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Party weekends like Pride leave me with a messy apartment. I can't not clean it at the earliest opportunity, which is how I spent all my non-work waking hours yesterday. My apartment is spiffy, and I am at peace. Am I hausfrau* material, or what?

But before I could finish cleaning, I had to take the bus home. As I got up to get off, I spotted my neighbor B. He asked how Pride weekend was for me. I said, "It was..." and racked my brain for the right words.
"The end of the game," said some skinny blond dude next to us as he looked at me intently.
"The end of the game?" I didn't quite believe my ears.
"The end of the game."
Mercifully, the doors opened right then and B and I got off without our interlocutor. "I don't know what he meant by that," I said, "and I'm not sure I want to."
"Yeah," said B, "I noticed him earlier. He's on something, and I'm pretty sure I know what." It isn't hard to guess: meth. You see, my bus spends most of its route on an ugly arterial that runs the length of Seattle's lily white north end, with one concentration of substance abusers downtown, another one at the far end of its trip, and relatively more tech industry stiffs like B & me in between**.

From the Dept. of Happy Thotz, when the Tickler bailed on Pride she said we should make plans. You know I don't sleep on that stuff; we have a hot date planned for Saturday.

*I once referred to myself as a hausfrau in front of my first queer kiss. She told me that her mother did the same. Holy Oedipal Lesbian, Batman!
**I speak of Lake Union, Queen Anne, Fremont, Wallingford, Phinney, Green Lake, and (south?) Greenwood.
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It's been quiet the last few days. Work, housework, a little kiddo. I may be seeing Wonder Woman again because Ex, of all people, expressed displeasure that I took m'boy to see it without her. I thought her time without him was for her to have wild times with her Mr. Right Now, but what do I know? Apparently not much.
More evidence of advancing maternal incapacity: she texted me at 0440 a couple of mornings ago. I can't silence my phone at night because of work, and it's not a good idea for my son or my mother, either. She used to be able to do time zone arithmetic - she lives three hours ahead of me - but apparently no more.

Speaking of Mom, Good Sister gave me a link and asked me to be the point person for trying to tell her how not to get scammed. You'd think this wouldn't be a big deal, but you don't have firsthand experience of how prickly and touchy my mom can be as do we three sisters (and even more so our poor spouses, current and former). I'll do it, natch, but I'm not looking forward to it. Maybe I should be grateful that being trans has helped me grow a thicker skin.
Got on the bus home last night next to a creep who kept trying to talk to me, so I got off at the next stop, which just happens to be a transfer point to the light rail. Pho on the Hill, a little comics browsing, a train to the UW i.e. the end of the line, and a bus-and-walk home were just the ticket. (I had good transit mojo, by the way.) But here's a letter:

Dear Creep,

Yeah, I sat next to you because partly because the last seat available was next to you, and partly because I don't want to be that white lady who won't sit down next to men of color who aren't well off. Fuck you for taking advantage of that.

I don't know whether you would have done that to any woman who sat next to you, or whether you thought my being trans or wearing leggings was some kind of license to ill. But why you crept doesn't matter as much as your act of creeping. Stop it.

No love,
Sista Wendy
I was supposed to have a date with Temptress tonight, but she was in a car accident recently and is therefore feeling bad enough that she needs to stay in. Poor Temptress. I shall, of course, find something else to do. Merc as planned, or Substation? Or Both? Ponder.
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My son just told me this morning that Ex finally wants to start taking him on the weeknights while I get him on the weekends. Yes, it makes lots of sense as I've said here before and yes, I'm glad they got around to telling me before I bought the makings of tonight's dinner, but they didn't tell me before I made social plans for Saturday. I feel guilty about that, even though he's nearly twenty years old. Plan: fancy lunch on Saturday.
I got an answer to the question of how well I pass today: a mentally ill or high-as-a-kite woman with weirdly protruding eyes on the bus this morning asked me, between flailing her arms, nearly wiggling out of her seat, and pestering the Job-like woman in front of her, "Were you a dude?"
I searched for the right words for a second. "I know what you're saying, and yes." Sure, I should have said, "I never really was," but consider my audience. Besides, I get flustered by irrational people.
"Right on, brother!" Yeah, she's black. I could tell she was straining with the effort of code-switching; that was one of many reasons I felt a little sorry for her.
"Sister, these days."
"I like your energy, how you carry yourself." Yeah, we're still on the west coast.
She mentioned that she'd seen me around Benaroya Hall (Seattle's symphony hall, for you out-of-towners), which is near where I work so I do run errands around there from time to time. I've always enjoyed looking distinctive in some ways - the Elder Goths taught me well - but this was an instance when I wish I hadn't looked so memorable.
Speaking of being trans, the current occupant of the White House is cranking up the hate on us via attempted ACA repeal and rule changes affecting HHS. If you live in a district with a Republican representative, please help kill that zombie bill.
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Last night's bus-to-train-to-bus trip to and from a party in the south end of Seattle - I live in the north end - inspired me to write a little mass transit personal history. That's right: to the best of my recollection, here's every bus route I've ever taken in the Seattle area. I used King County Metro to fill in gaps in my memory. Unless otherwise specified, "downtown" means downtown Seattle.

