Apr. 9th, 2017

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I went to Substation for DJ Heather et al. last night, sadly without Brown Eyes because she's feeling unwell. Sure, Heather brought those sweet Chicago house grooves, but what really made the night for me was the first opener.

She is Griffingrrl, MKA Emily Griffin, who, as promoter Ramiro Gutierrez explained to me, was a DJ in San Francisco for many years before she moved up here about ten years ago, had at least one kid, and stopped DJing. She does indeed have that Frisco sound, and it was hands down my favorite of the night.* A+, would shake booty again!

Best part: her parents were there, dancing to her whole set. They looked like well-heeled boomers, dad in a jacket and mom in, well, heels. I talked to Griffingrrl later about her triumphant return to the decks; she said she'd been in the underworld.
"I can relate," I said. "Mine's 19. Parent Power!" I raised my fist in salute.
"That underworld is the real deal."
"OH yeah!"

Fun fact: girlfriend must be 6' tall in her socks, at least. I bet that comes in handy when you work late nights in a club.

*And what, you may ask, is the difference between the Chicago & San Francisco sounds? Predictably, SF house has less jazz, funk, and soul than its arguable progenitor from Chicago, and more bounce, acid, and hippy shit, as epitomized by Mark Farina, Garth, and Om Records. (The Detroit sound tends more toward sinister space aliens, but they too can groove.)


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