bah: Work stuff broke, partly due to my not looking hard enough for broken stuff, and partly for a long tradition of brokenness in that particular product. Le sigh. And this after StartupCo's founder praised it and me for our reliability.

Yay: Got it back to normal faster than I said I would, and indeed faster than I expected, by pulling aces out of my sleeves.

Bah: I was working from 2200 to 2230 last night, and 0330 to 0500 today.

Yay: Managed to sleep for an hour after my alarm went off.

Bah: Missed my dentist appointment because m'boy didn't get the car back to me in time. He & Ex were doing stuff at her stepmother's place.

Yay: The dentist won't charge me for rescheduling for tomorrow.

Bah: Missed the clothing swap at work.

Yay: Maybe got rid of some narrow-heeled boots that I never wear anymore now that I'm a bus commuter. Besides, they're a little the worse for wear.

Bah: I really liked those boots; two pairs were birthday presents from Ex.

Yay: I may have enough room in my closet now to make all my recent Fluevog purchases readily accessible.
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Friday: dinner & rekkids with m'boy. If I don't play Rumors and Aja for him, he won't hear them.

Yesterday: a beautiful day of little projects I'd been putting off, mainly for beautification.
  • Did all of my nails for the first time in months, in obnoxious pink for spring.
  • Re-dyed my much-loved and much-abused "hippy bag", which is an older Coach bag and therefore beautifully designed and made.
  • Hit the Hill because I had time to kill and I wanted to pick up a used CD of Soundgarden, again for m'boy. Sure enough, I found a copy of Superunknown*. Or rather, another one; I know I used to have one and I'm not proud to say I must have gotten rid of it at some point.
  • Had a couple of beers at the Wildrose and chatted with the cute zaftig blond who tends bar there. We both lamented how unnecessarily dead Seattle is during the winter. I brought up Pride, natch - it's Christmas for the 'Rose - which is bound to have extra meaning given the current political situation. I gently reminded her that we're all in this together.
Last night: Techno from the Sweatbox crew, starting with Dane Wilson. It was some sweet acid stuff with some lovely eye candy - ahem, but I was pretty tired despite napping earlier. I caught the last train north out of Sodo station at 0037. Moral: If I'm going to do that, don't eat dinner so early and maybe caff up. I'm geezing out, mayunn.

*Fun fact: I believe that [personal profile] cupcake_goth and I were at the same Soundgarden show at Bumbershoot in 1990, more than ten years before we met. I know I went to a Bumbershoot show of theirs in the early '90s; I just can't remember which year.

It's fun to think about what might have happened if I'd met her then, but it's probably best that I didn't, given that I ran headlong away from myself a little more than three years later when I met the future Ex. I can't imagine [personal profile] cupcake_goth being pleased about that, and besides, she had her own stuff to deal with back then.
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My son just told me this morning that Ex finally wants to start taking him on the weeknights while I get him on the weekends. Yes, it makes lots of sense as I've said here before and yes, I'm glad they got around to telling me before I bought the makings of tonight's dinner, but they didn't tell me before I made social plans for Saturday. I feel guilty about that, even though he's nearly twenty years old. Plan: fancy lunch on Saturday.
I got an answer to the question of how well I pass today: a mentally ill or high-as-a-kite woman with weirdly protruding eyes on the bus this morning asked me, between flailing her arms, nearly wiggling out of her seat, and pestering the Job-like woman in front of her, "Were you a dude?"
I searched for the right words for a second. "I know what you're saying, and yes." Sure, I should have said, "I never really was," but consider my audience. Besides, I get flustered by irrational people.
"Right on, brother!" Yeah, she's black. I could tell she was straining with the effort of code-switching; that was one of many reasons I felt a little sorry for her.
"Sister, these days."
"I like your energy, how you carry yourself." Yeah, we're still on the west coast.
She mentioned that she'd seen me around Benaroya Hall (Seattle's symphony hall, for you out-of-towners), which is near where I work so I do run errands around there from time to time. I've always enjoyed looking distinctive in some ways - the Elder Goths taught me well - but this was an instance when I wish I hadn't looked so memorable.
Speaking of being trans, the current occupant of the White House is cranking up the hate on us via attempted ACA repeal and rule changes affecting HHS. If you live in a district with a Republican representative, please help kill that zombie bill.
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I'm not much of a cook. Most of you know that, especially my hapless Thanksgiving victims, but people who've recently added me just found out. So it is with a certain amount of pride that I tell you that the Wendling and I gave the following recipe two thumbs up.

white woman's improvised doenjang jjigae (soybean paste soup)

Makes four to six servings. All quantities are as approximate as fuck.