1 - It goes up the steep south slope of Queen Anne Hill, a.k.a. the Counterbalance after the old trolley, but I just used it to bop around downtown.
2 - From downtown to party with friends in the Central District (CD).
3 - To get off Queen Anne Hill and go to work, where I parked during the Super Bowl victory parade.
4 - From downtown to party with friends in the CD.
5 - Goes down Phinney Ridge near my lake place to downtown. Also good for getting my legs waxed in Fremont, or to dates in the numerous bars & restaurants.
[I wish I'd taken the 6 before it was discontinued in 1999. It mostly went around Green Lake, so I had no need of it at the time. It sounds like a useless route so it should be gone, but what a lovely trip that must have been.]
7 - Back in my day, whippersnapper, it went from the UW, down Broadway, then through downtown all the way to the south end. They've amputated the north end of the 7 and replaced it with the 49, which is of course 7 squared. I can't help but wonder if Metro has some mathematically inclined punsters working for them.
8 - Part of this route goes near Lambert House, but I also jumped on it with m'boy near the Seattle Center.
9 - Probably? It goes on Broadway, so it's likely.
10 - Used to go right to Lambert House, and still goes pretty close. These days I mainly take it between Lambert House and Capitol Hill station.
11 - Goes near Lambert House. Before the train I would take the 10, 11, or 43 from 4th & Pike, depending on which one came first, how big a hurry I was in, and whether any cute women got on.
12 - The bus to Dr. Leather Bear.
16 - Discontinued. Green Lake-Wallingford-downtown, so I took it to get my hair cut and probably to dates in Wallingford.
17 - Discontinued. Went from downtown to Ballard. I lived in Ballard with Ex during the mid '90s.
21 - Goes from downtown to the Tickler's in West Seattle.
26 - Downtown to Fremont via the Fremont Bridge, which unlike the Aurora Bridge is a drawbridge and therefore slower. I remember taking this at least once when an accident shut down Aurora.
28 - I needed to get closer to home in Ballard, so I jumped on this one.
29 - Another Queen Anne route. I think I've taken this.
32 - Goes up Elliot past the old CSPC.
40 - Goes from downtown up Dexter through Fremont through Ballard. Good for errands in the north end.
41 - Maybe I've taken it in the tunnel downtown, but no further. For you non-Seattle folks, there's a tunnel for buses and light rail trains that runs underneath downtown, mostly underneath 3rd Ave. ETA 14-Nov-2016: Took this one all the way to Lake City for a little clubbing action.
43 - Another one to Lambert House. It used to go between Downtown, Capitol Hill, the UW and Ballard, but I think the UW-Ballard leg became the 44.
44 - Today's UW-Wallingford-Ballard route. Much Younger Woman's place is near this route.
45 - Green Lake to the UW, where there's now a train station. 'Nuff said.
47 - Goes up Capitol Hill. Duh.
48 - From the CD, about 10 blocks from Lambert House, to the UW. It used to go all the way to Green Lake; that segment of the route is now the 45. There's a song about it!
49 - Goes up Capitol Hill right to the Siberian Siren's. My bus of choice for that before the train.
50 - If I need to go between Ex's & Othello station, maybe I can catch this. It's infrequent & nearly empty, which is reflective of the rich neighborhoods it goes through.
55 - I think I took this to or from [ profile] nerdvana once.
60 - Another Broadway bus, so it's likely.
62 - The replacement for the 16, so yeah.
66 - Downtown to Northgate, for shopping with the Siberian Siren!
70-74 - All routes between downtown and the UW. I lived on these when I was in school. The 74 express goes right to Much Younger Woman's.
