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For the first time in my life, I did some sewing for work. StartupCo hosts a marketing conference every year. This year's MC caught his jacket pocket on something and tore about 10 cm of seam. E, one of the women in charge, knows I can sew. A few minutes later, I'm scrambling for a sewing kit. (I ended up hitting the convenience store across the street, and putting the kit in the box of emergency supplies for next time.) It wasn't my best work, but it was under considerable time pressure and it did the job. Nice jacket, though.

But what really happened at the marketing conference happened at the big, crazy party afterwards. I met a woman, who I will here call Grenade after the tattoo on her back, with a strong physical resemblance to someone I have... strong feelings for. I asked E to hit me, and she considered it seriously. Grenade's cute. She's personable. She's local. She's a techie, more or less. She's a Burner. She's genderqueer. (Yes, I checked the pronouns.) She has a boyfriend, which may be a problem or two, but one never knows, especially around here. Is she any older than Much Younger Woman? That question just occurred to me, and I don't know the answer. Anyway, she's exciting, she's in Zuckerberg's data mine, and I certainly hope to see her around.
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I ordered a few skimpy tops to wear at Burning Man because I didn't feel like sewing them. You can guess what happened next: somebody, probably yours truly, messed up the order and got one that was much too small. "Return it," I hear you say, but the item in question was a custom-printed bra with "Carpe" on the right cup and "Diem" on the left. (Yeah, I picked the text.) A return is not going to happen.

What to do? Alter it, natch: 1" lace around the upper edges of the cups, which fortunately I don't spill out of. And the transparent elastomer bra straps - awful for the playa anyway - I replaced with a black ribbon halter. It's Burnerific, baby.
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I've finished all of the machine work on my Halloween costume this year, including my use of the serger that [ profile] dianala up and gave me (!) years ago, a White Superlock 2000. I'd been putting off learning how to use it because the innards of a serger look like Rube Goldberg meets Edward Scissorhands. Indeed, the first time I threaded it took an hour because I missed one of the thirty-plus places to stick the thread.

Once I got going, though, I waxed rapturous over never needing to sew French seams again. Rolled hems are also a snap.

My blind hems, well, they can still see patches of light & dark: the stitches are all in the right place, but the little stitches through the right side pulled in a fold. I think that means the tension was wrong for my fabric, but I'm not sure which kind of wrong. It's good enough for a petticoat, anyway.

In short, A++ will serge again!
And on an only slightly related note, Ms. Zappy texted me while I was driving to her office to tell me she'd gotten a late start. Once I got there and killed some time, she called me to tell me she was having a migraine with attendant dizziness. I told her I'd prefer that she didn't work on me with sharp instruments in that state. So more sewing time this afternoon for me.

Poor woman. She seemed keen to reschedule before our existing appointments next month, but Halloween. And Seacompression. Ah well, my hair isn't going anywhere.


Oct. 10th, 2013 11:21 am
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I've been quiet lately, not because I've been in a funk but because I haven't had much to say. I've been:
  • working, sometimes at ungodly hours of the morning.
  • sewing my Halloween costume - The pattern seems larger than the package says it is. Hmph. I suppose that's better than smaller.
  • picking up m'boy from driver's ed. He drove for the first time yesterday! Clear the streets of Kirkland!
  • hearing crickets w.r.t. Project Girlfriend. Le sigh. Not to worry: I have four queer women's social occasions in the next five days.
  • researching reduction of carbon dioxide using inorganic catalysts.
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  • Project Girlfriend is progressing. More news next month.

  • I'm done with my mending and alterations, which had been sitting on top of my dresser and nagging me for months.

  • I'm ahead of schedule with the work I'm doing for the July release.

  • Speaking of summer, Pride is June 26th. I've been to Pride marches before, but this will be the first time I'll be in one. I figure I've earned it. I'll be with MyCo's GLBT association, natch, and the planning meeting is on my calendar.

  • Managed to notice that Cherry, the lesbian night at Re-bar, is on Saturday night. I'm not going to miss it this time.

There. I feel better now.
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I just nipped into my local fabric store to pick up some needles so I can finish my mending & alterations. Then I remembered that I'd left my box of wound bobbins at the old place so hey, why not get some new ones? The lady who ran the place told me that for my Pfaff 1122 I'd have to go to the sewing machine store to get ones that fit.

This makes a certain amount of sense. I've had a problem since I got that machine (in '07?) with threads breaking occasionally and randomly, and changing the tension didn't seem to help. This could have been the problem all along.

I've driven myself crazy for the last hour trying to find out which of the laughably few common types of bobbins my machine takes. It seems to be a state secret somewhere, one that hasn't aroused the curiosity of the Wikileaks folks. Either that, or my machine doesn't use any of the common types, which would make no sense at all because it is the absolute bottom of Pfaff's line.
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I'm making a white costume that I have no shoes for. Yeah, I could buy some, but I have nothing else to go with them. I don't suppose that one of you ladies who share my shoe size (US women's 11, UK 8, EU 42) would let me borrow a dressy pair of white shoes for Friday night? I'm not terribly picky about which shade of white or the style.

