Apr. 7th, 2017

It is done.

Apr. 7th, 2017 07:04 am
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After 16 years and over three thousand entries, I have deleted my LiveJournal. I didn't, however, delete comments that I made because really, even if Putin's goons object - and they theoretically could object to plenty of them - what are they gonna do? I thought maybe somebody might want the comments, especially if they migrate.

I still have (a few) mixed feelings about abandoning a service that has, in the past, been a platform for Russian dissidents. LJ's management has, however, acquiesced to Putin's demands for one reason or another. The possibility of ending up dissolved in acid is an all-too-real reason that they might have considered.

Upsides? All other things being equal, my "reading page" should load faster because it doesn't contain a bunch of inactive users.

LJ is dead, but the dream lives on at Dreamwidth. Let's queer this joint up!
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Last night:
  1. Vietnamese eats with the Siberian Siren. I only had 90 minutes for dinner with her - read on for why - but I needed more like 150. I've been busy; stuff is happening.
  2. The quarterly report for Lambert House. I really should know better by now than to ask the director any questions that aren't directly related to the task at hand; his answers tend to turn into the megilah. But I don't know better. And the truth is, he's a natural at making such stories entertaining. I didn't get home until nearly midnight. No, we couldn't have started earlier because he was facilitating the group for gay boys, as I do for the trans folks.
Tonight: Despite being low on sleep, I think I need to hit the Mercury for at least a little while. Some seldom-seen folks from the Seagoth board days said they'd come for the first time in years, and since they have young children, it could be my only chance for a while. I'll see if I can talk them into Dreamwidth. They were on LJ a looooong time ago.


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