82 - A night bus that goes from downtown and winds its way through Wallingford and Green Lake before eventually going more or less near my place. Colorful!
101 - Another tunnel-only bus for me.
106 - Took it to the party in the south end last night.
107 - Took it from the party in the south end last night.
124 - Took it to the body shop where they took the poor Sanctimobile last week. It goes to Georgetown, where artists (used to?) do their thing and where there's fun to be had.
194 - Discontinued. Took this to the airport once, I think, in the pre RapidRide days. Or was that electrolysis? Goes way south, down 99.
221 - Downtown Redmond to Crossroads Mall and points south in Bellevue. Yup.
230 - Discontinued. Crossroads to downtown Bellevue if I remember correctly. Just getting around the east side, which by the way really sucks on the bus after 1900.
234 - Kirkland to Bellevue. I only took this one a few times because ew, Bellevue.
238 - Totem Lake to south Kirkland. Errands.
245 - My regular commute for much of my Microsoft days. Kirkland to Crossroads to south Bellevue.
248 - A newer route through Kirkland. I took it once to run errands.
251 - Discontinued. It was my regular commute route twice, once in the early '90s and later when I lived in Kirkland, pre-Microsoft. Back in the day, it went way out to east Redmond and crossed the 520 bridge. It also wasn't heavily used and drivers would go like bats out of hell all over the east side.
254 - Discontinued. My old backup east side commute route. In the mid-2000s in downtown Redmond I saw a small metal sign indicating the 254's route, affixed to a utility pole, bearing the original Metro logo from the 1970s. I'm sure the removal effort missed it. I kind of want it.
255 - Still a workhorse for Kirkland to downtown Seattle. I used to take it with m'boy to the end of the line, then get weird ramen at the Seattle Uwajimaya. He rides it to & from school now.
271 - Downtown Bellevue to the UW. I think I took this one once or twice? I definitely wasn't a regular rider.
358 - Discontinued. My old commute route from here at my lake place to downtown. Good: the stop was maybe thirty feet from my front door. Bad: the damn thing filled up at least once a week. Worse: a driver was once shot to death on the bus, leaving the bus hanging partway off the Aurora Bridge. That's when they changed the route number from 359 to 358. I wish I were making that up, but I'm not. The 358 was notorious among drivers for being a sort of hazing experience for new drivers. It has been replaced by the RapidRide E line.
[Route numbers in the 500s are Sound Transit express buses.]
540 - Redmond to the UW. I've taken this for long lunches with [ profile] intrepid_reason.
545 - Redmond to downtown. I've taken this one to Pride parades, and met other queers on it.
550 - Bellevue to downtown. I've taken this to Emerald City Comicon with my son.
560 - Bellevue to the airport. Ex just couldn't believe I didn't mind taking this to the airport, but really, the ST buses are pretty comfy with their plush seats.
594 - Electrolysis in Tacoma.
[I've discovered, thanks to an old & buggy version of Metro's arrival screen software, that the RapidRide routes are internally known by route numbers in the 670s. RapidRide A is 671, and so on. I'll use their external names, but in internal order.]
RapidRide A - On 99 well south of Seattle. I've taken this from the airport train station to Norwescon.
RapidRide B - Bellevue-Microsoft-downtown Redmond. A former backup commute line.
RapidRide C - Downtown to West Seattle. I've taken this to the Tickler, and possibly to [ profile] aaminahlefae's.
RapidRide D - Downtown to Ballard. I've taken this to the CSPC or to see friends, but it didn't exist when I lived in Ballard.
RapidRide E - My usual commute bus, the replacement for the 358. Fairly colorful, but usually dependable.

