Feb. 5th, 2017

sistawendy: (hand staple forehead)
My mom's info bomb hasn't done any damage. My niece E hasn't, to my knowledge, looked for me online, and neither she nor my Evil Sister have said anything about it to my mom much less me. Sure, I'd like to hear from my niece (and of course my sister) again, but I'd prefer that it happen without rancor, natch. Maybe E knew already; maybe E wasn't curious; or maybe ES has lied to E again and dissuaded her from looking for me.

As for ES's decision to put E someplace other than my mom's for college, Mom is characteristically convinced that ES is punishing her for cutting off easy credit eight (!) years ago. That's not so obvious to me. The other two candidates are, based on Mom's description, households that could really use a young, able-bodied person like E around even more than my mom could. It seems plausible that ES's evil is reserved mainly for me.
Burgers with m'boy Friday night in celebration of his finishing the two-page to do list that Ex taped to the bathroom mirror. Adulting, he can do it.
I was all psyched for a hot date with Temptress last night, but I found out - after I'd done all twenty nails - that she'd come down with something. So I had a relatively short and temperate night at the Merc last night. We rescheduled for a week later, but I've realized that I have to let my facial hair grow for electrolysis that weekend. Arg!
Today: sleeping the chunky rain away, scouring the town for "art" materials.


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