Feb. 2nd, 2017

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I just got my second of three injections for the hepatitis B vaccination. Dr. Leather Bear had mentioned it many times in the past, and since his whole practice is queer and therefore extra vigilant about STIs, I figured I better listen to him and get vaccinated. It's best in a large muscle - in this case my butt - because it's a 1 ml shot, but it's only a 25G needle, not one of the sewer pipes I need to inject girl 'roids.

And of course I'm wearing more leather than usual today. Doesn't everyone like to hear "Nice boots!" from their doctor?
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I've gone through my LJ friends list, selected a dozen or so whose Dreamwidth accounts I'm still not connected to, and pinged them about it. The objective here is to migrate my reading from LJ to DW, not just posting, so I can nuke this here LJ.

Yeah, the vast majority on my friends list have long since gone inactive and that's sad, but on the other hand, that make it easier for me to migrate.

Fuck Russia.


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