Each route has its own personality. The E is full of dour commuters, sharing a bus uneasily with the mentally ill and homeless of the far north end. The 5 often features women who are either drop-dead stylish or going to & from yoga. The 45 is full of college kids. The 545 is full of Microsoftees with their laptops open. The 10 is almost as young as the UW routes, but queerer.

I've alluded to the route numbering system, so I might as well tell you all I know: the single- and perhaps lower double-digit routes are the old trolley lines, maybe tweaked in a few places. These days they are trolley buses. That's right: some buses in Seattle are powered by electrified cables above the streets.
  • The single- and double-digit routes don't stray too far from central Seattle.
  • Numbers in the 100s run to or exclusively in the area south of downtown.
  • Numbers in the 200s are east.
  • 300s are north.
  • There is no west because that's Puget Sound, Vashon Island being served by 100s.
  • 400s are run by Snohomish county's Community Transit and therefore go way the hell up north.
  • The 500s are, as I mentioned, the long-haul express buses run by Sound Transit, the same agency that runs the light rail & commuter trains.
  • The 600s are (Shhh!) the RapidRides, so called because of their fancy card readers at stops and streamlined routes.
  • There are a few 800s in the stupidly rich parts of the east side which are apparently used as buses to private schools.
  • I believe the 900s are Dial-A-Ride for the disabled.
I may have some kind of mass transit mania, but I will resist any attempt to cure it.

ETA: I keep remembering more routes, so I have to add them. Have to.
ETAA: I can't believe I forgot the 245!
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I needed to drive out to the old place to deliver a form, move stuff, and otherwise save my ex's bacon, which provided an excellent excuse to drive over the new 520 bridge. I thought it was going to open to cars last week, but neau, it was this week.

The new west high-rise is not complete. They're still laying the giant I-beams that support the deck. So for now, eastbound traffic uses the old bridge exclusively, and westbound traffic uses the westbound lanes of the new bridge - the new eastbound lanes are empty between them - and gets shunted onto the old bridge at the high rise.

I have heard the complaint that the three lanes, one of which is HOV, of the new bridge become two at the high rise. Well, duh: see above. The old bridge has four lanes, period. Even when they finish the east high rise, the best they can do is to peel off a lane at Montlake/UW because there are only two lanes each way to I-5. If WaSDoT wants to widen the rest of the way to I-5, they're probably in for a real fight with NIMBYs.

So how's driving on the new bridge? Slick! The first thing you notice is how quiet the pavement is. Last night was windy, which meant spray from the lake on the old bridge. That doesn't happen on the new one because it's higher up. The new one is also straighter. (Why couldn't they make the old one straighter? I dunno.) The speed limit is 50 MPH on the new bridge as it was on the old, but unlike the old one there's no draw span where the state patrol can hide cars. I predict speed demons, especially when so much of that traffic is tech "people" with a sense of entitlement the size of Texas. Good thing the new bridge has shoulders.

Have I mentioned here the irony of regularly using the old bridge for twenty-six years and, like all other drivers in the area, hating it, only to have the new & improved version arrive just days before I no longer need it? Well, it bears repeating. The same thing happened on a smaller scale with the 90th St. bridge in Redmond and Richards Road in Bellevue. If you want a transportation improvement where you live, apparently I have to live or work there, and it will happen when I stop.

(You can tell I've just had my tea, can't you?)
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No post yesterday because I spent pretty much the whole day going from one place to another by various means. More on that in a minute.

You know how I went to Guerrilla Queer Bar on the wrong night Thursday night? Well, m'boy was supposed to spend Friday night with me, but he was somehow under the impression that he wasn't, and he still needed to walk the dog and pack when I got him back to the old place at 2115. So with my ex's blessing I said fuggit and headed for BalMar in Ballard, looking a little Gothier than usual*.

Anyone who knows Seattle will be unsurprised to hear that BalMar is a perfectly decent joint stuffed to the rafters with straight bros and the kind of women who associate with bros. That place sorely needed a queer invasion. Anyone who knows queers will be unsurprised to hear that the queer portion of the night was a sausage-fest - at least for the first hour or so. Ladies did eventually show up, if later and in smaller numbers than the gay boys. They (the ladies) were lovely in multiple senses, with a credible butch/femme ratio. Chatting ensued. Happiness.

I must say, though, that the entire group skewed pretty young; it is, after all, intended primarily for people new to Seattle. I regaled a few of them with tales of the goofy, seedy, Scandihoovian Ballard of the '90s.

On to yesterday! I told m'boy we'd meet at the opening of the new 520 bridge at 1300. Hahahaha. The crowds were so big the bus didn't even follow its usual route to (the new!) UW Station. I had to walk across campus, then wait half an hour for a shuttle. I found him at 1400. (I'm surprised he didn't see me first; I wore my Pride flag leggings.)

