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I went to the March for Truth Saturday morning. There weren't as few of us as I'd feared - maybe a thousand - but not as many as I'd hoped. I don't think that march was very well promoted. Over the course of the day I had to explain that it had happened and what it was about.

As we walked down Pine street, some skinny dude in a suspicious said something like, "All these people don't work for a living."
I looked at him through my shades. "It's Saturday." I wish I'd made that up, but I'm glad I didn't have to.
I think he said something about blah blah blah homosexuality - I was wearing my Pride jewelry & pussy hat - but I didn't hear him and I didn't care to.

There was a small but excellent marching band that was with us all the way from Cal Anderson Park to the Seattle Center. I gave my compliments to the glockenspiel player.
My hair is now bluish black, courtesy of Locks of Fury, as always. I love it!

I went to the Sin night at Kremwerk in my marching clothes to show off my new hair, and I must say, the eye & ear candy were first rate. I have of course informed the Tickler, who seems excited. Sadly, I forgot to close my tab and therefore left my debit card there. I didn't drink too much, I promise. I haven't been able to sleep worth a damn the last few days, though, for which I blame the approach of summer. Maybe I need to dig out my bondage sleeping mask.
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Happiness is short-notice drinks at Cyclops with a couple of Beavers, i.e. women from Camp Beaverton, one of whom has family in the area. I can't believe I hadn't told them the story of the Blond Angel; don't I tell everyone that one?

But because I got there an hour early on the bus, I decided to kill time by picking up a favorite lipstick* at Nordie's. I end up walking with a good-sized group of young women - girls, arguably - about half of whom are hijabis and all of whom are speaking, I think, Arabic to each other. It turned out we had the same destination. It was one of those rare occasions when I regretted that my natural walking speed is faster than almost everyone else's. What would they have thought if I'd told them that I, a lone trans woman, had their back?

Oh and speaking of the potential for running into Nazis, I got around to practicing with my pepper spray. It's on my keychain now.

To do tomorrow: letters to electors. Yeah, I've been slacking off over Thanksgiving weekend, which you could say is insane under the circumstances, but I kinda needed it. And hey, if I'm going to use the printer at work downtown as planned, parking is free there tomorrow. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

To do tonight: dinner & dancing with the Tickler!

*MAC, Viva Glam
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Leg waxing & shellac manicure: check. Gotta have hot pink playa-proof nails, duh.
Dreads & braids: tomorrow afternoon, all of it, and then some.
Feverish packing: starting tomorrow night. Good thing the kiddo works then.
Freakout: probably starting tomorrow night.

I think I have places to put all the bins in my apartment before I load. I think.
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There are a few loose ends from the divorce that need to be tied up so that we can both, you know, comply with the decree. This list is at least as much for me as for you:
  1. Ex* informed me today that I'd been driving around uninsured so far this month. Yikes! I just fixed that.
  2. I need to file a "quit claim" on the house so Ex can sell it as planned.
  3. Untangle car registration. Ex and I have a Prius apiece, and if I remember correctly we're both registered owners for both of them.
  4. I need to get my name off the checking account that she uses, but I'm not in any hurry because I'm poor at the moment; I've been spending more money than usual on feeding my teen and court fees.
  5. Do something about my Macy's account.
And as long as I'm blowing up my credit card balance, I thought I'd pick up a couple of fun things on the east side while the Wendling was at work:
  1. My favorite eye shadow, MAC's Orb, which is an excellent match for my skin.
  2. A sake set from Uwajimaya ($25ish - nothing too fancy) with which I hope to ply lovely ladies with delicately flavored alcohol.
  3. A food drier, so I can make mounds of kale chips & dried broccoli for )'( this year.