5 cups water - It's supposed to be stew-like.
15 small potatoes, washed but not peeled, and cut into bite-size pieces
10 oz. fishcake* - I used the yaki chikuwa, which are tubular, pre-grilled surimi jobbers - cut into bite-size pieces
6 oz. nappa cabbage kim chi* (i.e. the most common kind of kim chi)
1 cup chopped green unions
4 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup red miso*, because unlike its cousin doenjang I knew where to find it

Heat up your water. Boil your spuds for about eight minutes. Add everything else, stirring enough to dissolve any miso clumps. Cook just enough that the onions aren't crunchy, because it's pretty easy to overcook fishcake.

Easy. Delish. And aside from the sky-high salt content, not that bad for you. I found a recipe online that calls for anchovies instead of fishcake, but I remember the latter from the long-gone Korean Kitchen in the U district, where I was introduced to Korean food.

*Seattle-area people, I got all this stuff at Uwajimaya, natch. The Pal-Do World on Aurora - which I went to on a date once, no kidding - has closed, so if you want real Korean ingredients, you might be in for a bit of a drive.
M'boy finally did his taxes after my pointing out that a) he has three days left to do them, b) he had nothing better to do tonight, and c) I was just going to keep nagging him until he did them.

I was happy to help him out by finding the 46 pages (!) of instructions for the 1040 EZ and answering his questions from them; no way was I going to print that out. He still has the handwriting of a toddler; I sure hope Uncle Sam can decipher it. Le sigh.

He said he needed to go for a walk afterwards because doing his taxes made him feel like force-choking somebody. Oh, kiddo, wait until you're no longer eligible for the EZ.
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I was making spaghetti for m'boy (which he chose in favor of going out!) the night before last when the inevitable, given that I've been on estradiol for seven years, finally happened: I couldn't open the jar of spaghetti sauce.* Luckily for me, thanks to the... coziness of my lake place, the cabinet with the vise** in it is just outside the kitchen. Problem solved.

What I find remarkable is that it took this long. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.

*Hey, I added a pound of ground beef, chopped bell pepper, chopped fresh basil, and minced fresh garlic. It wasn't a totally pre-packaged meal.
**It used to live in the garage back in the bad old days when I had one. These days I use it for circumflatulation.
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From the Dept. of Delayed Divorce, Ex and I finally got around to splitting up the cell phone bill. All three of us used to be on one bill, which Ex (!) was paying. Now, more reasonably, the kiddo & I go on one and she's off on her own. I forgot that we were paying for two tablets that we don't use. Oy. They get cancelled tomorrow.

And on a related note, if you remember almost exactly a year ago, I agreed to have m'boy at my place on weekdays and send him to Ex on the weekends. That hasn't been optimal for quite a while - since July, says the Wendling - because he now works much closer to Ex's place than mine. And once he restarts school, getting there is also easier from her place than mine. So, starting next month, my son will be with my ex on days when he's working, which are usually but not always weekdays, and with me the rest of the time. I've warned him that he may hear lesbian sex if he's here on the weekends, and gotten the predictable cringe from him. Just kidding: I would subject neither him nor a date to that if I could help it. But hey, if they were copacetic, you're reading the words of someone who's had sex in a room full of third parties. A lot of third parties.

I'm not sure whether I'd rather have him here on weekends or weeknights. On the one hand, if he's here less, that's less stressful on me, and he isn't commuting his life away. On the other hand, Ex isn't that good at launching m'boy when he needs to be launched. Given the lack of social action (apart from m'boy) in my apartment lately, that aspect is probably a wash. I note that Brown Eyes doesn't seem to mind driving anywhere anytime, and sleepovers at my lake place are impractical for the Tickler.
While we three were driving around today, m'boy found a months-old voice mail from Exdad wishing him happy birthday. Exdad, if you'll recall, has been dead for about six weeks. Poor Ex started crying as she drove. She'd mentioned earlier that losing him had been hard, messing with her daily life. I couldn't help reminding her that she used to tell me to, in essence, just get over my own father's death because it was so long ago.