So how's the bridge? Big! New! Taller! Prettier! More traffic lanes! With shoulders! Not as steep at the high rises! It's got spiky art things that light up at night! It's got a pedestrian-and-bike lane on the north side with - get this - view spots with benches and interpretive signage. So m'boy walked our lovely 1.5 mile walk in the sun, and ran into [ profile] solarbird and two co-workers. Then The Whining started.

You see, my son had brought his backpack with him. He never takes anything out of it because, he says, he's afraid he won't have it when he needs it. (We will be taking some of that stuff out here at my place.) The damn thing must weigh 25 lbs. He thought he'd have the chance to leave it at my place, but neau, time did not permit because he needed to start work at 1700. The line for the shuttle was at least 45 minutes long, and suffering from insufficient crowd management. I'm sorry to say that my son tried to talk me into cutting in line; I told him that his mother & I had raised him better than that. Good God, is there no end to his punkitude?

Got kid to work, helped ex deliver some furniture that she's selling, had takeout dinner on ex, took three (3) buses over the only remaining bridge (-520 + 234 + 550 + E = home). Immediately drove back to get m'boy and got him here.

*SFDs: black cowboy boots, silk crepe maxi-skirt under a chiffon skirt, punk-flavored belt, Dead Can Dance t-shirt, studded collar, matte dark berry MAC lipstick.
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Yesterday: took the bus downtown with m'boy and transferred to the light rail to Capitol Hill, baybee, for free rides to the opening of two (2) new stations. Travel time to Capitol Hill: ten minutes from train departure to station exit.

How awesome is Capitol Hill station? Dig this: the murals at the entrances are done by local queerbo artist Ellen Forney, and the sculpture hanging above the platform is "Jet Kiss", a couple of chopped up old fighter jets painted pink that look for all the world as if they're kissing, visible in full only from the escalators. Queer enough for the Hill, but not so edgy as to arouse significant ire from squares. Well played, Sound Transit art-buying people, well played.

At the little street fair in front of the station, m'boy & I snarfed falafel and met up with the Siberian Siren and her sweetie, who live nearby. We lost them, however, as we headed back into the station and quickly jumped on a train to the University of Washington station, not to be confused with the existing University Street station downtown or the University District station that's under construction. (I had to explain all that to the SS.)

The Sound Transit dudes at the street fair were at pains to point out that funding for light rail extensions to Ballard and West Seattle will be on the ballot in the fall. I predict that the project will receive voter approval. Both areas currently get "Rapid Ride" bus service from Metro, like my E line only more civilized, and have seen recent booms in housing construction. Now if only they'd run a train up Aurora as I told them to...

UW Station is hella deep, presumably because the train tunnel has to go under the Montlake Cut. That's a canal, for you non-locals. If you're going to the UW Medical Center, college sportsball, or the southern half of the UW campus, that's the place to go. The U District station will be closer to the northwest corner of campus, and Much Younger Woman's place. Of course, MYW will graduate before the station opens in 2021. Le sigh.

On the way back to my lake place I took my boy to the Quad on the UW campus, whereupon stand an oval of cherry tries that bloom this time of year. Yes, there were a gazillion Asians taking each other's pictures, but that never detracts from it for me. In fact, it's nice to see the children climbing the trees, in defiance of the signs, just as my son used to.
Beers at the Cozy Nut with [ profile] ionan and J. I got there (Surprise!) a little early and surveyed the damage from the recent gas explosion a couple of blocks away. I was astonished at how far away some businesses - including the Nut - had windows blown out and boarded up. The actual explosion site is still a muddy, debris-filled mess; they're still cleaning up. That makes me feel a little better about spending money on beer.
Today? Red Mill with m'boy at his request, and my first shopping trip for Burning Man. I... may have bought sake in too high a quantity & quality. Oops. Gotta find a local source for wearable blinkies. Display & Costume? Fry's?
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My ex informs me that she's tentatively accepted an hour on the house which contains an "escalation clause" that raises the price by 3%. That's nearly $747K if it goes through, scheduled to close on April 7th. That's fabulous news for me, of course, and it'll eventually be fabulous news for her, too, but she first has to find a new place. The ones she was looking at last week have of course sold. Welcome to Seattle! I'm sure she'll make it, though; she only wants to move once.