*I still love typing that, and I shall type it for her forever more.
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I logged many miles in the Sanctimobile yesterday. The agenda:
  1. Pho with m'boy for lunch. I didn't have dinner with him Friday night because, well, I had a date. Yes, I messed up the scheduling and yes, I feel guilty about it.
  2. Driving practice in the parking lot of his high school, specifically backing into parking spaces. He still doesn't have the motor skill of pointing the car where he wants it to go when he's reversing. He also keeps trying to rely on the backup camera, which is a big no-no, especially in tests. There will be more such practice in the future, I hope.
  3. Tea and Stilton at chez [ profile] kathrynt. She had lipstick that she wanted to get rid of, and I had a need of lipstick I can wear to work. It was about the closest I come to being nostalgic for the days right before Full Time. I left with a couple of suggestions for non-work lipstick, of course.
  4. I stopped by the Agora. The occasion was [ profile] gfish's open shop. I didn't have any projects, but I did get to be social with folks I wish I saw more often.
  5. The holiday party for StartupCo, which was all lovely with the eats and drinks and gussied-up people. Despite being bare-legged, I didn't freeze to death to or from my car. I skipped the afterparty. My excuses? It was freezing outside, and I'm still trying to get over the cold I caught over Thanksgiving. And get off my lawn.
And in a nice bit of synchronicity, coming back from the Agora I saw signs telling me that Aurora was closed downtown. Had I not seen them, I would have been miffed, to say the least.
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I had a will-call ticket for another Decibel Festival show at Neumo's. At around 7:30 I thought, 'I really need a disco nap. I'll just go to sleep for an hour two.' Hah. I woke up at 10:30.
And then I went right back to sleep and woke up at 2:00.
And then I went right back to sleep and woke up at 7:00.
And then I went right back to sleep and woke up at 8:00.
No bleepy goodness, no afterparty for you, Miss Hubbell.

I feel terrific, but I was a bit sniffly yesterday. I think my body just decided to fight something off.
And why did my disco nap start so late? Because I got the dreads and braids out of my hair. That plus the coloring took four and a half hours, which is about how long it took to put them in.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, my natural hair isn't itchy and doesn't take forever to dry. On the other, Anna did a fantastic job with the extensions and I long ago lost count of the number of comments I got about them. By the way, she's moved a couple of blocks to a location that you'll never in a million years find from the street; that's by design.
Here's where I spread a little link love. A little bearded birdy told me that my interview is up on the Capitol Hill blog.
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I got my legs waxed for the first time yesterday. I love the results, and the discomfort was no worse than sugaring myself. After over 260 hours of electrolysis, it's a walk in the park. It would be expensive to make a habit out of this, but for the playa it's definitely the way to go. Mind you, my skin was grown with the help of a Y chromosome and I know it to be much less delicate than, say, the Siberian Siren's.

A PCC salad and a bus ride later, I went to [ profile] imflying for braids and, in a new twist, dreads. That's right: I'm a dreadlocked white girl. It happened because there's a pic:

Windproofed! )

Saw [ profile] cupcake_goth for the first time in many, many months last night at Re-bar's Ceremony night. She'd cancelled on me so many times that I was beginning to feel like chopped liver. Now I feel guilty about that because she & [ profile] stroppy_baggage have had Serious Stuff going on for a few months now. If I can do anything to help it will be an honor. We shall see.

Happiness is watching a lovely woman in a big, black dress clear a large area of the dance floor as she gets swirly. I missed that.

SFDs: (too?) short knit black dress, black knee-high Fluevog True Melanie boots, black leather opera gloves, horseshoe nail necklace because my new hair got caught in a classic Goth beaded choker, Rose Noir lipstick from Atomic Cosmetics, MAC everything else. Yeah, I wear leather opera gloves in the summer.
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Walked around Green Lake to catch a 16 to my hair appointment with [ profile] razorbits. Saw an elderly Chinese fellow slapping himself on various parts of his body and stretching in what appeared to be a studied way. A kind of tai chi with which I'm unfamiliar? I didn't feel like asking him, "Excuse me, sir, but why are you slapping yourself?" Life in the big city. Viva Metro for getting me there on time, more or less, and of course, viva [ profile] razorbits for giving me a bitchin' 'do.

Dropped off cowboy boots at Swanson's. I have to get them resoled so I can wear them on the playa for a week and really trash them.

Took the 44 to the 49 to Atomic Cosmetics inside Retail Therapy on the Hill with the Siberian Siren. We were there because I'd lamented to the Siren that I had no lipsticks that I really liked. They do have some nice shades, and they were making a batch of one - Jinx'd - that I really liked, so I had to go back for it.

The SS took me to a phở joint, Ballet, that I'd walked past a zillion times but never noticed; she'd been morphing into a pork chop before my eyes. Yes to the seitan phở and otherwise nice food & service, but no to the sugar in the broth. WTF?

The Siren had to go to a (gay!) wedding later that afternoon, and she couldn't find anything to wear in her zillions of rack feet of closets. This meant an emergency speed-shopping trip to Crossroads. I got to hold her half dozen candidates, zip her into them, and then play critic. Her taste tends toward the form-fitting, and what a form she has. Oh my. She doesn't fear sheer, either. Quote of the day: "Now the whole store knows my underwear is polka-dotted." From the wedding she texted me that Sen. Patty Murray showed up.