"That sounds like something my mother would say," she said. Yup, it sure is. That's usually not a good sign, and Ex knows it. She points out that she's no longer the person I was married to, for better and for worse, and my criticism of her past self is a trifle unfair. Yeah, I guess it is, but I can now say that I'm not mad at her for it anymore. She acquired some empathy for me in about the worst way she could have.
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Three days no post!

Happy stuff:
  • Date #3 with Brown Eyes! Indian food, no boozes, much chat, very happy-making. I left one of my gloves in her car (and the other just outside it), thereby accidentally setting up date #4 on Monday night.
  • M'boy left my lake place on Thursday instead of Friday and left me the car.
  • I got my driver's license back. Soon I'll have two copies, but w'evs.
  • Remember A, the crack seamstress whom I dated? She's interested in the skirt commission.
  • My ex and all my self-employed artist & writer friends aren't in immediate danger of losing all access to health care.
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50th birthday venue: contract signed & sent, deposit paid.

Measurements for my corset: taken and sent.

Son: not traumatized, he claims, despite being drafted to assist with the above and therefore seeing me in my underwear and holding a tape measure to me. Having an older teenager in the apartment isn't always bad.
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So I've committed: I've put down a deposit on a custom corset from Dark Garden in San Francisco as my 50th birthday present to myself. It's going to end up being the single most expensive item of clothing I own, at least in nominal dollars. *Gulp!* But I'm reasonably certain it's going to be awesome. I have the money saved up for it, sort of. I have a Folsom-corset-and-50th-birthday-party fund, but so far it can only pay for one of those. I have some time to save, though. Dark Garden hasn't contacted me yet about details, but luckily for them I've given them an absurdly long lead time.

Also bought: a half dozen bottles of cheapish wine, mostly for the purposes of making my chicken in white wine reduction, which m'boy loves. (He likes it when I let the sauce brown a little, he says.) Gotta love that PCC discount on four or more bottles, but six is about my limit for carrying the three blocks home on foot.

So how is my son, you ask? He'd finally psyched himself up to go talk to his an advisor at his community college, but he found out they're on break until next week. Le sigh. It's a good thing he has plenty of time. He's really gotten himself worked up about it, but as I told him, I'm pretty sure the advisor is going to do most of the talking; that's what happens when your grades aren't good.

Oh yeah: at the recommendation of some queer girlfriends, I've started reading Sunstone, a series of comics about a bunch of kinksters and centered on a couple of queer women. It's as if I'm a target demographic or something. I asked the Siberian Siren if she wanted vol. 1 for her soon-to-be-celebrated birthday, and she said, in essence, shyeah!
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My mom's info bomb hasn't done any damage. My niece E hasn't, to my knowledge, looked for me online, and neither she nor my Evil Sister have said anything about it to my mom much less me. Sure, I'd like to hear from my niece (and of course my sister) again, but I'd prefer that it happen without rancor, natch. Maybe E knew already; maybe E wasn't curious; or maybe ES has lied to E again and dissuaded her from looking for me.

As for ES's decision to put E someplace other than my mom's for college, Mom is characteristically convinced that ES is punishing her for cutting off easy credit eight (!) years ago. That's not so obvious to me. The other two candidates are, based on Mom's description, households that could really use a young, able-bodied person like E around even more than my mom could. It seems plausible that ES's evil is reserved mainly for me.
Burgers with m'boy Friday night in celebration of his finishing the two-page to do list that Ex taped to the bathroom mirror. Adulting, he can do it.
I was all psyched for a hot date with Temptress last night, but I found out - after I'd done all twenty nails - that she'd come down with something. So I had a relatively short and temperate night at the Merc last night. We rescheduled for a week later, but I've realized that I have to let my facial hair grow for electrolysis that weekend. Arg!
Today: sleeping the chunky rain away, scouring the town for "art" materials.
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Three days, no post, but only because I've been busy.

Sunday post-march: caught up with housework.

Monday morning: Got up at 0500 to take m'boy to court out in one of Seattle's outer suburbs (Issaquah) to challenge the moving violation he got for his accident. Case dismissed, i.e. victory! Go go gadget efffective legal representation, arranged and paid for by Ex. We never even saw the motion that the lawyer wrote. For the three of us, it was maybe an hour of waiting and then two minutes of listening to the lawyer talk to the judge. Now I need to see if I can get a needed break on my son's insurance.

