Jan. 5th, 2017

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You may recall that m'boy got in an accident and totaled my Prius. You may also recall that I'm buying Ex's Prius for cheap. Yeah, we're ex-spouses who drive drove the same model of car. Shaddup.

The plan is to put that new car and my son on my insurance. To do that, I need my current name on the title. The path of least resistance seemed to be a name change as opposed to an official sale.

Mistake #1: Ex's name changed in the divorce. They wouldn't let me put both name changes on the title yesterday without a notarization of both our signatures. If Ex wants her correct name on that title, she can do that herself: I changed my name alone on it today. I think that was the very last legal document with my old name on it. I know, I've said that several times over the last several years, and each time I believe it.

Mistake #2: My insurance agent has been trying to save me money by being able to prove "continuous coverage". I just now realize I may have screwed that pooch by cancelling my old insurance in November, before I even talked to him for the first time. The old car was destroyed, so I figured, why pay to insure it? That decision may have long-term implications. Time to call him.


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