I can't help but wonder if the weekend of staying at my place, away from the old place, and the looming move have contributed to my son's recent punkitude. He skipped class today, and he's started putting sugar in everything again. He at least attempted to vacuum up what he left in my carpet - I know because he didn't put the vacuum away quite right - but it was still all over the coffee table & cabinet.

From the Dept. of Irony: The worst traffic bottleneck in the state of Washington is the State Road 520 bridge, a concrete pontoon engineering marvel* that connects Seattle to its northeastern suburbs. I've driven that bridge hundreds of times to get between my current place and the old one. The new 520 bridge is scheduled to open on April 2nd, less than a week before I don't need it nearly so much.

*Built in the '50s, it has a draw span that used to open to permit pleasure craft through, the lake having de-industrialized shortly after World War II. The draw span also opens during high winds to prevent damage to the bridge. The new bridge has no need for such moving parts and much longer rises at the ends.
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I drove out to Bothell last night to visit [ profile] kathrynt. She, if you'll recall, gave me voice coaching, tea, and sympathy early in my transition, all of which loom larger with the passage of time. It had been a couple of years since I saw her in meatspace, and it was happy-making to see how good she looks and how well her family is doing. Things have improved greatly for her, and she's mainly responsible.

Things have improved for Bothell as well: What was the Anderson school is now a hotel, McMenamin's, and mall. You can get a decent drink in Bothell, within staggering distance of [ profile] kathrynt's place, provided that you're willing to keep an extra sharp eye out for Bothell drivers. Walkability is such a recent development there that drivers haven't yet become accustomed to watching for pedestrians. [ profile] kathrynt is super careful about them in the dark, and with good reason.

Seen this morning at Green Lake: two (great blue?) herons and a cormorant. Seen later this morning on the E line: a pool of blood on the floor behind the driver, who kept people from standing in or walking through that part of the bus for quite reasonable fear that they'd slip. All I know about the blood - about a cup of it - is that it came from somebody in a wheelchair who was gone before I got on. Somebody had tried to wipe it up with a paper towel.
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I'm running on about four hours' sleep because I stayed out waaay too late for the closing party at StartupCo's annual marketing conference. I made it a point to talk to all the women with queer hair; it was a good decision. I don't think I'd ever wear a braided Mohawk, but it looks as awesome as it sounds.

It's counterintuitive to me that catching the bus home between 0200 and 0300 is less scary than between 2100 and 0100. Maybe all the people taking the bus at the later (earlier?) hour are too wiped out to do anything but mind their own business.

Despite being low on sleep, I'm making more progress at work than I have in a couple days. I think I work better in a place with good light & ergonomics. Shocking, I know.

And from the Dept. of Masochism, I have a not-date with Funny Lady for Korean food this evening, followed by a DJ set by Cut Copy at Q tonight. Dammit, why do I have to sleep?
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I've written here before about my bus commute and my encounters with the crazy, talkative, old Chinese lady. Well, yesterday something happened that made me feel a little sorry for her.

At my stop in the north end an older woman with a walker & a service dog got on. I didn't think twice about them.

When I was about to get off, I noticed CTOCL. I'd been mercifully free of her company for a few weeks, and I was astounded that it took me that long to notice her presence. We usually get off at the same stop.

Walker Lady had her dog on a pillow on a seat next to her, near the front. CTOCL started hassling the Walker Lady about how the dog should be on the floor. WL soon had enough and told CTOCL to mind her own business and go back where she came from.


I got off behind CTOCL, looked back at Walker Lady, and made the international gestures for, "She's crazy."
Walker Lady said aloud, "You think?"
I didn't stick around to explain that it just wasn't worth arguing with CTOCL.
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Took m'boy this evening to Golden Gardens, a large & popular beach park in northwest Seattle, because there was a little ravey thing going on. Nothing illegal, mind you, just good tunes, dancing hippies, lots of kids, hula hoops, fire spinners, and Puget Sound visible through the bushes. We watched the sun set on the way there while driving due west down Phinney Ridge, which was uncharacteristically good timing.

After a predictably long time finding parking, we ran into Bonbon from Beaverton, who was there with her son, who's much younger than mine. There were introductions. I could feel the 'Aw, mayunn, our parents are making us be social' vibe from both boys. Nyeh heh heh.

