May. 28th, 2017

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Look at me, forgetting to update again. Luckily, there hasn't been too much going on over here.

When I wasn't working weird hours trying to get something with a firm deadline done, I was either at the dentist or not making it to the dentist because my son had the car. It isn't quite his fault, though, because he was helping Exstepmother get ready to vacate her place - she's been evicted. I just wish he'd told me earlier. Oh yeah, he also changed the car handoff plan at the last minute, so I ended up making a U-turn at Chinatown station and still beating him back to my place.

It's been a quiet Memorial Day weekend of circumflatulation in the sun for me. I even took Friday off, which was a much-needed break from work madness. From the Dept. of No Good Deed Going Unpunished: I busted my butt and paid $8.95 in bridge & road tolls to return some rented equipment on time, only to find that they'd knocked off early. I admit, it was a beautiful day after a long string of gross ones at the start of a long weekend, but they better not charge me extra. I'm not pleased about having to make that drive again Tuesday morning.

Went to the Merc Friday night, and met I nice young lady who then proceeded to hustle me: she sells clothes at the store that used to be Metro on Broadway. Either that or she was hitting on me, which seems less likely given the age gap. It was warm enough that night that I wore Burner gear - the sort that either is my underwear or shows my underwear if you look hard enough. And the new Fluevog Francescas? Diabolically comfy. I think I have a new favorite pair of Nice Boots.

Went to what turned out to be a super-hippy art show in Belltown early yesterday evening. Maaaaybe I wouldn't have minded one or two of the pieces in my place, but not for four figures. There was scantily-clad, yoga-toned eye candy walking around, but one piece of it was wearing patchouli, which smells to me like burning tires. I fled.

So I bopped up to the Hill, which I tend to do when I'm at loose ends. Saw a lovely, well-dressed redhead in Cal Anderson park with her fella on one side and an open jar of kim chi on the other; he's a lucky guy. Got in the long line for ice cream. [personal profile] bork joined me, and awesomeness ensued, including watching people in front of Cafe Vita as the twilight deepened. It's still the Hill.

Oh: m'boy lost the iPhone that he's only had for a few months. He's so paying for the replacement. Ex says he's terrified of what I'll say to him, but really, I'm just thinking, 'Again?' I worry that without his parents he'd be helpless, and our job is first and foremost to get him ready to take care of himself.

Gosh, this got long, didn't it? That's what happens when I forget to update.


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