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  1. Today is Juneteenth.
  2. Pride is this coming weekend. I love how close together those two are.
  3. Weekend plans: SEAF Friday night, Hot Flash & ETG Saturday night, parade with Lambert House on Sunday.
  4. I turned an iTunes gift card from Nibs & m'boy into Yelle (very French, very pop), the latest from Scissor Sisters (Not work safe, but fun.), and Beth Ditto.
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I was never much of a fan of Mr. Rogers, but I loved this so much I had to gank it from [ profile] mahariel:

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Re-bar on the Sunday night before Memorial Day: one of the best sardine scenes I've ever experienced, which is saying something. I got adopted by the fianceé of one of the resident DJs and she showed me a wonderful time. Awesome.

Monday, lunch with the seldom seen [ profile] cow! I'm doing my best to seduce em back to Seattle. Afterwards I attempted to walk off the sweet potato fries from Coastal Kitchen, and was inevitably drawn into Everyday Music where I snarfed some Arcade Fire. I don't want record stores to die. Never, ever.

I worked a live site issue from 7:30 Monday night, in the middle of walking Bigpuppy, until after 1:00 Tuesday morning.

Lots of things have been happening lately that aren't really bloggable, even under lock. Ahem.
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Remember the BYODJ (Be Your Own DJ) parties that I (tried to) have at the old place? Well, now there's something like that on the Internet, only better in some ways:, where you & others upload & play MP3s you like. My fave room? "Electronic music snobs return", of course.

Big, big thanks to [ profile] xaotica for turning me on to this.

I'm kicking myself for not doing or the electronic snobs room first.
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Yesterday at 6:00 PM (?!) I met with the woman who was Nibs & my couples counselor before Nibs decided she was too inclined towards me. She'll be writing my secondary approval letter for surgery. In other words, as far as I know I have cleared every bureaucratic hoop for surgery except living as a woman for twelve months.
I made an impulse purchase the other day: Fluevogs, perfect for me, and the price was definitely right. Nibs may grumble at the cost, which is quite reasonable by boot standards, but honestly, how could I not?
When I pre-ordered Junior Boys' new LP, It's All True, I didn't notice that I was pre-ordering vinyl. I now have what I'm sure is a fantastic double LP on vinyl and no turntable. One of my cow orkers has a Technics 1200, the DJ's weapon of choice, that's barely been used, but he wants $350 for it. So, in the meantime I'm holding onto the album.

Are any of you folks with a turntable set up to rip vinyl? Or maybe you just want to listen to it with me.
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Trip-hopping Japanese expats in New York Cibo Matto played Seattle last night for the first time since 2001. Yup, they're back together. How back together are they? They have new material, which I thought was at least as good as their older stuff.

These guys - Miho Hatori lately of Gorillaz on vocals, Yuka Honda on keyboards, and two side people - aren't stage gods, but they're cute in their coordinated black & road cone orange. Much fun. This show was in part a benefit for earthquake victims in Japan.

And yes, Yuka Honda is still really hot. :)
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Mom took me out to the University of Florida's (mostly) student production of The Magic Flute. It was a good time full of some amazing vocal performances; I'm pretty sure the Queen of the Night was one of the three pros. Yowza! Not to mention eighteenth-century low comedy and Masonic propaganda.

No joke about that last: Mozart and his librettist were both Freemasons, as was our esteemed first president. I like to imagine Pres. Washington and Herr Mozart giving each other the Masonic handshake, which I believe appears in The Magic Flute a few times.

I felt a few twinges of regret at abandoning Classical music all those years ago. Ah, the sound of chaotic mass warm-up noodling in the orchestra pit. The students did acquit themselves quite well, for the most part.

SFDs: I got dolled up much as I did on New Year's, i.e. in the black 50's retro dress, only bare-legged with open-toed strappy heels instead of hose & boots. Mom called me "a long-stemmed rose". She melted me on the spot.
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I, techno fiend and hard-headed atheist, spent two hours last night in a new age bookstore (Soulfood Books in Redmond) listening to Kitten Sundae with Nuts be frequently hilarious and otherwise really good. KSwN is an ad hoc collective of singer [ profile] vixyish, guitarist & sometime singer [ profile] tfabris, guitarist & all-the-time singer [ profile] s00j, Betsy Tinney the cellist, and Alexander James Adams on violin, mandolin, and voice. These five have other projects, namely Vixy & Tony for the first two and Tricky Pixie for the other three.

First of all, I was stunned at the size, freakiness, and fervor of the crowd. They were into this band. People brought their own chairs. I was one of maybe a dozen standing at the back, where some people were dancing.

[ profile] vixyish is one of the MOO kroo, so I've been listening to her play cons & such every once in a while for years. She & her various partners on stage were the only filk I'd listen to, and had it been people I didn't know playing the same music, well, you get the picture. I have to say, though, that last night's gig was both entertaining and technically right on. The years have worn well. (I have perfect pitch and I come from a family of instrumentalists. Believe it or not I got standards, people.)
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Had lunch alone, but had lunch alone at Vios containing onions & garlic, which would result in aggro if Nibs were here.

It occurred to me as I was driving on a sunny afternoon through the brilliant fall foliage1 of the Snoqualmie valley2 with Simian Mobile Disco3 playing, a happy boy4 in the back seat, and a giant white pumpkin5 in the wayback, that despite all the crap that's been going on lately, this was Really Not At All Bad.

1That doesn't happen in Florida, where I grew up. Leaves don't start turning until November, and you don't get the color show that you do here.