Monday evening: My son & I had a combined belated-birthday-cum-legal-victory pizza at our favorite place on Phinney Ridge, namely Cornuto. He bought. Their menu has changed, but not for the worse.

Slept really well.
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I was one of many people who quite literally put a couple of shovelfuls of dirt onto Exdad's plain Ashkenazi-issue* wooden coffin late this morning. Ex & her brother speechified beautifully, despite being verklempt. M'boy, who I'm proud of delivering on time and put together way the hell up in Snohomish County, acquitted himself well as an emergency substitute pallbearer; his suit now needs dry cleaning. My toes went numb from being out there in the 7C & rain for an hour and a half.

Afterward was, well, afters at the Safeco Field Diamond Club, which Exdad - a lifelong ardent baseball fan - was in charge of for several years. Yes, there were peanuts, popcorn, and hot dogs, but no alcohol because Jews and not Irishmen. That was probably for the best.

It was kind of nice catching up with Ex's cousins, even if it took me a good few seconds to recognize a couple of them because they'd grown beards since I last saw them. Ex's is the kind of family where everybody shows up: Exmom, who divorced Exdad in the late '70s, was there. Exmom's sister, with whom Exmom hasn't been getting along lately, flew up from L.A. - with her son. A family reunion for my family wouldn't even require a typical restaurant's wait staff to move any tables. In Ex's family, it's a major test of long-term memory for everyone because of all those names, and we all help each other out as much as we can.

I was relieved that Ex didn't want me around at dinnertime - and my son wanted to carpool home after a couple of hours - because I had made a dinner date with Temptress shortly before Exdad's passing.

Readers with superhuman memories may recall that Temptress, my first queer girlfriend, dumped me in '15, then divorced her husband, and then a few months after that we had dinner at her place. At the time, I was, well, not feeling it, as the kids say. She was struggling on several fronts and doing lots of pagan stuff. So I quietly noped out, but I didn't feel too good about myself for doing so.

This evening was different. I had a lovely time, and I think she did too, even if she did have to go home fairly early for work tomorrow. Dating somebody for the first time in a while whom you dated for a long time before that makes it easier for me to open up. Yeah, she's happier with solo poly than I am, but she knows where I'm coming from. I got to tell her a lot of the stories that you've been reading on this here journal. There may have been snogs goodnight. Ahem. We shall Merc together at some point. Oh yes, we shall.

Fun fact: Temptress is a hair taller than I am. Sitting at a table with her is good for my posture. I hope sitting with me doesn't give her a backache.

*Sephardic tradition is just a shroud for burial, no box allowed. I'm not sure how that fits with laws in the US, though.
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But first, I promised to drive the Tickler to our date last night, which was a wonderful way of motivating myself to clean out the car that I've more or less bought from Ex. She apologized for how dirty it was when I first drove it away, and with good reason: it was full of six years' worth of gum wrappers, straw wrappers, suburban conifer needles, etc. No, she can't bend at the waist to pick that stuff up off the floor, but really? She could have done better than that, or she could have gotten our son to. It goes part way to explaining why my son still leaves a toddler's trail of mess wherever he goes.

Speaking of m'boy and the car, thanks to his running a red light and the accident on Halloween day, his insurance is more than double mine, and I'm paying for it. He's challenging the ticket he got for the accident, and I sure hope that he succeeds. Ouch.

OK, now I can write about the date. I took the Tickler to my company holiday party (yes, after the holidays) because she's a classy dame. I have to say, StartupCo did a good job of making the best of straightened circumstances: we ran out of the good Bourbon, but only toward the end of the night. Everyone looked lovely in their black & white, and by way of entertainment there was an audience-participation murder mystery thingy. (Personally, I'd rather have had good DJs like the first NYE party I went to. Those of us who'd been there all commented on how fab they were.)

The Tickler & I didn't close the joint; having the tail end of ick left me in not the partyingest of spirits. I'd even told the Tickler she could send me home with my germs last night without any hard feelings, but neau, there was much-needed cuddling and a surprisingly good night's sleep at her place, even if she did find my occasional deathly-sounding coughing fits alarming. And oatmeal with fruit & nuts for brekkies. ♥!