Hit Blick art supplies. I have a small plan for Burning Man, oh yes.

Dogsat both Bigpuppy and Mr. Right Now's dog. I'm proud of myself for preventing them from eating dirt. Don't tell Aspiring Ex that I didn't walk them, though. Controlling two dogs with scraped-up hands didn't sound fun.

Hit the Mercury for the first time in a while. Some of the things I loved about the Merc are gone: the painting by Victor, the razor wire on the DJ booth. Aw. And somebody needs to paint those new shelves behind the bar. You can't have natural pale wood in the Mercury! It's still a good place to drink and talk to freaks you know, though.

Speaking of freaks, I was taking a load off when another trans woman invited me to her table with her (trans) girlfriend. Mostly out of a feeling of solidarity, I accepted. I may be going to trans hell for thinking their visual & vocal presentation a bit bizarre, even by the high standards of trans people at the Mercury.

Walked over to ETG, where the Siren & her exhausted girlfriend bagged on me. The Shameless crew came through with some nice grooves, though, so I stayed until I wore out, i.e. shortly after 1:00.
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I've suffered catastrophic nail polish failure on three nails. I've noticed that with the better brands, when it goes, it all goes at once. I'm wondering whether to get rid of the rest of it. That sounded like an LJ poll to me.

For those of you who wear nail polish:
[Poll #1907062]
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Ms. Zappy's allergies were acting up today, so she asked if we could postpone our appointment. Generally, that's OK, but she did so by texting me at 0600. Not cool. I'm not a morning person, and I'm really not a morning person on a Sunday. As it happens, next weekend is Norwescon so the next zappy will be in two weeks as scheduled.

It's been a quiet weekend with m'boy: he had homework to do, so there weren't any field trips with him. I still took advantage of the gorgeous weather, though, to:
  • Drop of my thigh-high boots for a long-needed re-heeling at Swanson's.
  • Say hi to [ profile] imflying at work. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the brighter red with highlights that she did for me on Wednesday.
  • Stop by chez [ profile] ionan to pick up a mix from him appropriately titled "Blistering Chip Fury". Yeah, you may think you hate chiptune, but this is no ordinary DJ we're talking about. I got to sit in the sun on his balcony chatting with his lovely wife. Happiness.
  • On the way to [ profile] ionan's, I passed 108 N 80th St. It's an all-black house with a flowerpot on a pedestal that reads "STAY SCARY". Nyeh heh heh heh!

Today, in another sign that I'm becoming a grown woman, I broke down and bought a couple of small houseplants to liven up my small apartment. I got them at Swanson's Nursery, which I just noticed has the same name as the shoe repair shop. Ah, Seattle. Long may your Scandihoovians say "Uff da!"
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The Siberian Siren and I are so dangerous for each other. We always have budgets when we shop, and if we're together, both of us exceed them, every time. We both recognize the problem, but I don't see us fixing it any time soon. Her girlfriend is too butch to enjoy that kind of thing, and tells her to shop with me. All my other, perhaps (but not necessarily) more sensible girlfriends are either too booked, too butch, or too tired.

I'm lucky so many of my meals come from StartupCo. Money that I budgeted for food has gone to makeup and clothing.

From the Dept. of Rationalization: Nibs bitched at me for years because she doesn't like the smell of Angel. I was over budget because I picked up some Chanel Chance at Ulta. (The SS cried, "It's not my fault!") Be careful what you wish for, Nibs.

The rest of the haul from Ulta:
  • A couple of nail colors and base coat from OPI. I tried it at the SS's. It's good, durable stuff.
  • Eyeliner - Urban Decay's Perversion. Hey, I ran out. Like you do.
  • Mascara. I was... nearly out. I think.
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Because a) I need more makeup and b) I need more knowledge about makeup, I went to the MAC Store with the Siberian Siren. I got my face done by a professional for the first time ever. The SS is determined to make a proper girl femme out of me, so she couldn't resist kibbitzing, which was easy because the MUA had to deal with appointments, etc.