2Our CSA, Moonshadow Farm, is in the Cascade Foothills on the far side of the valley. It's always a pretty drive. We've been so many times that I'm kind of done with it, but this time people brought good beer & eats. Also, see happy boy below.

3Bought new yet cheap at Sonic Boom thanks to Nibs and her habit of buying the Chinook Book. That's what I did with much of my sitter time. Why, oh why did I go so long without Attack Decay Sustain Release?

4Climbing around wood piles, picking up snakes, communing with chickens & dogs, observing Douglas squirrels (They live in the firs), and picking the pumpkin below.

5Every year the CSA has a pumpkin harvest wherein member families draw lottery numbers. Ours was low enough, to my surprise, that m'boy snagged the Great Ghost Punkin: white, about 27" from stem to bottom, and flat on one side. He was so worried we'd be late for the pumpkin picking, but that was last on the agenda.
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I get one ear bud; m'boy gets the other. He picks the rekkid. I explain the lyrics & arrangement.

Speaking of rekkids, a curtsey to [ profile] xaotica for cluing me into Morgan Geist's "Double Night Time". It's one of my top two albums my best album of the year so far.
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Nibs got me Live at KEXP vol. 2. I didn't even ask for it. I'm touched. Nibsmother gave me an Amazon gift certificate, which got me several more albums, especially of the I-can't-believe-I-don't-own-this-already variety.
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Cut for your protection. )
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Been staying up too late writing an ID3 tag editor and then using it on hundreds of MP3s that I've ripped. Moral: use Nothing bad will happen to you. Thanks, [ profile] evilmicrowizard.

Techno Internet radio plug:

I need a stronger word than goofy for Shaolin Soccer. I loved it. Warning: visual humor.


It seems that everybody except me has moved in the last few months. There was a time when I was a fiend for helping people move (just ask [ profile] dianala), but between lack of proximity & other commitments it just doesn't happen anymore. It makes me feel guilty. And useless. And isolated. Ah, well, maybe when the Wendling's old enough to help out he can be bribed with pizza.

Advance notice:

The Belle Epoque opening at Wingnut Gallery on Friday calls out for Lizzy. How can I not?


Aug. 12th, 2004 05:13 pm
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Saw TMBG at the zoo with the whole famn damily. I was happily surprised to see the Wendling make it through most of it. Naturally, the set list was heavily skewed toward the third of the audience that was under 10. Some people who hadn't seen TMBG in fifteen years or so asked if all their shows were like this now, and I had to assure them that they're not.

Spent the night in a yurt at our CSA* east of Duvall. Meteors! I didn't stay out that long, but even the stars up in the mountains are worth the trip. I hadn't seen the Milky Way since the early 90s. Another pleasant surprise: I was not Purina Mosquito Chow.

Took day off; bought material for H'ween costume at Stitches on Pike, where I'd never been. They don't suck!

*CSA = community sponsored agriculture. Basically, you buy a share in a farm.
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I finally made it out to hear Arid Sea -- featuring the grovel-worthy [ profile] durtro93 -- and had to leave three songs into the set. Naturally, I liked the one I heard on the way out the door the best. A pox on Sunday nights. Most, the band before them, was surprisingly poppy and failed to suck. New Death Show wasn't bad but wasn't all that distinctive, either; their down tempo, moody sound isn't the sort of thing that usually grabs me anyway. Needed: less drum kit, more vox for all of the bands. I wonder if that's even possible at the Merc. It was amusing seeing the place full of dressed-down people for a change.
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I'm in the Bellevue Uwajimaya munching marinated bean sprouts as I often do when the Wendling's at Sunday school when I spy a card on the table: "Meet Badtz Maru." (Hello Kitty was yesterday.) Sure enough, a seven-foot plush penguin shuffles by. Right about then a couple of old Japanese ladies set up a koto and shamisen and get classical on our butts for about a half an hour. I manuever around behind them and check out their alien musical notation.

Damn, I love this town.
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When I'm tired crappy muzak starts playing in my head. What's up with that?
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I got funked up the butt by five Kinky Mexican guys and you didn't.
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Yay -- getting dressed up like the Wicked Witch of the West (or so they tell me) and hangin' with the MOO kroo. I made a corset whose fit doesn't suck for somebody else, finally. Snobby beer and LN2 ice cream.
Bah -- too much snobby beer. Left late, didn't speed, still got a Speech, and deserved it.

Yay -- watching the M's shell the hapless Orioles. Reading Seabiscuit during the slow moments. Checking out Bumbershoot art with Her Nibs. Having most of a day in Seattle kidless, courtesy of our #1 sitter.
Bah -- the Nibbal Unit's hitting the wall around 6:00 p.m. thanks to arthritis. Took her to catch the bus east and therefore missed most of one band I kind of wanted to see, then completely missed all of the Dandy Warhols due to grooving to too much Expansions.

Bah -- the Wendling's running a 103°F fever
Enh -- getting lots of chores done
Yay -- going to the Vogue on a Sunday night and seeing about half the people on my friends list. I have a real knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but not last night. I wish that could happen more often. Behaving myself beerwise, and getting home in plenty of time. (OK, I left because my cruel shoes were too much for me.)

Bah -- the Wendling's only lasting an hour at Bumbershoot. At least he got a nice long bus ride & monorial.
Yay -- thanks to Her Nibs, getting to see Ms. Led (think Sleater-Kinney with a lead singer who isn't annoying but a weak drummer) and Carissa's Weird (a little countrified, but darker -- Her Nibs would have like it, I think.) Perfect, perfect weather. A trip up the Space Needle with the boy.


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