Apr. 24th, 2017

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I met for about an hour with A, whom I dated a few times, about the rest of the outfit for my birthday party next year, i.e. the skirt and maybe some accessories. The corset is, of course, coming from Dark Garden.

A lives in a two-bedroom apartment, and damned if it isn't half full of a cutting table, sewing table, and fabric. How did I not know how heavily she was into sewing when I was dating her? Was she, even? And why didn't I ask her this evening?

And here's the icing: A's friend N, who is the only woman ever to grab me by the hair and get me up against the wall of a public establishment in a fun way*, may or may not be A's roommate? Partner? I can't even. Clearly I've been slack about keeping in touch with them both, which is unlike me. All I know is that N has recently become a bicycle fiend. If N were to join me in one of my frequent trips around Green Lake, I'd be thrilled.

*Yes, please, I would like very much for her to do this again or something along those lines.


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