  • Studio Fix - It's a staple for me; I use it almost every day.
  • A Paint Pot - It's much better concealer than what I had.
  • A palette of four eye shadows, only one of which was really a nighttime-only. The SS proposed earth tones. I protested that I was too damaged by the 70's to try them, but she prevailed, and as usual in femme matters, she was right.
  • Brushes. Yeah, I know a bunch of you say to go to art supply stores, and I relayed that. The SS disagrees. So, now I have kinds of brushes that I didn't have before.
Still needed:
  • liquid eyeliner - I'm out! Hand, staple, forehead!
  • mascara - I'm not out, but I could run out at any moment. The SS says other brands have better brushes than MAC. I shall investigate.
  • lipstick - Don't we all need more, always?

The SS & I were supposed to go to a lesbian night at Waid's. She had plans to wear something revealing - reason enough for me to be where she is - so I did the same in solidarity. So, I show up, and take in the hip hop and go-go dancers on the bar for a bit. The SS texts me to say that she hasn't started getting ready because she's been setting up electronics with her sweetie, and could she please have a rain check?

'OK,' sez I, 'It's not really my scene anyway. I'll go to the Merc.'

Ha haaa! The're extending that damn trolley line on Broadway to the south, rendering my favorite parking spaces inaccessible. The blocks nearby are filled with other losers like me, all trolling for spaces. Le sigh. At this point I decide to cut my losses and go home, not least because I had plans for the following morning.

She apologized today, and asked how she could make it up. Mmu hu hwaugh huh hah ha! I'm sure I can think of something.

Nibsbrother's daughter E is up here from California as I type. She's a sweet, grown-up girl, and she's the only niece with whom I have contact, thanks to my sisters. I have to say I enjoyed interacting with a non-Aspie teenager. I love my son, but he can be... draining in ways most other children aren't.

The four of us went to the Tutankhamun exhibit. Yes, we're all familiar with spectacular ancient Egyptian art and funerary goods. I came up with a metaphor for Tut's tomb: it's not a tomb so much as a moving van for the afterlife. Everything he might have needed was there. Freakiest object? The whitewashed wood-and-reed bed that he apparently used in life. (It was kind of narrow and delicate-looking for sex, I thought.)

The overall impression that I got, though, was one of decadence. Ancient Egyptian society did pretty well lasting all that time, but I can't help but wonder if more of their culture would have survived Christianity & Islam if they hadn't poured resources into religious & funerary madness.
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Before all the parties on Saturday night, I went out to lunch with the Siberian Siren at B&O, whose days as a restaurant on Capitol Hill are sadly numbered thanks to developers. Talking to the SS about the drama that is my love life, it seems that the SS is all about having the power in a relationship. Me? I'm all about liberté, fraternité, egalité, peace, love, and kim chi in relationships; that's one of the reasons I'm grateful that my transsexuality destroyed my marriage. I guess I'm glad the SS is my friend and not my girlfriend, and I'm hoping her outlook is unusual.

We went through some of her many closets, where I played the anal brute and told her which clothes she should get rid of. Sometime she listened to me, and sometimes she didn't. She accumulated a pile of about a dozen outfits that she wanted to try on for further investigation. I got to watch this gorgeous woman get into and out of them while I did my nails with her nail polish (OPI Russian Navy - heh). Girly girls? Us? Hell yes.
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I was one of a tiny minority of women not wearing any eye makeup at the barbecues yesterday. (Mothers of young children get a free pass, but not all of them availed themselves of this.) Yes, apparently I really am turning into a big lesbian.
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I whined in my previous entry about how I got no responses from any of my recent dating prospects. Within hours of that post, two out of three of them got back to me. That improved my mood greatly, to say the least.

In all fairness, the Young Lady in the Bowler did warn me she'd be maxed out with school. And P from the Josephine remembered meeting me at Das Haus! I'm embarrassed and not a little astonished that I can only barely remember meeting somebody with her name there. Maybe I filed her under D for "has a dude", maybe I didn't get around to chatting her up, or maybe [ profile] leenerella's hubby makes killer punch.
I smell nice again: Chanel Eau Tendre.
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I watched some of Portlandia with the Wendling on Friday night. He likes it, but he needed a little help in getting it. It's just barely age appropriate, I think: some sexual content, no violence. It's one of those shows where you have to listen fast, and that's something he has trouble with.
For a couple of hours yesterday, I kept a promise: I went to the Bellevue Nordstrom perfume counter, where a former co-worker of mine had me snort dozens of perfumes. (If you go there, ask for Kelly the Australian and tell her I sent you.) It was pretty funny to see how into it she is. I suppose you'd have to be to do that job.