You know you're sick when your hunger wakes you up from a nap. That's pretty much all I've been capable of today. Goddamn this cold!
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Things I've done so far this year:
  1. Slept for twelve of the last twenty-four hours. I so needed that, partly because I...
  2. Caught my son's cold.
  3. Consumed an awful lot of fluids, also related to item #2.
  4. Watched Casablanca with him. He'd never seen this timeless yet timely flick.
Things I need to do this year:
  1. Finish healing from NYE. Ahem.
  2. Don't take my body for granted: my teeth, toes, and hands aren't in pain, and that wasn't true for much of last year.
  3. See Rogue One with m'boy, which I'm doing this afternoon. (I have the day off.)
  4. A better job of career management. This is not my favorite activity, but it's absolutely essential.
  5. Creative stuff. Oddly enough, I'm not really looking forward to this. Yeah, I have a few ideas, but none that I'm really excited about.
  6. Keep shaking the tree in the hopes that at least one Ms. Right will fall out. It's tempting to give up sometimes, but to quote Funny Lady, it's a numbers game.
  7. Launch my damn kid if at all possible.
  8. Survive.
  9. Thrive.
  10. Don't let the items that aren't completely under my control get to me.


Dec. 31st, 2016 11:03 am
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My son got a letter from his community college yesterday. He tried to hide it from me. He's done so poorly that they're restricting him to one class per term until he talks to an advisor. His ADD still owns him, basically. I'm hoping that maybe now he'll get serious about coping strategies. He hasn't registered for the first quarter of next year, which is just as well. I haven't been able to talk to Ex about it and can't until next week because a) she just had an infusion of arthritis drugs and b) read on.

Ex has put her father in palliative care because the fluid isn't clearing out of his lungs. She says if I'm going to say goodbye, I better do it soon before the pain meds addle him. That's the plan for this afternoon.

Two thousand suxteen. Ptui! I have... plans for tonight, but I'm going to need a nap.
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Mental note #1: Check whether your rental car has a USB port that you can plug your phone into when you pick it up. Doing so would have saved me from conniptions in north Florida's hostile radio desert going to Mom's, not just when I left.

Flew home without incident. The post-Christmas crowd seemed somehow less scary than the pre-Christmas crowd, even in deepest darkest Dixie. Or maybe I'd had my attitude adjusted by walking on the warm, sunny beach and in the quiet woods.

You know what I'd forgotten about Mom's neighborhood? The smells - vegetation - and the bird calls, most noticeable around sunrise & sunset. Just thinking about them makes me smile.

Mental note #2: Make sure I have enough books on my phone for the whole cross-country trip. I was watching other people's movies sans sound for the last hour or two.

I've put on five pounds. Mom's cornbread is fantastic, as I've said. She made three skillets of it while I was there, even though she got tired of it. That's love.

Nagged kiddo this morning. I should probably nag him some more over the phone right now. He needs to at least temporarily stop being a punk, because even though Exdad has been doing better, he's a long way from out of the woods. Let's put it this way: Exbro flew to Seattle about the same time I did.
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First the bad stuff: My Ex's father is in an ICU, but doing better. Ex isn't sleeping, so when my son blew off walking the dog yesterday* while she was at the hospital she kind of went kablooey at me via email. She's ready to sell him for meat. She says she doesn't want to live with him even though she has a bedroom for him and I don't, saying he should move in with some unspecified "peers". (He has no friends.) One thing I didn't know is that he still needs to turn in work for two of his classes last quarter, but he points out that having his wisdom teeth out messed with his ability to get that done. She says that he now needs to retake five classes, and she's determined that he's going to pay for it. And oh by the way, fascists officially took over the country yesterday.

Now the good stuff: The great state of New York has accepted the stack of documents that I sent them and has put the correct name and gender on my birth certificate; they were even nice enough to send me an unofficial copy. The fascist goons mentioned above will need a court order to obtain proof that it was amended. Goddess bless the Empire State.

I am leaving for Florida in twenty-six hours. It can't happen soon enough. Highs in the 70s and 80s, baybee. I stopped by Funny Lady's on the way to Lambert House last night and got contact info for her chum there in case I need moral support.

*He was asleep. Since he isn't in school, he's doing the teen thing with his sleep schedule as I used to do. At Ex's request I've started confiscating his electronic devices during sleepy time. As an added bonus, I know they're charged when I do that.


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