Feb. 11th, 2017

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(Another sort of trans-related question: If you're a woman, can you go stag? Or do you have to go doe?)

Temptress postponed on me yesterday, and Much Younger Woman hurt her back pretty badly, which I didn't find out until I was about to pick her up to go dancing. Le sigh.

But go dancing I did, at the Shameless crew's annual Valentine's Day party. Headliners Smash TV, zwei Menschen auf Deutschland, brought cool, solid groove. Honorable mentions to Joe Bellingham & Orqid.

There was a surprising number of stunning and stunningly dressed women there. I saluted the corset-wearer with the Nice Boots, like you do. Happiness is when one of them, who's exactly your type and wearing shiny tight pants, comes up to you to ask about your outfit and be adorable. My SFDs: lace-trimmed black long sleeve blouse, purple & black lacy skirt from Mishu, black patent Docs, MAC makeup.

But the real score here was the venue, an art & event space in an out-of-the-way corner of Sodo. I do believe I may have found a venue for my 50th birthday. It's a newish building with soaring ceilings and black, Gothy chandeliers, and it's the perfect size with easy parking & transit access. It's not as posh as that other place in Sodo that I was looking at, and would definitely involve more DIY on my part, but I kind of fell in love with the vibe. I talked to M, the lady in charge, courtesy of an introduction from former co-worker B of zentai suit fame who was down from Canada. (Synchronicity, no?) M is a former (?) raver and working artist who hosts a lot of art events, art education events, and the odd private party. She said my date shouldn't be a problem. I've already asked her for particulars. I haven't put her name or the name of her space here because she expressed a concern about too much publicity.

Yeah, I know the Republicans are out to get me, not to mention most of the guests at any party I might throw. I'm running out of fucks, though, and I should have the cash and time to pull this off.


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