I now have several samples to wear to work and think about; even I knew that perfume smells completely different when it's on somebody. Dior's Addict smells heavenly on [ profile] intrepid_reason, but I didn't like it on paper so I gave it a pass. Something new might be nice; it might even keep Nibs from whining at me so much: she hates Angel, which I've been wearing since what, '05?
An announcement for a party called Dress to Get Laid came over one of the Burner mailing lists a few weeks ago, so I went after catching some always-lovely Vixy and Tony. DtGL was a solid good time overall, but the most remarkable thing about it was the venue: a studio & living space for a few artists in Ballard called the Josephine after Josephine Baker, whose photo appears prominently behind the DJ booth. About half the walls, including the tall ones in the dance space, are covered in murals, some of them astoundingly intricate. There are decorations and mixed media pieces everywhere, with twisty little passages, crazily steep steps, and doors to nowhere. Not even the toilet was normal. I want to move in, of course.

People did indeed dress to get laid, and what party in Seattle would be complete without meeting a cute, kinky bi girl? Fave DJ: Weaver, who is as I recall a friend of [ profile] leenerella's. Makedon brought the less often danceable Balkan beats, but he deserves an honorable mention, as does the more out-there closer MQuin, m.k.a. Melissa Quintanilha.
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For the first time I colored my own hair with Wella's burgundy shade. I love the way my hair turned out - it's not that far from my pre-grey natural color, with a little red in it - but I'm not crazy about the way the shelf attached to my bathroom mirror turned out: stained purple in several spots. I should have known that cheap, laminated crap would absorb dye and kept it all on the bathroom sink, but putting up there was more ergonomic. Le sigh.

I've tried every chemical in the house to get the dye off. No luck. So, my choices are sanding it off, painting it, or replacing it. I'm hoping I don't have to call the landlord.
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I love what [ profile] razorbits does to my hair, but my roots are showing and money, well, could be less tight. I think it's time for me to make the leap to doing it myself. I'm not looking to color it differently from the shade it's been since Full Time yet. Favorite brands? Tips?
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My hair is now made of hair again. It was time; my roots were an inch and growing. I loved my blue plastic hair, but I kinda missed my curls. I also didn't realize how much I missed the convenience of shorter hair. How my hair turned back into hair is a story in itself.

I'd made an appointment with [ profile] imflying for 4:00 Saturday, and we'd agreed that I was going to get my braids out ahead of time on my own. She estimated that it would take her an hour, so how much slower could I be?

A whole lot slower, as it turned out. After trying one at 11:00 AM on Saturday, I texted [ profile] imflying in a panic. She recommended a salon in the central district. Meanwhile, I'd already made plans to go thrifting with [ profile] staxxy, and left her an apologetic voice mail begging off.

[ profile] staxxy returned my call and volunteered to undo my braids! Hurrah! I just had to drive out past Issaquah to her place.

I arrived in downtown Issaquah to a low-flying helicopter and several city blocks closed off by police. Traffic crawled. Two girls about ten years old approached me while I was nearly stopped.
"Where are you going?" one asked.
"[[ profile] staxxy's road]"
"You can't get there."
I laughed at the divine joke.
"There's a shooter on the loose. He's got two guns!"
I don't know if he had two guns, but a few hours later, the police shot and killed him. Yet another armed madman. Sorta puts hair in perspective, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, back in Issaquah, [ profile] staxxy gave me directions for the back way to her place. It's a lovely drive, and even more so on a sunny day. She and I spent the next two hours chatting happily and unbraiding madly. She got many more of them done than I did due to experience, a better position, and longer fingernails.

We still weren't done when we hit the road for Seattle, so [ profile] staxxy unbraided while I drove, listing a bit to the right as we hurtled down the freeways. Thank goodness she had the foresight to do my left side first! The pile of blue fake hair behind the driver's seat grew steadily.

Happy ending: by the time [ profile] imflying was ready to see us - we were quite late, partly due to another detour, so she was working on someone else when we came - we were done. I looked like Kate Bush on the cover of the Lionheart LP, only more disheveled.
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Yesterday was beautification day for last night's party (see below) and, of course, Burning Man.

Six and a half hours of Anna Carver's hard work later... )

Last night I literally partied 'til dawn at co-worker B's house. The name of the party was - I'm not making this up - "Rebirthing Shitshow". He and his housemates put a slide in the attic, at whose end was a pair of giant cloth labia leading to the "womb room". Awesome.


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