The Lego art car that I've seen so often at Burner parties was there, and the Wendling climbed it with me. It still had its BRC tag from this year. I got my son to touch some of playa dust that thickly coated parts of it. He said, and I quote, "Ew!" I'll make a Burner of him yet.
Thursday evening, I heard the E-line driver stop a drunk from getting on my bus, as best I can recall: "I can smell the alcohol coming off you. I don't need to be upset and driving a 60' bus."

My heroine. I hope Metro is paying her enough.
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I did something on Friday night that I've wanted to do for about a year: introduce my son and [ profile] rigel_p. You see, she has learning disabilities that are similar in kind if not severity to m'boy's. She nearly flunked out of college early on, but she got it together and is now kicking prodigious quantities of butt as a scientist. She has the firsthand knowledge to speak to the Wendling about such things that my Aspiring Ex and I both lack.

We talked for about an hour over dessert, and it was even better than I'd hoped. (I was expecting a big crowd of our many mutual friends, but there weren't any. Considering how much her time is in demand both socially & professionally, we were hugely lucky and she is hugely generous.) Assuming that my son heeds her advice - and he damn well better - we will both be enormously in her debt.

No, I didn't go to any room parties because it was a kid weekend. Yes, I missed them. But! I did go to a filk gig led by Molly Lewis, with [ profile] vixyandtony as two of the sidepeeps, and it was fantastic! I never thought I'd hear a song about Lisa Nowak, i.e. the crazy astronaut who drove hundreds of miles in Depends to confront a rival for her lover's affections.

Bonus: After I transferred from the train to the bus last night, a bunch of Sakuracon attendees in costume jumped on the E. I was among my people all the way to Greenwood after midnight. I love Seattle.

I have to say, though, that the bus and train took me 90 minutes each way from my Lake Place to Norwescon. Oh by the way, the last train on Saturday night leaves the airport at 0010; after that you have to wait until 0500. That would have been OK if I didn't have m'boy with me this weekend. One of these years I'll get a hotel room.

This afternoon: date with the woman I met at the Vampire Ball last weekend. Eeee!


Feb. 5th, 2014 03:22 pm
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  1. My two-month project to move my feature out of Amazon AWS finally shipped - late, but it did ship successfully.
  2. Did a thorough brain dump about surgery - pre, post, and during - over lunch, resulting in a warm fuzzy.
  3. Got to work in an hour despite the Superb Owl victory parade using guerilla commute tactics. After I saw two 358s pass by, filled up many blocks north of my Lake Place, I drove to Queen Anne, parked for free and legally, hopped on a 3 to 3rd & Virginia, and walked the last seven blocks.
Today I am invincible! Now if only I could keep my toes from going numb and forget that it's Evil Sister's birthday.
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The Siberian Siren made a run to a local Russian store and got some candy ("birds' milk") - different brands had considerable variation in quality, with Great Russians making the best, of course - and a big block of sunflower seed halva. I already knew about the latter from when a co-worker brought it to Microsoft. It's one of those foods I want to eat until I pop, and I nearly did. In the Lolspeak, NOM. The Siren approved of my Burn stories.

By the way, if you want the good birds' milk, you need to have an in with the shopkeeper, says the Siren. It's all very Soviet.
Partly in penance for the above, I did a couple of laps around Green Lake this morning on my bike. I'm determined to preserve the condition I got into at Burning Man. Despite also cutting out the morning caffeine - I don't buy coffee on the playa - I got to work early. Grawr!
My Metro mojo is off the charts lately: zero waiting for either a 49 or 48 on the way home last night (with only minor jaywalking) and no waiting this morning. I may have paid for it metaphysically, though.

Disturbing thing that happened on the way to work #1: A woman on the bus whom I don't recognize at all greets me by name. I hate telling people I don't remember them. I settled into an empty seat.

Disturbing thing that happened on the way to work #2: Across the street from my building, I overhear two men talking about ten yards behind me. "Is that a guy?"
Yes, it's gratifying that one of them agreed with me, but the other can go straight to hell. I'm trans, and a woman, and not deaf. No one gets to tell me otherwise.
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I almost forgot: I moved back to Seattle one year and two days ago with the help of [ profile] apestyle. Any regrets? HAHAHAHAHAno. The only downside is how long it takes to get from downtown Seattle to Kirkland when your car is parked in Greenwood. If I were Imperatrix Mundi, I'd run light rail up I-405. Statim.
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Going to work on the 358 this morning there was the most adorable little toddler sitting in the bendy bit with his clearly exhausted mother. He looked at me. He babbled at me. Dare I say he flirted with me? It made me miss the days when m'boy was that small, even though I remember being often as irritated as his mother was. I smiled at him. I caught other passengers smiling at me.

