Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Yes, my mom dropped an info bomb, but I'm not the target. I'm the payload; my Evil Sister is the target.

A bit of background: Evil Sister's husband has been working in Texas so much that the rest of the family is moving out there to join him later this year. The complicating factor is that ES's elder daughter, E, is right around college age, and will need to continue residing in Florida to get that wonderful in-state tuition. So there was a question of where E would live.

Enter my mom. She & ES haven't been getting along too well or speaking much for years. Even if I could remember all the details I'd spare you; suffice it to say that they mostly make my Evil Sister look sympathetic, and Good Sister backs her up on that. So it isn't too surprising that ES said that E will not be staying with Mom, even though Mom has abundant room in her house.

So what does Mom do? Tell E that she'd been thinking of adding another bathroom for her at the back of the house, but that her Aunt Maura had talked her out of it. This is the first E has heard that she has an Aunt Maura. I just found out from Mom via an insomniac early-morning email check. I don't know if my Evil Sister knows yet.

It occurs to me that, if E's so inclined, she might just find this journal referring to her mother as Evil Sister numerous times over the years. Yeah, well, I call 'em the way I see 'em. I hope I get a chance to explain.


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