Jan. 28th, 2017

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What I'd originally planned as just pho on the Hill with [personal profile] bork last night turned into pho, a fruitless search for vol. 1 of Sunstone*, a trip to the used record store (Everyday Music), maple walnut ice cream with lemon curd (really) with [personal profile] bork, and a drink at the Merc - just one, because I was wiped out - with a chat about upcoming activist activities with old hand DJ Maxx Destrukt. An unexpectedly good night!

Noticed a few days ago that I was having trouble stopping Goldiebike. Not good for an urban cyclist like yours truly. Got two pairs of new brake pads. Installed a pair on the front. Still no joy. Tightened front cable. Happiness. Tightened rear cable. More happiness. Now wondering how long bike brake pads are supposed to last; I think mine have at least 6000 miles on them. Also wondering how bad it is that I didn't replace the rear pads. I know a few of you out there in journal-land have the answers.

*BDSM-flavored comics about queer women, recommended by [profile] speedie316. How could I not?


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