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But first: I didn't make it to the waterfront Ferris wheel with m'boy. The weather was acting questionable, and I asked him if he still wanted to go, and he said no. So of course it got sunny. Two weeks from now, without fail.

I did, however, make it - late - to Sky Cries Mary at Neumo's this afternoon. For you non-locals, Sky Cries Mary was a Seattle band active from the late '80s until early this century. They reunited for the weekend, complete with crew & visuals guy, to play a benefit for a band member with cancer. I've been a fan since I heard them on KEXP (then KCMU) in the early '90s, and I've seen them live at least three times in the past. The best I could describe SCM's sound is psychedelic rock.

In brief: they've still got it. Front woman Anisa Romero has aged enviably both vocally & visually, and her hubby Roderick Wolgamott, well, still can't carry a tune in a washtub, but I gather he was quite a songwriter. Roderick wore a Norwegian flag tie and braids with his full beard, in the best Seattle hippie tradition.

Being Sunday afternoon, this was an all-ages show. There were some actual honest-to-goodness children there, but I'm pretty sure the median age in the SRO crowd was in the low to mid 40s.

I'd forgotten how big that band is: the number of people on stage was usually seven, but it ranged from three to nine, and included the recipient of the benefit.

It kills me a little that I a) showed up late from dropping m'boy off at home* and b) had to leave early for zappy. I might not have been so late if I hadn't stayed awake too late pursuing an MBSO unsuccessfully. They sounded terrific, and I could feel the love in the room. And I did get to hear a lot of my faves, fifteen feet from the stage. Aw, yeah.

I hope they never play Seattle again for the reason that they did. But if they were to show up again, especially with new material, I'd be very there, not that I think it's likely.

*Of course I offered to buy him a ticket and of course he said no. Neither crowds nor amplifiers are his thing.


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