Well, who should get on but a long-haired, grimy-looking drunk, barely able to stand? There are no handrails in the bendy bit, but Drunk Guy was determined to make it past us all to the back. Of course he didn't, or why would I be writing about it? After placing a hand on my shoulder he tumbled backward into the mother & child, his fall partly broken by the man across from them who'd been reading with his well-behaved black cat in the seat next to him.

"Why'd you push me?" he said, I think to Cat Man, who was behind him and holding him off the floor at that point. Dude, nothing but air molecules pushed on you, but that was enough. "I'm callin' my lawyer!" he said.
"You do that," said Cat Man.
Drunk Guy made it to the front of the bus where he could give the driver some aggro and hold up the bus. You don't want to do that on the 358, where the riders are a surly lot. Another passenger got up to challenge Drunk Guy. I heard somebody say, "Sit down or get off!" Happily for everyone, he then got off at Aurora & Crockett.

Moral: If you're going to get on a bus while messed up, and much better you should do that than try to drive, don't try to move about the bus. Not that I think any of my friends reading this are future waste products substance abusers.

ETA: Luckily, no one was hurt. Drunk Guy couldn't even grasp what was happening in the moment, so I doubt he remembers it now.
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As I walked from the 358 to work this morning (past Fluevog - temptation!) I passed a couple of teenage girls. I heard one of them say, "Hey! There's that woman!" She tried to get my attention. 'Uh oh,' I thought.

She persisted. "Ma'am?"
I started to turn around.
Said I, as civilly as I could manage, "Yeees?"


I turned around and continued on my way. A few seconds later I heard giggling.

With idiots like that to deal with every day, no wonder kids show up at Lambert House.
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Commuting to work on the 358 is convenient, but on Tuesday I had to deal with two skeevy guys, one on the bus to work and one at 3rd & Union on the way home. That made me even happier than I would have been ordinarily to see [ profile] savannarama on the bus yesterday morning. Pity she was on her way to )'(. The 5 seems less skeevy, but it's slower and not right by my place.

I went to the weekly beer night with co-workers. I must say, they have good taste in bars.

I'm unpacked, I have all my pictures framed, and I've assembled most of my furniture. The building manager showed me the (correct) room for storage & laundry. I won't have to take anything back across the lake!

Oh yeah: Nibs & I refi'd. More $.
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But first: there's nothing like my LJ friends list for giving me a bite out a perspective sandwich. You know who you are, and I admire you tremendously for succeeding in what's damn near a pessimal situation.

And now, on to the whining. I've done what I usually do when I'm in a funk: I maintain radio silence. Why in a funk?

  1. Between spending too much on frivolous things for Burning Man, my second shrink letter, Nibs waiting on checks, and unexpected house expenses, I'm broke until the middle of the month. I'm no longer eating ramen recreationally.

  2. Project girlfriend is kind of stalled.

  3. Clogged bathtub drain.

  4. Work has been enormously frustrating. The details would bore you.

  5. My group has been moved as of Friday afternoon, away from the prettiest campus. No more five-minute walking commute for me. Lunches with the old gay crew will have to involve vehicles.

  6. I got ditched at a techno show last night.

  7. Today's lunch date spaced on me.

  8. General loneliness.

The good stuff:

  1. The housemates are chipping in with a minimum of nagging.

  2. I have reason to believe that activity on Project Girlfriend is going to pick up next week.

  3. Drano works. I thought it didn't, but it apparently ate through my clog after many times the recommended waiting interval.

  4. Work actually improved over the course of the week.

  5. The new commute is under 20 minutes by bus or car, no worse than it was before I moved into Lhasa. I can walk home in 42 minutes, and that's some nice and needed exercise. The new office has a window, and the women's bathrooms have full-length mirrors. I'll see if I can get a new gay crew together and introduce them to the old gay crew.

  6. The ditching last night was unintentional, and the show itself - more chiptune at Pink Gorilla - was actually pretty awesome. Much more professional than last week.

  7. Today's lunch date rescheduled for tomorrow night's dinner.

  8. Oh yeah, Burning Man! With buds! I'm driving down with them.


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