It occurs to me that I've bummed somebody's bathroom for the last time. As much as I liked chatting with those whose bathrooms I bummed, that's kinda awesome.

I've been so slack on LJ & PTA because I've been sewing like a madwoman. The bodice is together. I have two nights left. Shortcuts will happen. I'm wondering how I'm going to fit laundry in. I haven't been fitting sleep in too well.

Oh yeah: Dr. Shrink filled out the form I need to get an F on my driver's license! Woohoo!
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I took a peek late last night at my new (to me) serger. I'm pressed for time, and I think getting it up & running would take longer than just doing the five French seams I'd have to do.
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I have an excuse to wait until summer to start the next costume: I expect that clothes might fit a little differently this time next year, Bob willing.

Meanwhile, time for the Naughty Nurse from 1913 to offer my co-workers a SQL injection.
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I just sewed the last seam in my son's Halloween costume. (The Grim Reaper - easy peasy.) This means that after nine months, I've finished the sewing for Halloween of 2009. Time to do something else with my nights for a while. I've already thought of a few things.


Oct. 22nd, 2009 10:12 pm
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Machine sewing* is done on the Halloween costume. It (just barely) fits. Considering the nature of the fabric, that's no mean feat, if I say so myself.

This one sets a record for cumulative length of seams sewn. I've munched through two large spools. I also need to get the reverse on my machine fixed again, which is absolutely necessary for corsets, and new 60mm rotary cutters.

Oh: my boy wants to be the grim reaper. I have just the pattern, and I picked up the fabric the other day. For the first time ever, I'm going to make a costume for my son! Happiness.

*Yeah, there's always hand work, but this outfit has much less than usual.
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I discovered a few hours ago that I'm missing two entire pieces from my costume. This is what happens when you have a Frankenpattern. Luckily, I have just a few square inches more than exactly enough fabric. OK, so I won't have the pieces sewn together before I leave.

I'm feeling oogy, as if I've caught my son's cold; that's evidently the price I pay for staying home from Yom Kippur services to be with him. Please let it be mostly over before I get on a plane Friday. Please?
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  1. Work lately = firefighting and trying not to make the whole team look like morons.
  2. Insufficient sleep due in part to...
  3. ...sewing with its usual seam-ripping agonies. I'm on track to start the normal, simple part of the Halloween project before I leave for...
  4. ...the Spain trip, which I still can't quite believe is real. Much to do to get ready. I've made lists, of course.
  5. Boy = kicking butt in his history class. Such nakhes! The theme of the class is genocide, which is right up his alley.
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The costume that started in roughly 400 pieces is now down to 11. That is all.
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Am no longer panicked about my sewing project. There's always a short cut.

Wondering what to do with m'boy this weekend. The Museum of Flight, maybe? He'd dig it in a very large way; he's become a fiend for all things military lately. Neither Nibs nor I want to do fireworks. We didn't even think Kirkland was having them this year until two days ago, and in the meantime I made plans. (Yes, the Seattle displays are a lot better, but with no Myrtle Edwards fireworks this year, Nibs was terrified of the potential crowd at the Gas Works display.) I figure he's got something good coming from us.

Friday: house at OSeaO aka Electric Tea Garden.
Saturday: Club V & maybe Merc.
Yeah, I know there's Beerfest at the Seattle Center, but when to fit it in?
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[ profile] mineke knows the details, but I'm sure all you fashionistas & costumers know what this means:

I've started in earnest. Oh, crap.
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I finished cutting the fabric for my Halloween costume. The first time.
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  • Mein deutsch Maschine, my Pfaff 1122 sewing machine.
  • My aluminum snow shovel that a) is light and b) my son can leave out in the snow without repercussions.
  • Carrie Fisher's memoir Wishful Drinking.
  • Having a serious bug turn out to be much easier to reproduce & fix than I expected.
  • Nibs' not being too freaked about my plan to groove to Riz at Re-bar tonight.
  • Watching the Puppigrrl's tail go higher than it has in a while when we went for a brief, unplanned walk in the snow.
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  • Everybody including the boss man taking off earlier than I expected, thereby enabling - nay, encouraging - me to do so.
  • The 7-11 on the way from work to my bus stop.
  • BBC News! As an alternative energy enthusiast, this caught my attention.
  • The crusty, multi-grain bread that Nibs picked up to go with the stew.
  • Finishing the sewing for the last project of 2008: a laundry basket. Yes, you read that right. It's to be grommeted & lashed to an existing metal frame from an IKEA basket. Denim Laundry Basket of Doom!
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Time to start drafting the pattern for my Halloween costume!


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